Our planet is being destroyed, does anybody care?

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Oh ! you mean like ... yours.

In fact I offered specific data on European and American fertility. You can find current data for every country in the world in many sources, including the CIA factbook - on the web and easy to use. You will find that it fully supports my observations about birth & population growth rates in the Moslem world, India and Africa as well.

The geological info I posted is very basic, well-known stuff.

You have asserted that the world is being rapidly overpopulated, yet you have offered no data in support of this contention at all.

You have also asserted that it is nonsensical to consider China's one child per family policy as "authoritarian" and expressed scorn for opposing views. You have offered nothing at all in support of these views.
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I think the idea about the world being over-populated is a matter of when and where. If we can consider the number of humans who do not have enough fresh water or food to eat, then we already have an over-population. If we look at the limited resources of this planet, then the use of those resources by developed and developing countries imply by fiat an over-population.

Yes, this planet can still squeeze in millions more humans, but at what cost?

That's the question.
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I wasn't talking about your stats I was talking about everyone will become wealthy, how's that?
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@cicerone imposter,
I agree.
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Reply Sat 2 Dec, 2023 07:30 am
Dear Caroline, your majesty..

This thesis might be of interest to you...

The sea is our food source.. That's '152 million tons of raw sewage a year' we are dumping into our primary food source, plus the millions of tons of garbage and industrial waste... I've chatted with sailors who have crossed the Pacific hundreds of times.. They tell me that they used to see huge pods of whales, and porpoises, and such, in the Pacific, but now they don't see any of those in the Pacific, save for a few of them floating belly up dead, being eaten by sharks.. We killed to Pacific with poison... Now China wants to eliminate America for the land and human meat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Av1XB7a0uM , and to plunder the Atlantic the way they plunder the Pacific, by dragging heavy nets along the seabed, scouring and destroying the seas nurseries and babies, flora and fauna destroyed, leaving almost nothing to reproduce and restore the sea-life, like how humanity extincted the perfume nut.. Humanity took all of that plant species seeds for perfume manufacturing, not leaving any seeds for it to reproduce anywhere.. It went extinct in just a few decades.. Humanity had to fall-back switch to nauseating deer-musk to make perfume work.. Now perfume is a nauseant and birth-control, not an attractant... 'Axe' for example.. Some guys actually splash themselves with the stuff, believing then that all the women in the world will come rushing to them waving their panties... People actually believe the bs.. is why they don't care about dumping millions of tons of sewage into the sea.. 'Out of sight out of mind'.. It's same as the street I live on.. People dump their garbage, tree branches, leaves, and lawn trimmings into the lanes behind their houses where the trees to hide their garbage... Look at California the latrine state.. They send fleets of huge full barges of trash out to sea every day... How many nations do that.. They are murdering our planet, our food source, and us...

Dear Caroline, activism doesn't work, it only gets us in big trouble.. Look what happened to Mr. Assange, Mr. Snowden, Mr. Lear, Mr. Trump..

95% of the activism today is based upon my themes I've sent to the major activists and Writers Guilds this past 50-years.. Truth is illegal and immoral in this world.. It only got me in a lot of trouble, a lot of death threats.. Being a scientist and activist has gotten me 69-murder attempts upon my life to date, and counting.. I am one of those who remembers every second of his life.. The last murder attempt was five days ago when a scruffy guy pounded on the front door at night with a loaded pistol in his back pocket.. We need a different approach to activism that's safe and actually does work, what ever that be..? It doesn't work to complain to those who are who we are complaining about.. They are the organized crime, they are dangerous and deadly.. They defend their crimes with all they've got in defending their precious power, control, and money flows from truth and exposure, like the jesuit christian Inquisition did, and is still doing today in murdering pioneering scientists, spirit-realm psychic scientists, and thinkers, just in case they'll disclose and expose religion's criminal base and scam for what it is.. (the religious 'war on science')...
In a cathlic school I attended, five budding young scientists were murdered.. That school's serial killer made Friends with me.. One day he asked me "Why would you be on a list of kids sister wants killed.. if there was such a list?".. He tried three times to kill me, but I managed to defeat his crazy attempts to set me up for fatal accidents, but I know of five who didn't.. He turned out to be North America's worst most prolific serial killer.. He's gone to the grave now, oh yay.. I survived North America's worst serial killer.. I'm a survivor... How many budding young scientist kids has rome had eliminated globally..? We could do a survey on that, but would we survive it..?

This note could run on and on to be a thick manuscript.. I had best cut it right now.. I know too much.. I have too much truth to tell, and truth is immoral, illegal, bad, evil, blasphemy, and wrong in this world, punishable by terrorism, torture, and death, as you hear about in the news about china, russia, and in many sick places around the world...

Taking the topic back to your mention of '152 million tons of raw sewage into the sea a year'.. WhooH! That's a lot of poop!.. Where does it all end up..? Probably in the seafoods we eat, and on the beaches we walk and suntan on.. OH YUK!.. Have you ever walked along the debris line along the shoreline, and after a while noticed that your legs are extremely itchy..? The shoreline concentrates the floating yuk that's floating on the water that drops onto the water from out of the sky.. Those itches are voracious hungry microscopic biting spider mites feeding upon your skin.. The itch is from when their digestive fluids start dissolving nerve tips just under the skin, but that's an illegal secret, so don't read that statement...



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Trying to imagine what purpose trolling through 13 year old threads serves.
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