McNabb Gets Benched

Finn dAbuzz
Reply Mon 20 Dec, 2010 11:18 pm
My team is the Panthers and they would improve if they put the corpse of Johnny Unitas on the field, but I don't want to see them pick up McNabb.

McNabb seems like a nice guy and I've no reason to believe he's not classy, but with the money he'll want, he's only suitable for a team that is poised to win it all in the next year or two. This means they have to have a great defense, a great running game and don't need a star quarterback. Even then I can see the current McNabb losing his team as many games as he wins them.

I think there's probably some truth to the claim that his being black caused him to garner greater attention than may otherwise have received if he was white, but there is no question that in his hey day he was an excellent QB.

For all the crap that black athletes have taken over the years because of the color of their skin, if it's worked a bit in reverse, I don't see it as a big deal.

Reply Tue 21 Dec, 2010 12:12 am
@Finn dAbuzz,
he's only suitable for a team that is poised to win it all in the next year or two.
Perhapse two years ago this would have been true, today no. He is too old to do the razzle dazzle well now. I think that the coaches in Philly realized this which is why they cut him lose, and his poor performance in Washington not only has proven them correct but shown that Washington made a huge mistake wasting two draft choices on him.
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Reply Tue 21 Dec, 2010 01:59 pm
Quarterbacks have little if anything to do with the skin's problems. They need to draft linemen for three years and then worry about QBs. Jason Campbell was perfectly good and I assume Shanahan understood that and that the move for McNab came from Snyder. Rex Grossman is as good as they need until they can get a real line in front of whoever's playing QB.

Quarterbacks, runners, and receivers come from the normal part of the human race as for size, i.e. you've got a lot to pick from. When you go shopping for real athletes who are 6-5+ and over 300 lbs, then you're not talking about the normal part of the human race any more and the air gets a whole lot thinner. High draft picks have to be used for linemen as a general rule.
Reply Tue 21 Dec, 2010 02:18 pm
I assume Shanahan understood that and that the move for McNab came from Snyder.
An assumption which is supported by claims that Snyder is pissed that Mcnabb was benched. Just as Shanahan has proven that he is not going to put up with the whining narcissism that had invaded the Redskins locker room over the last years as the team management became dysfunctional I expect he has also thrown down the gauntlet to Snyder that turning around this franchise will require football expertise. If Snyder now adds the McNabb disaster to his record of futility in running the organization Shanahan now has a good argument that it is time for Snyder to sit down and shut up, time to let the experts take over running this team.
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Reply Sun 26 Dec, 2010 01:34 am
Donovan McNabb

Current team: Washington Redskins.

Height: 6 feet 2. Weight: 240.

Possible acquisition: Already under contract for 2011.

Key stat: McNabb's 77.1 passer rating in 2010 is his worst since his rookie season.

Why it will happen: McNabb is under contract and already has an established presence in the Washington area. Coaches know what they have with him, and perhaps can figure out ways to better take advantage of his skill-set in a second season. Plus, players in the locker room respect McNabb and his leadership skills.

Why it won't happen: By benching McNabb with three games to go, coaches have essentially thrown up their hands. They'd hoped he'd pick up the offense sooner, and it's not likely they feel he'll be able to suddenly run it better in Year 2. And even if they did, McNabb feels he's been disrespected and might be ready to start anew somewhere else.

Odds he's a Redskin: 50-to-1.
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