Where can i Watch James Camerons Avatar(2009)?

Reply Tue 15 Dec, 2009 09:10 pm
Reply Tue 15 Dec, 2009 09:17 pm
This is the list of theatrical release of Avatar per country....
Country Date
Egypt 16 December 2009
France 16 December 2009
Switzerland 16 December 2009 (French speaking region)
Australia 17 December 2009
Austria 17 December 2009
Bulgaria 17 December 2009
Colombia 17 December 2009
Croatia 17 December 2009
Czech Republic 17 December 2009
Georgia 17 December 2009
Germany 17 December 2009
Greece 17 December 2009
Hong Kong 17 December 2009
Hungary 17 December 2009
Israel 17 December 2009
Lebanon 17 December 2009
Malaysia 17 December 2009
Mexico 17 December 2009
Netherlands 17 December 2009
Portugal 17 December 2009
Russia 17 December 2009
Singapore 17 December 2009
Slovenia 17 December 2009
South Korea 17 December 2009
Switzerland 17 December 2009 (German speaking region)
UK 17 December 2009
Brazil 18 December 2009
Canada 18 December 2009
Denmark 18 December 2009
Estonia 18 December 2009
Finland 18 December 2009
Iceland 18 December 2009
India 18 December 2009
Norway 18 December 2009
Romania 18 December 2009
Spain 18 December 2009
Sweden 18 December 2009
Taiwan 18 December 2009
Turkey 18 December 2009
USA 18 December 2009
Ukraine 18 December 2009
Uruguay 18 December 2009
Venezuela 18 December 2009
Japan 23 December 2009
Poland 25 December 2009
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Reply Wed 16 Dec, 2009 12:18 am
Letterman had the anorexic actress who's apparently playing one of the leads on last night (Mon.), and a clip from it, and I was NOT impressed--not very good motion capture, and it looked like pretty low quality animation. She was a fairly low-res alien of some sort.
Reply Wed 16 Dec, 2009 12:38 am
The production budget is $230 million and take special care to consider that the numbers that are used by IMDb don't include the marketing budget. As I understand, the rule of thumb is double the production budget to calculate the amount of box office money they need to break even and cover marketing distribution, and production costs.

$460 million in box office sales before they make a profit.
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Reply Wed 16 Dec, 2009 04:26 pm
The previews on nearly all TV showings are greatly reduced resolution from the digital IMAX imagery -- even the download from Apple, if you don't have an HD screen on your computer, is nothing like the 3-D digital image you're going to see on the screen. The 2-D version will even loose some detail as it's a digitally "flattened out" image. The reviews coming in are lauding the technical aspect of the film as revolutionary but the story is not anything to cheer. However, the reviews are by the important critics are up above 80% favorable -- they started out early this week at 100% favorable. To real sci-fi fans, especially those who go back to the golden age of sci-fi in the 40's and 50's, the story will be an amalgamation of ideas from many old sci-fi tales. The science is not stressed over the fantastical nature of the planet and the natives. So if you really want to see it, go to Fandango.com and see where there is an IMAX theater showing it in 3-D as the consensus is it's visually breathtaking and better than anything before it. Was there anything new in Aliens or Terminator. Absolutely not -- they're derived from 40's and 50's sci-fi.

What bothers me the most is that the characterizations are apparently sacrificed for the sake of a romantic tear jerking, anti-war, anti-genocide message. The characters are not that memorable is the complaint. It may not matter if the film starts getting the repeat business. Cameron is the uber-professional film maker and has something for everyone in this movie.

So just expect a A class popcorn film with some digs at politicians, past and present, and a philosophy not that far off from "Dances With Wolves." It's a Western in space, in other words.

Really serious sci-fi done with great love and with expert storytelling is still going to be a rarity.
Reply Thu 17 Dec, 2009 01:37 pm
The most difficult critics who had given up a great deal of their bias towards science fiction and fantasy are giving the film a 95% favorable on Rotten Tomatoes.com:

Reply Thu 17 Dec, 2009 01:39 pm
I'm about sick of hearing about Avatar at this point.

My reasoning goes something like this: if it were really that great of film, they wouldn't need to be pushing it so hard.

So I'm lowering my expectations.
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