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Hello and good afternoon.

I first like to say that I am a frequent reader here (since 2005) and I almost never ever post. For reason I don't know, I am extremely shy when it comes to sharing my own thoughts, online or offline.

As long as I could remember, I had dreams that played out perfectly. But they were just little things. During these dreams, I get this 'feeling' as thought it makes sense. I get these outside of dreams as well.

For example, I was working one evening in the kitchen, I was garde manger (appys) and was also doing pastry that night. We were just on the edge of closing until a table of 3 came in. I was also out of baked brie, while they still had the menu I asked myself should I cut out a couple of pieces and make them just in case. The word no came to my head instantly, it made sense but then I argued to myself that since it was a table of 3, there was only 3 appetizers, statistically, they will order 1 of each. So I made 2 baked brie (I was also hungry so I made an extra for me, if it wasn't used). As it turns out, I did not need the bries at all.

Now for the dream that I could remember in detail and in first time ever I could remember the conversations in it. I'll start from the beginning.

I suddenly appear in the garden, then sun was going down. I looked around and everything looks normal, there was a small blip and everything look like it was a painting, then it went back. Three young girls (ages 5-6) ran past me, they were holding hands. They have no faces yet I can hear them laugh. I walked into a room in a nearby house, the walls were grey, so were the table and the book shelf. On this book shelf there was alot of little figurines on the left and on the right there was a line of books. I grabbed two books, they were labeled "Nostradamus", there was a picture of a man with a really big grey beard. At first I thought he looked like galileo from my science text in high school. On the top right corner of the cover was a label with "1" written on it and on the second cover "13". I walk back outside and run into a man, again, I can't see his face but I do notice the similar beard on the cover and he was wearing something like a robe. He said, "Oh, the book of Nostradamus?". The dream shift into a room with a steal table and dark grey walls, there was a woman and three doctors, again they have no faces. They said something about she was fine and they continue talking happily, but I couldn't hear them. Then suddenly she collapsed, they grabbed her and then one of them said "Look at her eyes!". Everything blacked out and the same doctor said "We needed to put her in Dialysis within 30 minutes." The last line had no urgancy in the tone, it sounded like as though they were too late.

When I woke up, the word nostradamus stuck on me like glue, at the time I didn't know what Nostradamus is, I thought it was just a random set of letters smacked together by my brain just put on the title of that book. But it felt like it was important. In middle of work (I don't work in the kitchen anymore) I was bored, so out of humour, I decided to google Nostradamus. I was really surprised of how many links there were, so I clicked on the nostradamus.org. After reading tid bits of it, I thought this was no longer funny.

I was wondering if anyone have any similar cases or any thoughts about it.
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Reply Wed 24 Feb, 2010 02:58 pm
Late night eating can give you bad dreams.

I am one who thinks all dreams can be traced back to events of the past. I bet if you really thought about it, someone or somewhere you saw the name and/or picture of Nostradamus and it appeared in your dream.
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Reply Wed 24 Feb, 2010 03:13 pm
There is a Nostradamus belgian brie cheese and also a wine with that name. Could you have seen the label?
Reply Wed 24 Feb, 2010 03:51 pm
I don't recall ever using or seeing a product with a nostradamus name on it. I tried looking up the cheese and wine but nothing came up other than the Nostradamus brown ale, which I wanna try out now. Wink
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