What TV commercial do you hate the most?

Reply Mon 13 Sep, 2010 02:59 pm
I'm tired of:

the eHarmony ads

the ones with the mop/broom which gets tossed for the swiffer or whatever

any ad that plays more than twice (preferably not in a row) during one show (that's REALLY annoying!, okay, okay, we get it!!)

AlarmForce - simply cannot stand that guy's voice

any ad where you see sad faces (dogs, kids, whatever) where you're asked to adopt/donate

those Glade commercials with the really annoying woman

The woman doing the Tex Mex cheese commercials (remember the one with the pinata of grandma)

the woman who dominated the MiniChips or whatever commercials

Staples - the happy dad dragging the unhappy kids on the couch through the store - last year's was funny, with dad dancing through Staples with his cart full of back to school stuff and the kids moping behind, but you see it once or twice and okay, not funny - get a new marketing company, dude

those HPV ads get on my nerves

the Philly Cream Cheese angel with her Chippendale assistants is annoying, too

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Reply Mon 2 May, 2016 09:18 pm
My pillow, you know the guy hugging his pillow in his pajamas, and all the people in the factory waving pillows, and how the damn pillow will heal everything that ails you, come on people, have a take, what ya hate? Really,endorsed by the National Pillow Institute"? Is that next door to the Smithsonian?
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