The Philosophical Dialog

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Socrato... Dude, look at the dialog rules on the first page man.

Azacus leans over to Aristotle looking at a very drunk Socrato on the floor

Azacus: Aristotle... I think Socrato is drunk. He keeps rambling on the floor about blowing up... a bar? What on earth does "blowing up" mean any way? But was it not Heraclitus who remarked about such drunkenness when he said that to be drunk is a sign that ones soul is wet.

Philoforus: Pay no heed to Socrato... he suffers from a particularly special ailment.

Darkonius: Can I continue with my theory?
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*All of a sudden the bar blows up anyways. Everybody inside dies except for Philosoforus who goes into a coma for reasons not quite clear*.

Doctor: I don't think he's waking up any time soon. Perhaps never.

Porphyria: (aka Philosoforus's wife). What should I do?

Doctor: Let me give it some thought. Wait till my mindset is in the actual character of a doctor.
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Philosophorus abruptly awakes in a cold sweat on the ground, surrounded by those he was just conversing with.

Philosophorus: I just had the most troublesome dream.

Azacus: What, dear Philosophorus, was the dream about?

Victor Eremita
Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2008 10:02 pm
Azacus: Goodness, Philosophorus! You must be ....

Porphyria: ... delusional, my husband. Doctor, is there anything ...

Darkonicus: ... that you can do?

Drunkentius: Yeah, snap out of it ...

Doctor: ... Rene? Listen to me, you're not an ancient Greek philosopher, you're just a philosophy student who's been ....

Azacus: ... having some kind of sickness. Philosophorus, tell me your name.

???: My name?

Doctor: Yes, your name, Rene, what is your name?

???: My name....
Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2008 05:49 pm
@Victor Eremita,
???: All that I can recall is that a name might denote differing substances...though with a similar substence in its intent...

{Marquis stumbles upon the room of bright oak pannels, his clumsy feet dragging along the unfinished boards which sufficed for a floor. The dim lighting of the room was complimented by the pastel coloring of the tapestry and furnature sitting about the room. A musky odor lured him here, that and the druken confusion of dionysian ecstacy resultant of his swift derision of those whom he so despised just earlier that night.}

Marquis: I couldn't help but overhearing...you ramble on about..names and such...but don't..you know, life is absurd; you should live for pleasure.

???: But sir, progress, though it is defined by our self conception of it, is nonetheless born of our choice to create for ourselfs goals, if I do not want to live for pleasure, it is my preference and you cannot call it wrong.
Victor Eremita
Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2008 06:51 pm
In the distance, ??? hears echoing voices...

Porphyria: ... Oh noes, Doctor, he's philosophizing again ...

Azacus: .... What do you make of this ....

Doctor: ... He's been reading to much Kierkegaard, that's what ...

Drunkentius: .... A nut that's what he is ....

Marquis: ... Stop thinking, just live for pleasure, c'mon ...

???: .... I .... am my life.... and nothing else!!! ....

The other voices intesify to almost deafening proportions, ??? shouts in despair ....

???: .... NOOO HELP MEE!!!! ...
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@Victor Eremita,
???: I am finally free?
[EMAIL="[email protected]:Eerf"][email protected]:Eerf[/EMAIL] yllanif ma I?
@!F: What of that beast which engenders but death, and the light in darkness which pulses with blind rage held within? what of fool's delight and black depths howling his name, from whence does he come and of what is he made?
???: I do not understanddnatsrednu ton do I
Victor Eremita
Reply Sun 24 Aug, 2008 11:51 pm
Echoes can be heard throughout the conversation.

@!F: The easiest thing of all is to die; the difficult thing is to live. Would you like to die?

???: Wait, wait, wait a second here. I'm not even sure why you're asking this question in the first place!

@!F: You said you wanted someone to help you, no? So, I'm offering you help. Would you like to die and end your suffering?
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