Traveling in the Middle East

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I'm leaving Asia in April to go back home to the UK, and am going to try and get some traveling done on the way back, by myself.
I'm definitely going to go to India, for most probably two weeks, and would also like to visit a middle-eastern country for about 4 days.
I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice to give me, about which countries in the middle east may be appropriate since 1. I'm a woman, and 2. I don't have a large amount of dosh, so would have to be doing this on the cheap and 3. The middle east doesn't strike me as the safest place to travel alone in.

Thank you, PQ
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FORGET IT; its too dangerous.
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@The Pentacle Queen,
Clary, an a2ker who doesn't post anymore, was quite the traveler, even wrote a guide book on Hong Kong, for one of the well reputed guidebook publishers. Anyway, you might check out her topics here on a2k. I remember her liking Damascas, but not a lot of details. Here's one: Clary's Travel Digression - http://able2know.org/topic/20684-1
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I've never been to the middle east, but here is a short wish list of where I'd go if I could.
I'd give Lebanon a miss until the political climate has improved. It looks like they are headed to an all out civil war again. Which is a pity since it seems to be a beautiful country.
Jordan, Israel, Syria, Egypt (Africa) and Turkey (it's in Europe, I know.. but still).
Anyway... I hope you get the chance and I would love to hear about the trip.

I do have a bit of advice on India though. Buy a map before you go, I couldn't find one to save my life. If you have some extra schloon, hire a driver/interpreter. This can get you out of some sticky situations, give you a barrier to all the begging and unwanted attention, and you will get it. I was propositioned many, many times, despite the fact I was with my husband. And I'm no Cindy Crawford.Wink Although most people speak english, the accent can become a problem. I didn't have a problem understanding the local accents. I'm a canadian, I've been told I have a very soft accent, people couldn't understand me!!!
Perhaps I talk too fast, regardless that was a first. Laughing
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That was Damascus, heh.
Looks like that travel digression link was for the far east.

Here's Clary on India (26 pages): http://able2know.org/topic/20684-1

I'm still looking for her syria and maybe it was Qatar trips..
aha, here's the Syria one - http://able2know.org/topic/52594-1 As I remember, she starts out asking advice, but later tells all about the trip.

There's also Dagmaraka on India.. (no link right now)
Reply Sun 16 Jan, 2011 12:00 pm
Here's Dag's Indian Diaries - http://able2know.org/topic/43949-1
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How about the United Arab Emirates? Bahrain? Qatar? Turkey?

Sometimes I visit the CIA World Factbook to get a sense of a country: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/region/region_mde.html

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Reply Sat 29 Jan, 2011 01:21 am
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alas, perhaps spam
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So, where is PQ?
Reply Sat 29 Jan, 2011 02:11 am
Hopefully, not Yeman or Tunisia.
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look at this


Look into Jordan...
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Reply Sat 29 Jan, 2011 02:38 am
Funnily enough - I just got this e-mail today from a friend of mine who is travelling in India for the first time.
I've never been to India - but now I feel I have to go - I WANT TO TRAVEL ON A SLEEPING BUS!! And I want to see the light and shadow move across the rocks. I told him he should be a travel writer - (he could paint the illustrations).

Hey Rebecca!

I hope your health remains good and that all's going well chez vous
It took 48 hrs of continuous travel to reach this Shangri La where I'm staying at Mark's place, pretty exhausting but massively worth it! The last stage of the journey was a nine hour trip in a long distance sleeper bus. These travel at night and are equipped with bunk beds in line astern along each flank of the vehicle; one side consists of single bunks, the other of doubles, often holding an entire family behind drawn curtains However, frequent pot holes make sleeping difficult!
Am doing a considerable amount of drawing and painting in this high level landscape, and in fact I am writing this at 6,000 ft above sea-level, where bright sunshine and low cloud flooding upward from the plains below compete in alternately obscuring and revealing these steep and terraced, granite mountains.
More later, must break off now for a local Tamil to use this com'pooter!
Best, James

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