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Reply Tue 10 May, 2011 02:55 pm
Im a boy, 5'10, 14 years old and out of shape. i was 150 pounds, but i ran on the treadmill about half an hour a day for two weeks and lost around 10 pounds, but my diet consisted of oranges, bananas, and salad with grilled chicken mixed in, and little else. not particularly in that order. Im afraid to continue because i doubt thats a good diet at all and im not seeing any changes so im guessing im burning the little muscle i have instead of the fat gathered around my thighs, stomach, ass, and the tiny manboobs on my chest i have a slim build but im really out of shape. i want to lose weight and build muscle, but i dont know where to start, i dont have alot of energy or endurance, i dont have much money for a diet plan or trainer. i have a bowflex total work out, and a treadmill in my basement. thats about it. i dont even know what it fels like to build muscle or change my body for the better. ive never been very physical in my life but i do have the willpower to change that i just need information on how to do that in my situation. any help would be appreciated.
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How much sleep do you get on average? This can affect weight loss believe it or not. My mother is a fitness expert and diet in her eyes does not matter as much as sleep. She thinks this because it is good to have a little bit of junk food every now and then but its more important to get in a lot of sleep. Sleeping helps you actually loose 3times more calories then when your awake because during the deep stages of sleep called the REM stages, your brain and organs work hard to do growth and repair on your body and re'energize you for when you wake up. This actually burns more calories than running on a treadmill for hours! So try it and see how it goes. Good luck!!! Smile
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Your diet isn't bad but you need more protein and you need more variety. Try more types of protein, e. g. tofu, fish, shellfish and turkey. Pork is actually rather low in fat - beef can be but check labels. You generally want grilled meats or baked like you've been having, versus fried.

More vegetables would also be good, if you're not a vegetables fan try a few different types such as carrots (both raw and cooked), broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions, etc. If slapping on salsa and putting everything into a tortilla gets you to eat vegetables, then by all means do that. You are probably getting enough carbs given your diet.

Sleep is, like the previous poster said, important, but you do not burn that many calories with it (go luck up metabolic rate calculators). Try www.sparkteen.com, a site I do not own and get no profit from, for more info.
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Sleeping helps you actually loose 3 times more calories then when your awake because during the deep stages of sleep called the REM stages, ...

That's totally wrong. If you ran on a treadmill you'll expend anywhere from 450 to 600 calories per hour, depending on the speed at which you run and your own indivdual metabolic rate, you weight etc. When you sleep (regardless of REM state), typically you might expend approx. 60-90 calories per hour. While sitting in a chair I believe you burn approx 95-100 calories.

Sufficient hours of restful sleep for a teen or an adult is VERY important for the repair of bodily functions, the mind, muscles and tissue.
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The first thing a body loses with the type of exercise routine that you describe is fat. Muscle is far harder to lose than fat, but it can be lost if you're working too hard. Muscle is a much denser tissue than fat. I seriously doubt you're losing muscle. However, your body is undergoing a change of shape due to water loss (temporary) and muscle reshaping of your body contours due to your new routine.

Treadmill (or any) exercise helps your body lose fat FIRST. You're starting the process of firming up of muscles. If you're feeling tired and feel less energy, you obviously need to sleep more and/or change your diet so it includes more calories.

A young teen male in an exercise program should take in around approx 2000-2500 calories per day. When you drop down below a figure of say 1200-1400 calories per day, your body's metabolism can slow down (as though fasting) and it'll start to break down. It sounds as though that's what is occuring, which along with loss of sleep, is robbing you of energy.

However, anyone (including you) is just guessing without knowing your actually caloric intake. I'll bet if you kept a log of calories, you're taking in less than you need ideally to maintain your PROPER weight. I'm guessing that your diet is far too restricitive of calories.

EAT more (adding whatever fun stuff you want to your diet, while avoding white sugar and deep fried foods) to what you've originally listed. Vary your types of exercise and keep at it steadily. Take a day off now and then too. A varied routine of 4-5 workouts per week will help keep you from getting bored and at the same time it'll allow your body proper healing time. Putting 20-30 mins on the treadmill, PLUS around 20 mins on the Bowflex should do the job.
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Reply Sun 22 May, 2011 06:08 pm
Statistically that's wrong. At rest you can burn more than 100 calories depending on body muscle, muscle endurance, and many other factors. I know that you can burn up 3 times more calories in your sleep than awake for a fact. Multiple medical studies have proven that as well as well-known heart surgen Dr. Oz that did his own study on it. Also, running on a treadmill isn't the best thing for you. It's hard on your bones and joints and can lead to a series of problems. Riding on a bike burns more calories per hour than a treadmill and many doctors and health experts recomend it since it helps many large muscle areas and doesn't harm your bones.
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