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In the 60's, the magazine Reader's Digest had an article where Martin Luther King was criticized negatively and even said that this man won't reach his goals.

After 30 years, in the 90's, Reader's Digest magazine published an article praising Martin Luther King.

The same as well, in the 60's The Washington Post used to publish lots of news and commentaries accusing Martin Luther King of "communist". I myself had the chance to read the articles from the newspapers that an old man saved in his apartment. The FBI was used to investigate Mr. King in order to find him guilty of anything. The goal was to stop his campaign.

Today, the same Washington Post publish solely praising for this man who fought for social equality.

This is how history is portrayed to us, depending of the moment when it was written. There are five cities proudly claiming to be the place where Homer resided when he was alive. What the cities do not mention is that Homer lived as a homeless in any one of them.
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The King Family.

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