Movie etiquette: What do you do when other moviegoers are acting up at the cinema?

Reply Wed 16 Aug, 2017 05:37 am
As far as the straw guy - why didn't you just ask him nicely to stop? Some people are simply just dense. Maybe he didn't realize the reason you were staring at him was because of the straw noise - and his date being embarrassed for him didn't say anything until she got it by the popcorn got annoyed enough herself and said damn you idiot stop playing with your straw.

Sometimes too if you are almost overly nice about it - they have no option but to stop (unless they are really big idiots). Like so sorry to bother you, you may not realize it but your idiotic description of the entire movie is actually distracting to the over viewers like myself and those sitting around you. Would you please stop discussing the movie so we can all hear the screen?

Sometimes too by directly addressing it in a polite manner you get the crowd mentality around you where everyone supports you (ie others nodding agreement and/or also speaking up) - when you resort to minor violence like throwing items at others even when they are in the wrong tends not to get the support of your other fellow quiet movie viewers.
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