How deep did coverup go in Penn State child sex abuse case?

Wed 4 Apr, 2012 06:12 am
You are taking a position that a group of people with no connection with each others then belonging to college sport teams had some greater level of immunity from being prosecuted for crimes then others.

As I had posted with an example that it sometimes work in reverse where such people are a target for prosecution because of their standing.
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Sun 8 Apr, 2012 08:17 am
Everyone in society is a victim where rare and abnormal crimes are allow to destroy the trust between generations to the point that old men are no longer even allow to be in a park near playing children on the assumption that they are likely to be pedophiles.

A woman in New York sat on a park bench and got fine for doing so as she did not had a child along with her to be allow in that area of the park.

An old couple wish to do a tour of a child science museum in Florida and was turn away because they did not have a child along with them and so on we go.

I understand what you are saying and if there was such overreaction, it was wrong. What does that have to do with this specific case? Did you read the grand jury report? There were many, very similar reports. The conclusion that this guy was preying on children over a period of years was easy to realize.

Can't we react appropriately in this case without such fear based actions as you mention?
Sun 8 Apr, 2012 08:30 am
Like almost all threads on any subject the related matters surrounding it are cover as times go by and thousands of posts are produce.

I see no benefit for not doing so as a matter of fact and I happen to see many benefits for trying to place an issue in a larger content.

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