Anyone use twitter?

Reply Mon 31 Aug, 2009 06:51 pm
More interesting than Twitter:
140pedia – Everything you need to know in 140 characters or less.
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Reply Mon 31 Aug, 2009 07:13 pm
Twitter is uninteresting, and not much different than facebook or myspace other than you can't do anything. It's mostly about getting attention, and not about chatting with friends. I've never tried twitter, myspace, etc. I find these sites useless and time wasters. Not that this site doesn't consume time, but I actually learn things here other than what someone's favorite color is or what expensive shoes they wear.

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@hammersklavier- That site seems to be like urbandictionary; even the best and most fair definition has at least one thumbs down :/
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Reply Mon 31 Aug, 2009 07:33 pm
Vasska wrote:
The whole - Twitter is like FaceBook, but without any usefull stuff - is a failed argument for both are completely different services with different aims. It's like comparing this forum to any tech forum and saying it's not philosophizing enough.

On facebook one can make a group for a band, corporation, or whatever, and then update it, just as one would do on twitter (In fact, I have updates from some groups sent directly to my cell). Similarly, every single individual member has a status they can update, just as twitter provides. The only difference I see is that the majority who use twitter consistently update, whereas a facebook group may not even be updated weekly. But it most definitely can be -- it could be updated hourly if one desired.

I don't quite understand the different target audiences you're suggesting, and why twitter and facebook can't be compared. In your eyes, can facebook be compared to myspace? Some may say that myspace is better advertisement for bands, and is a less professional "playground" for highschool students. Surely most sites have something that differentiates them, but I think it's safe to compare most social networking sites.

I'd like to hear your perspective.
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Reply Mon 7 Sep, 2009 09:47 am
my question is why now is there a tab on the left side of my screen on philosophyforum that says tweets and the number '11'? i have nothing to do with twitter, why is it there? i really dont want to click on it and get taken to some site i have no interest in. am i the only person getting this annoying thing? does anyone know what it is or has anyone opened the thing to see what happens? (i am basically a chicken)
Didymos Thomas
Reply Mon 7 Sep, 2009 03:00 pm
Yeah, I would like to remove that button. I suppose for those of us who use Twitter it might be wonderful, but for those of us who have no interest in Twitter it's just taking up space on the screen.
Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2009 09:36 am
@Didymos Thomas,
Twitter is far too ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) for my taste.

We're already bombarded with high-speed information as it is, but Twitter takes it to a methamphetimine level. Also, there's no way to verify anything on it. Someone spreads a rumor and it goes viral without anybody checking to see if the rumor is true or not.

And here's a little interesting bit of news reguarding Twitter:

November 23, 2009

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber owes his entire career to the Internet. When he was the ripe old age of 13, Bieber and his family began posting videos of his performances on YouTube. Someone in a suit liked the tunes and boom -- Bieber was signed with Usher's label. Now his infamy shall be cast in the iron of the Web, as one of Bieber's team was arrested for not using Twitter. One more time: arrested for not using Twitter.

James A. Roppo, 44, senior vice president of Bieber's label, Island Def Jam Records, was arrested November 20 on felony assault charges. Three thousand crazy screaming girls (and their parents) showed up at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island for a Bieber album signing. Soon, the crowd became unhinged with teenybop bloodlust, and Roppo refused to send out a Twitter message saying the signing had been canceled. This "reckless behavior," as police called it, resulted in escorts to the hospital for five and a "minor injury" on a crowd-control police officer. Roppo was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, obstruction of governmental administration, reckless endangerment, and criminal nuisance.


What a crazy world we live in, eh? LOL

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Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2009 10:38 am
That kid played at the concert hall next to my apartment building. Tweens were running back and forth screaming looking for him when the show got out. It was totally ridiculous so it does not surprise me that this happened. But arrested for not using Twitter, seriously?!?
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