The First Annual a2k 80's Retro Theme Party!

Reply Sun 20 Dec, 2009 12:40 pm
LOVE it!!! I'll be lost in my 80's memories for a while and be back to post some totally rad tunes. Bitchin', eh? (Sorry, dated a yuper in the 80s too - that's upper peninsula Michigan to you non-Michiganders! Rolling Eyes Laughing )
The "What I Like About You" vid- totally reminds me of the Romantics concert here in 'Bland Rapids' circa 1980-something. You should've seen the outfit AND the hair!...
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Reply Sun 20 Dec, 2009 02:01 pm
I just installed a new (to me) printer which has a scanner. I went looking for photos and realized I have very few of me from the 80s. What I do have are ticket stubs from concerts. A partial list:

1984, January --- Ozzy Osborne at the Garden
1984, March --- Judas Priest at the Centrum
1985, September --- AC/DC at the Centrum
1987, April --- Deep Purple at the Centrum
1987, August --- Neil Young at Great Woods
1987, November --- Alice Cooper (dunno where)
1988, April --- Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Lowell Opera House
1988, June --- Van Halen's Monsters of Rock at a speedway in Maine (I have little recollection of this)
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Reply Mon 21 Dec, 2009 01:53 am
Lovely "good friends" photograph, ehBeth.! Very Happy (I wish I had a few more of such old photographs.)

And I see that you were (as it looks to me) deeply involved in meaningful conversation with your friend.

Some things remain constant .. they don't change ... Thank heavens for that, I say! Smile
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Reply Mon 21 Dec, 2009 10:03 am
Guys, I don't remember the 80's. So I''ll watch it through your eyes and ears.
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I Like 1981
Reply Mon 21 Dec, 2009 10:56 am
Thank you very much! This is just perfect! A real 80's thread! Unfortunately I don't have much to say right now (which is a pain!) so I'd best be walking out the door for a bit. But I'll remember this thread! Keep the 80's alive!

While I'm here, check out this for 80's music at its best:


(Don't know how to paste in actual videos, so I'll give you the link)

I'll be returning! Have a brilliant 80's day!

Best regards,
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