Is there such a thing as no thing?

NoOne phil
Reply Mon 25 Oct, 2010 07:15 pm
@Fil Albuquerque,

Which of these works are not real? Now I am quaking with uncertainty.
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Reply Mon 25 Oct, 2010 07:56 pm
@Fil Albuquerque,
Fil Albuquerque wrote:

if it was the case, which it was n´t, that the question was not pertinent, then the natural consequence would be a consensus in the set of answers proposed so far...

...thus necessarily your "gayish" side comment on the Thread interest in relation to its author is not only false but also intentionally misleading...

...now I seriously wonder what drives you on this ?
Personnel for no reason ?
Or is it the case that you and others like you have nothing else to do with your time but ad hominems ?

...and this because I can tell you that, undoubtedly, I usually find 90% of the participants in any forum whatsoever, intellectually inferior to the minimum requirements to impose any effort on my reasoning axiology, and nevertheless, I rarely comment their methods if not in reply to their own stupidity towards other participants...

...strange, i thought i was responding to mark's treatment of other participants in the thread. mark is a provocateur, and it's naive to expect every response to the sort of faux-controversy he delights in creating to be positive. To me, it seems as if mark noble's general MO is to: extend an extremely broad question , then reproach the people who take the time to respond with a grinning, "...or is it?", make a non sequitur mystical proclamation and then trot off as if he has won an argument. When someone does this as consistently as he does, i'm afraid that it falls into my general category of assholish behavior. Perhaps he thinks it's cute, but i find it annoying.

i'm confused about a lot of the content of your post. But of all the comments directed at me, i am probably most confused by the term "gayish." Are you saying that i'm gayish, and am i supposed to be insulted? Or am i supposed to have insinuated that mark was "gayish", because, honestly, the thought never occurred to me to do so. i find it weird that you read it that way.

mark had already signed off on this thread, having made his "point", and directed a little raspberry towards the cheap seats. i'm not entirely certain how my retort could be considered "misleading" since this thread was just about tied up until this last sudden burst of activity.

Have a fantabulous day, Fil.

mark noble
Reply Tue 26 Oct, 2010 02:46 am
Nor am I insulted by you, monkey-boy.

Nevertheless, No Thing has no physical form.

Thank you, and be merry to the max!
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Fil Albuquerque
Reply Tue 26 Oct, 2010 07:05 am
I meant gayish without the modern connotation to it...colourful that was...

...now frankly my well assumed outburst against your attitude falls proportional to what is expected of you given your potential...
...you are not the first neither the last in this forum with who I often contend precisely because more is expected and less is delivered...
I personally above all, admire coherence, the few who have it, in the varied set of people present in this forum, and specially when the entire world falls upon someone´s beliefs...coherence stands for personnel commitment on looking for a Cosmo-vision true understanding...and Philosophy, of all others, only makes sense when deeply personnel...but coherence alone is not enough...openness to debate and opinion regardless of some having better tools to convey properly their thinking is also required...wisdom and maturity when dealing with younger less informed people, and the courage to endure some nonsense time to time can be nurturing...none of it its opposed to competition and Darwinian dispute of ideas, its simply a matter of knowing the right dose...

To you sir, wishing and hoping for a "galactic springfull" day ! Wink
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Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2011 06:45 pm
The question creates the enigma for enigmas sake.

Anything can be a thing, but nothing is the absence of anything. No thing is the absence of a thing, a thing being anything.
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