Controvertial "Proof" of Multiverse!

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Thank you. I never would have believd I had cause to ignore a thread by little k.

I wonder if she's still alive?
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A massive river of galaxies is headed from well within the boundaries of the universe towards one edge of it. It is flowing faster (or in a more unified direction, at least) than the general expansion of the universe. The theory is that the flow is headed towards something which was pushed outside of the universe, perhaps at the time of the big bang.

A Black Hole is a massive system so centrally condensed that the force of gravity prevents everything within it, even light from escaping. science is still coming to grips with Black Holes, which are believed to be at the centre of all Spiral and elliptical galaxies, and Black Holes devour everything of lesser mass that comes in contact with them, even smaller Black HOLES.

Our Milky Way galaxy is said to be anchored in space by a super Black hole, which has a mass of some three to four million suns, and if you think that’s a big black hole, consider this; “In December of 2019, astronomers announced the discovery of one of the biggest black holes ever measured in the nearby universe. That black hole is at the center of an elliptical galaxy in galaxy cluster Abel 85 and has been calculated to be 40 billion times the mass of our sun, which is equivalent to two-thirds the mass of the 100-billion stars in the Milky Way and is roughly the size of our entire solar system.”

Our Milky Way and the nearby Andromeda Galaxy, which are two spiral galaxies are on a collision course, and when these two spiral galaxies collide, they can merge and form an elliptical galaxy, which elliptical galaxies can collide and merge again to form an even larger elliptical galaxy. The central Black holes of those elliptical galaxies can also merge and combine to make one massive Black Hole, and those Massive galaxies, which are called ‘core galaxies’ are believed to be the main attractive force at the center of galactic clusters, which clusters are being attracted to a super Duper gravitational anomaly within the Shapley Super Cluster, which is the largest concentration of galaxies in our nearby universe that forms a gravitational anomaly THAT IS PULLING ITSELF TOGETHER INSTEAD OF EXPANDING WITH THE UNIVERSE.

It is believed that pairs of spiral galaxies form elliptical galaxies, pairs of those elliptical galaxies form cored elliptical galaxies, and a pair of cored galaxies formed Holmberg 15A, and that this series of mergers also created the ultra-massive black hole in its center, a monster nearly as big as our solar system with the mass of around 40 billion suns.

Around the Super Black Hole at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, orbits many other black holes, which were created from the collapse of Gigantic stars that had formed in the galaxy, or were once at the centre of other lesser galactic bodies that have merged with ours. There are perhaps twenty small galaxies that orbit the Milky Way, like moths around a flame.

The larger Magellanic Cloud (Nebecula Major) and the smaller Magellanic Cloud (Nebecula Minor) are two galaxies that are orbiting our Milky Way galaxy which orbits the central Super Black Hole to which those Magellanic Clouds are being gathered and will one day merge with our galaxy.

The earlier explanations as to a mysterious stream of Gas, which appeared to stretch from them to our galaxy, was the result of gravitational interaction between the two Magellanic clouds, and so, was thought to be coming from them. But researchers from the Leibniz institute for Astrophysics in Germany, taking into account, the best understanding of the diffuse hot Gas that surrounds our Milky Way [Its Corona], couldn’t get that stream of Gas to form, so they came to the conclusion that they simply don’t understand the Milky way’s corona very well. But another possible explanation put forward by them, is that, rather than originating from the Magellanic Clouds, that stream of Gas could be coming from a different Galaxy altogether, which is being devoured, as it plunges into our Milky Way.

The Super Black Hole at the centre of our being will continue to grow as it devours the other lesser black Holes, dying stars, and planets within this galaxy. And yet our galaxy is but one of billions of galaxies that are falling in toward the super gravitational anomaly that is called the ‘Great Attractor’.

And even that which is called the ‘Great Attractor’ is flowing toward the Shapley Supercluster? Is there something at the core of the ever-growing Shapley Supercluster that is pulling all the galaxies in our particular section of this boundless cosmos to itself?

Or is it simply the gravitational attraction of the galaxies to each other that has caused the Shapley concentration to grow to the size it is today and continues to grow, as the other galactic clusters in our region are being gathered to it, while the more distant clusters appear to be accelerating away?

The Big Crunch that follows each Big Bang. The universe is devouring itself, or as it is said scripturally, God [The Singularity] is calling all creation back to himself before creating for us a new heavens and a new earth.

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