Knights of the Round Table Cipher

Reply Fri 14 Oct, 2011 03:50 pm
maybe his frends voted and since you know no 1 thats probabley why
Reply Fri 14 Oct, 2011 03:56 pm
there's a lotta people's grammas on facebook and stuff.

you never know what's gonna happen when they let everybody vote...
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Reply Sat 15 Oct, 2011 06:00 am
I'm from a town named Slough where most boys are annoying
Playing gangsta rap at 4 o'clock in the morning
Using bad language, especially when they're in middle school
Flipping middle fingers at children even the principal
At 16, they transform into criminals
Skipping classes in order to get some bags and hit a few
They don't have better to do than puff a good spliff at you
(We don't have any biscuits, I guess smoking cannabis will do!)
Bad boys screwing prostitutes in the swimming pool
Big guys biting off way more than they can really chew
Tough nuts with biceps, roughed up with nine-packs
And triceps reaching all the way down to their Nike pads
The whole town is evolving into Los Angeles
With every kid on the block rocking lots of accessories
Bandanas and pink Chucks, doing gangsta Crip struts
While they travel to Windsor in their family's pick-up truck
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Reply Sat 15 Oct, 2011 06:45 pm
Alarming, is what the call me
Try to choke me with a Slim Jim
I'll have Slim himself choke you with Charleston Chew
Are you... Gonna' believe me or you, see this fists'?
See your face? Can you predict the blood runnin' down your face
I straggle, you waggle, I'm compared to the Mario Brothers
I was Mariokart in the start, I wanna' watch the porn scene with Casey Anothony
I was sick and disgusted with the way she killed her baby
But nothin' compares to seein' a babe like her on a cock like mine
I got a cock-eyed mind, strive to be the sickest and illest
Drillin' these thoughts in your brain to ease the pain
Layin' huntched over, with a stroller with a dead baby, see me
I go for the jugular, I slice your gums, till your blood leaks out lavendar
Like a velociraptor, I shake you chest and your cardio-vascular, strangle and hook girls in the chest just to hear her
I'm a scary individual you hear my horror song while I'm walkin' down Elm Street
Can you feel me, I'm a monster, murdered I'm soaked, I have different types of knives in my trench-coat, now I'm stoaked
Stick it to em, strip em down, simple as Royal Crown, I live in a ghost-town, dead bodies layin' on the ground, heads in the gutter
I told ya' you fuckin' Rockhead, get your motherfuckin' head outta' the gutter
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Reply Sat 15 Oct, 2011 06:48 pm
Rockhead wrote:

ehhh. on second thought, let's not go to camelot. It tis a silly place...

Where else you gonna go to pick up a good used camel?
Reply Sat 15 Oct, 2011 07:39 pm
My house. I sell them. 170 bucks to rent, 500 to buy. Would ya like one?

Cause if ya don't, get the hell out of a cypher topic, you can't rap, beat it

The whorehouse is closed.

I ain't a punk, I'm actually very repectful, if you couldn't tell. Now how about that camel?
Reply Sun 16 Oct, 2011 02:11 pm

damm girl let me kiss yo back
if you feelin me then put me on yo lap
gettin me a erection,just show me direction
lets play doctor,your chest needs a inspection
face blushin red,lets try out my new bed
"do you want me"thats clearly what i sed
my size with your hair down,now im lovin now
travel around the world cuz you make me smile
go the extra mile,i love ya pretty girl style

im callin you my misses now
if i ride she always down
funny jokes,no clown
ok now drop that ass
get undresses fast
you so buetiful ima bout to pass out
im wonderin if cupid gave you ass shots

verse 1
havin sex is my fuckin motto
your waist enoraxic cuz my dik is colossol
i walk in school they breakin there necks
its all cool,im makin her wet
look at this **** and tell me whats up
you talk to much,shut up
i get that crazy dick you know it always nut up
and it got a attitude no wonder why its stuck up
they pay me respect and pay me checks
and if she looks so good she pay me in sex
yeh i bet you do,you prob have posters in your room


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Reply Wed 19 Oct, 2011 11:03 am
Bloody camels, Monty Python videos, snakes, gorillas and other things that have NOTHING to do with a rap cypher.

Forget them, Bambs.
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Reply Fri 21 Oct, 2011 12:13 pm
Celebrities/people included in this next cypher include:
-Hannah Montana(Miley Cyrus)
-Omar Quiddafi
-Paris Hilton
-Pamela Anderson
-Amy Whinehouse
-Lil Wayne
-And Justin Beiber

Welcome everybody to this, this uhh
Cypher, yo
Welcome. I'm from the other side of the world
I'm a moral baby in a moral stroller
I've been recently called a liar cause me goin' to California
I have the tickets to prove, the signatures to prove and that's on ya
Lil Waynes hair is strangled like some cheesey lasagna
I think it's fair to say, no one is on him, I'm strongly reffered to as a monster
If so, call me Gully, I'm strutting, I'm starting to get annoyed
Pull out my Droid and tweet about the news, Quaddaffi is dead
No more made up propoganda, I'm stranded ya, I thought I had ya
I'm stappin' a velcro straight jacket around my body, I'm lit
Latch it twice and hammer 9 inch nails through it, I'll still get out of it
Roll me in a ball throw me down a knoll, the grassy one where JFK got his fuckin' head blown off
And you wonder why they named a airport after him, it's said to see it
It's sad to see Adele vocal cords got messed up, you know why?
I ripped them out with an Exacto knife, ate those motherfuckers like speggetti, I'm ready
Strap me back to a homeade remedy, let's bounce, ya'll
It's no longer called a wine cellar, let it be known now and forever as a Whinehouse
I'm stirrin' up the dust, sprayin' the whole world with WD40 till I'm 40 to lessen the rust
I'm stuffed, it ain't Thanksgiving, I'm living, I'm chompin' at the bit, it's bizerk
Can you see Paris Hiltons' bones peakin' through her shirt?
Can you see me knockin' the ladder down while Beiber is climbin' up to reach puberty
I'm beuty, I'm ebutuoy, I'm fuckin' downside up, I'm a pig look it up and you'll see
I'm destroyin' this beat, litterally, I just took my computer and threw off the top of my apartment view and hit my Proffesors windshield
I was big eversince I stopped usin' the top stool
I'm done with this **** I made my noise back when I was gospel

Reply Tue 25 Oct, 2011 10:45 pm
the caliber of excalibur, the reason in his heart , Why cant you stop ?
said the maiden to knight lancelot , when dancing in hell , the dance is hot
he responded despondent , facing the monument a monolith , upon which innocense replaced by congress ,eyeing the face of fate at hell's gates , there was but one whom spoke honest , greatest swordsman no contest, no telling what his soul could accomplish , said the oracle an merlin , a historical burden , known as atlas in some cultures, the stone that fastened a Weapon unlike any mankind had seen , his land dieing , the depths of a bad dream , awoke , to scream an smoke , even the horses wore this demons cloak,he rode with fury in stride, buried inside , his very life force , the knights sword a light soure, a compass to the right course .... this world would not need him .... if there was nothing to fight for ... a truely bless-ed curse ...
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Reply Tue 17 Jan, 2012 05:44 pm

I'm not autistic, I was just raised with some issues
At least that's what they told me, but that doesn't mean you can make it an issue
I'll pull out a razor and slit you, and create so many ripped wounds
that you're gonna have to scrape away your whole face with a tissue
As I'm laying the scriptures, I'm playing positions
and spraying this **** up so hard you'll think I used a can of mace to extinguish you
I'm more distinguished than a gentleman in a big suit
Spending millions on hospitals, clinics and mental institutes
I'm more rancid than a feral rabid wolverine
Beating a giant gorilla half to death with a massive aubergine
Attack with large machines as vast as Lambo laboratories
Ultra Megazord your spleen; I have the Transformer gene
I can change from a kind man to a psychopath in an instant
with enough dash attacks to break a man and leave the bastard in stitches
Dismantle his kneecaps and his ankles in a split-second and shatter his image
and make him look bad in front of his bitches!
Yeah, so what?
I hold a job as a post sorter loading off post trucks - that's where I'm 'posted' up!
I'm postal like Postman Pat posting parcels and packages
Poking in post-offices, perpetually packing packets and ****
This post is a pack full of piss
I'd rather pummel it powerfully like a posse full of school kids
You diss me, and I'll make sure that you're hit clean
and thrown right through your 42-inch big screen
Now there's a picture mastered digitally like Disney
He showed off his true colours so I beat him black and white like Mickey
I'm sick of this Brit Asian ****
If it came as a bitch, I'd hastily take a cane to it
Hit its face with a brick, or make it wail when I stick it crazy with safety pins
Now that's called pain - see how painful it is?!
I poke SOUR with a Swiss army knife
And make him cower with agony with scars in his eyes
Punch lil host and run away with his 'ryhme' book
Wait a second, there are errors in every single line, look!
I've changed my mind, I threw it away in the dustbin
This ****'s for '9 year olds', it has more lameness than Justin
Bieber ..... so time to take him to the cleaners
Put him in the spin-dryer and set it to 80 degrees plus
Throw a pair of scissors in it, I'm making him clean cut
Flatten him on the iron board, now the lady is steamed up!
Egad, that's just about it
So go ahead and rate this a C+
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Reply Fri 30 Mar, 2012 02:35 pm

I was teased by hood bullies, I was never understood fully
They all took me for a joke, they all pulled and pushed me
All these crooks shook me
A whole semester of school of being spooked by these crooked fiends
was not what I brooked, see?
Not in the least, the bullying was stupid to me
They thought it was cool just to use me, and good to abuse me
I'm glad those high school days are over, took my GCSE's
And passed with average grades from B to a C to a D
I thought I would've done better than that, it's displeasing to me
Quite a hard-worker, I guess the distractions inconvenienced me
It's easy to be affected with these little things
that overwhelm you with ease, thus brings your whole self-esteem to its knees
As the years went by, I've had more confidence injected in me
Now it seems like I have no problems when I step on these streets
Still a kid who has got problems with attention he seeks
A persevering man setting targets each and every week
I'm never gonna let my autism spoil all my plans
Right now, that's of no importance, I'm elbowing that
Giving it the cold shoulder, ignoring its acts
Because it's getting a bit annoying, and it bores me at that
Although I still get cut off when I'm talking some facts
Their domineering's still knocking me off of the map
The societies are still pouring with notorious saps
Who think they own the hood because they score a few points on the dash
Breaking the limit with force as they voyage in their Jags
The horsepower could pull a few horses while they snore on their backs
I guess I'm a Brit Asian apart when I walk with those prats
Sometimes I want to just assault all those brats
Kick them to the ground, and tear off all the clothes from their back
And stomp them all flat with my shoes 'til the soles dis-attach
I'm an autistic man who tolerates all of that crap
Taking it with a pinch and a quarter of salt and some snacks
Reply Mon 2 Apr, 2012 08:15 am
Fire..well written..kept my attention...love honesty and grit in a rhyme...I c u put ur heart in it...salute
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