I'm Getting Terminated from the Library: And, Today's Library Events

Reply Mon 28 Sep, 2009 08:52 am
To be honest, 10 years ago, I swore I'd NEVER work full-time again!

In the meantime I've worked with stray cats 'n' dogs, plus written a novel. Am I willing to give up that free time?

Any other decent part-time opportunities in the area for you? You said something about it being rural, so that could be tough.

Can you put out a shingle? Like be part-time animal sitter and get paid? Can you edit peoples work? This way you'll feel like you're not having to obey the short-sightedness of the administrators and preserve your beloved time...
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Reply Mon 28 Sep, 2009 09:11 am
Wow, thank you so much everyone, for your kind and caring replies!

You've shared some great ideas here, plus it really helps me to know that you're thinking of me.

Thank you.
Reply Mon 28 Sep, 2009 09:13 am
Now back to the job boards.

I've actually found Craigslist to be quite helpful, to my surprise. There are real opportunities there, esp for part-timers.

Of course there's also BS there too... like, I think I'll pass on that "P/T Pole Dancer" ad. TeeHee! The idea of being a Full-Time Pole Dancer makes me laugh!
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