Why is there a statute of limitations on child abuse crimes?

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Really we need to do something to refine our society through rigid laws and protect children who are our future.
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OmSigDAVID wrote:

How 'd u handle it, Counsellor,
if a younger acquaintance, or younger relative,
alleged of u hundreds of instances of sexual abuse
40 or 50 years ago, spanning several years ??

Assuming that u r innocent,
HOW can u establish an alibi
for many crimes to which no dates have been attributed ??

If u have been financially successful in your practice,
then u present extortionists with a tempting target.
Woud u negotiate a settlement with the extortionist ?

Woud u negotiate a plea bargain with the district attorney ?

Tell us
It looks like AndersondLawyer has fled the scene.
I was hoping that he 'd reveal his defensive strategy from extortion. O, well.

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