An open email to Geoge Will

Reply Sun 28 Mar, 2010 10:32 am
Below is an open letter/email sent to George Will concerning his Sunday column that we need not and should not consider children born in the US of parents who are not here legally citizens.

Let see if your parents were in the US illegally before your birth that would mean that you could find someday, perhaps twenty or thirty years later, that you are not in fact an American citizen after all and would then be place on a plane for a country you have no ties to!

Yes, let created a very large underclass of Americans that would need to hide all their lives from such a silly fate.

How many generations could we go back under your plan? Could the children of these people be deported also if both set of parents was born to illegally immigrants?

Of course, if Rush Limbaugh happen to had parents/grandparents who was here illegally or Ann Coulter then what the hell. Just kidding I would not even do that to them or you.

Good going you have my vote for the most stupid idea so far this year in print.

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Reply Sun 28 Mar, 2010 10:45 am
How many generations could we go back under your plan?
it does not apper to be HIS plan, but rather a plan of others that he agrees with.
Birthright Citizenship
Posted by Randy | September 23, 2009

Did you know there are an estimated 300,000 "anchor babies," or children born to illegal aliens, each year in the United States? Under current law, these children automatically become U.S. citizens and are entitled to all the benefits available to permanent U.S. citizens, paid for by law-abiding American taxpayers. Often times, these children serve as anchors for illegal immigrant parents to remain in the country.

I've joined with my colleagues in cosponsoring the Birthright Citizenship Act, legislation that would deny automatic citizenship at birth to children born to illegal immigrants. The bill would clarify that children born in the U.S. would only be eligible for American citizenship if they are born to parents who are citizens or if the parent is performing active service in the armed forces.

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Reply Sun 28 Mar, 2010 06:02 pm
There is no ex post facto ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_post_facto ) in the U.S., so such a law would only affect babies born after such a law became law. I consider such a law would be a negative sign for our society's largesse.
Reply Sun 28 Mar, 2010 06:09 pm
we can be large by taking in a good number of legal aliens, without having laws and customs that encourage illegal aliens.
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