Reply Sun 5 Sep, 2010 06:36 am
@Region Philbis,
I had no idea you were the bastard child of Wolfman Jack, Garg. Or, at least, your voice is.
Reply Sun 5 Sep, 2010 10:42 am
Had to laugh all over again...
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Reply Mon 6 Sep, 2010 11:50 am
Look, I'm here to quench your thirst in these final dog days of summer, but if I make the community safer in the process, hey, I'm glad to do it.
Reply Mon 6 Sep, 2010 11:55 am
You dog, you. Don't ever die.
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Reply Sun 5 Feb, 2012 12:57 pm
In a previous version of Able2Know, users' overall level of participation could be assessed by a little bar beneath their avatar and, above that bar I believe, a title designating where in the hierarchy of time-wasting the users fell. Upon their reaching certain milestones, say 1500 posts, the bar would increase, and users' ranks would change from, like, "Miserable Waste of Skin," to "Shogun," or something like that.

But reaching 5,000 posts and earning the label of "Veteran Member" was like the equivalent of being Bar Mitzvahed and ****. Is that acccurate? I'm Irish Catholic. We have no real ceremony to mark adulthood (Confirmation?); you're grown-up the first time you orgasm without feeling totally shitty about it. But I digress. For years I toiled as a pathetic "Seasoned Member." Hell, for most of this morning I was a Seasoned Member.

Dear dear Gargamel.... You're relatively slacking off! You've been here since 2003 and only have a mere scant 5,949 posts. With this singular posting, I will have reached 20,000 HIGH DEFINITION QUALITY posts in a shade under three years.

Of course, neither of us are in the realm of Zeus ... sorry Lord Dutchy but clearly I have reached Petty Emperor status ... I think.
Reply Tue 2 Jul, 2013 10:23 am
I missed out on gloating about my 25,000th post. I'm presently at 25,098 posts. Mad On Twitter, I just wasted my 2000th tweet on a Gawker retweet. BLERG! #firstworldproblem
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