what are your favorite dogs? What dogs do you want?

Reply Wed 11 Feb, 2009 04:47 pm
List as many as you want. Reasons to
inbred skills?

Im getting a dog fanciers license as soon as i get a real,stable job.

first one.

neapolitan mastiff- huge, graceful, scary. bred from ancient roman molossers, for war or hunting big game AKA lions. mostly getting for looks, but will mot likely hang out with some to get a feel for their personality.


dogo argentino- pitbullish breed, pure white, square head black eyes. pretty,slim elegant. same pitbull tenacity learning ability and dedication.

weimaraner- cute, awesome color, awesome eyes, every weimaraner i meet feels like a pitbull without the muscles/scary look. adorable, love to play, learn tricks fat as hell for treats. and they just seem like little buddies.

red doberman- always loved these dog, if they even seem ruthless at times, and cunning as well. ive always wanted to trasin one. they are more intelligent than any other dog ive met. but i havent met that many types of purebreds so.. elegant, slim, "business" look. always alert, top 5 best guard dogs IMO.(and i dont like black on dogs, on certain dogs all black is nice but i always like red coat pinks kin pink mask)

white and blue nose pitbulls - i love pitbulls, i used to hate them until i foung mine outside in the streets. i thought they were ugly, but i found a rednoce one, it was like destiny. she learned instantly, whenever i teach her a trick she rememebrs it after that day, always attentive, ferocious, determined, protective but not overly so, super friendly, if not wary of people who are intoxicated. just the best dog ive ever seen. i wish conformation shows let pink skinned pitbulls in them, they are so much better looking. i want a white pit with blue eyes,and the bluenose can ahve any color IDC.



others high on my list include:

the brazilian matiff **fila brasileiro- pitbull, bulldog, mastff,bloodhound. has a unique gene that makes it extremely aggressive towards "strangers"
i want to eventually breed a perfect "guard dog" and this would be in the recipe. scenting abilites obviously, strong, big and able to do minor pulling duties. mixed with other dogs i would streamline the look, tone down the stranger aggression, lighten up the fur skin and eyes... add some redbone coonhound/chocolate labrador for added "sportness". presto. awesome rural / guard dog.(added as well would be rednose pitbull, mastiff, dogue, red doberman)

dogue de bordeaux- looks great. big and muscular.

english mastiff- a classic.the english have dominated the mastiffs for 2000 years and have some of the best dogs period. and mastiffs originated in the East/Mediterranean.


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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 06:34 am
you seem to gravitate to the breeds that are often used for fighting. I feel that a dog fulfills a need of the owner. We have a moderate sized sheep farm so we wanted dogs that could
1be helpful around the farm
2were good companion dogs
3were not "watch out" dogs

So we chose catahoulas and Border Collies. The catahoula is a tenacious dog but not as single minded and prone to biting as several of those youve listed (I am especiually afraid of dogo argentinos or fila brasiliero and tosa inus). These type dogs, while many can be socialized, have the habit of biting and never letting go (thats why pits are not a great choice for an owner who wants to have his dog in public).Dogos, filas, and tosas are, besides , big fuckin dogs that can easily overwhelm someone of avergae strength.
A dobie is a middle ground choice but these dogs also have a history of attacking their owners sometimes for no apparent reason (they just "flip out" and youre a convenient target)
If a dog flips out and attacks me, Id rather be the biggest dog in the fight.

Border Collies are attentive, very smart, they dont put up with ****, and they are the intellectuals of the dog world. The catahoula is close behind but is more of a pack dog (theyre a primitive breed). The catahoula is more adept at figuring things out than are Borders. A border collie has an incredible capacity for learning while a catahoula has an incredible capacity for creativity.

Unless you live in a neighborhood dominated by drug dealers amd mob hits, I wouldnt list the breeds of dog youve given us.
Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 06:41 am
we are looking at , maybe, a MAremma for herd protection. I understand they require more intensive training but that they really imprint with the herd. WE are beginning to ahve a coyote problem around us and weve lost about 6 sheep in the last 2 years . So we are looking at a herd monitor dog and we dont want one that requires major body work to keep clean (unlike Komondoors or otrher long hairs

Oh another dog that Ive heard attack stories about is a Perro de Presa(sp)
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Green Witch
Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 06:57 am
The happiest dog is one that gets to do the job it was breed to do. Sheep dogs need sheep. Hunting dogs needs to hunt. Guard dogs need to guard. I think OG is going for the dog version of a big gun. I like these macho breeds too, but they sure do eat a lot and they tend to have health problems as they get older. Dogs like mastiffs often die around the age of 7-8 because of weak hearts. They are also totally doofuses compared to herding and hunting dogs. I think I'll stick to mutts.

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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 07:13 am
I'm not really a devotee of any specific breed but I do love dalmations.

The smartest dog I've ever known was a Gordon setter; they've always been on my radar:


Long haired animals don't sit too well with me though.

My current dog is a (smooth coat) border collie/Australian shepard mix and he's smart, smart, smart. He's still young so he's a bit of a knucklehead still but he's starting to come around.
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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 07:26 am

chili cheese dog
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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 07:36 am
i too share a fascination with the Mastiffs.
And if i were in a place where I could care for one.. I would have it.

i would need large house with a yard .

But for me, the Mastiff would be a visual pleasure. Their personalities are pretty simple, and they are basic.. laid back dogs. Very good with kids which is one of the reasons I would get one. It would be like a walking couch for Jillian.

My number one dog though is always the German Shepard.


We had one for 14 years. She was the smartest -animal- , not just dog.. but animal I have ever seen.
When my brother was younger, she would 'herd' him around. Scooping him by the back of his diaper and shirt to keep him from heading to the street or anything else that was dangerous. She knew to keep him away from the stove, away from the stone fire place.. you name it.
But i absolutely refuse to own a long haired animal so finding one that would fit me may be hard .

My other choice is the Grey hound.
They are like cats.. but LOVE to be played with and walked. ( all dogs do but these guys go ape crazy!) I would not choose to own one. They are kinda boring.. but they are fun to play with, cute as hell, and so much like cats I could get along with one. But I am honestly NOT a dog person.
I cant handle their smell, their spit... they are too big.. clumsy.. etc. etc.

One last dog I would consider owning is the Great Dane.

again.. totally visual, my reasons for having it... but they are lovely dogs.
Even tempered, not really fussy.. and good activity dogs.

But.. as I said, Im no dog person.
i will fill my house with cats before I do anything else Smile
Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 07:50 am
We had a Mastiff mix for about 3 years and he was a delight but he was not friendly to most other dogs. Died when he was 8, which was heartbreaking. But he was gentle and sweet with people; our older nephew rode on his back. Jake was a really good dog.

Right now I'm thinking Boston Terrier (small but not yappy, health problems don't seem too awful). It's the dog in my avatar.

RP likes Rhodesian Ridgebacks: http://www.breederretriever.com/photopost/data/555/rhodesian_ridgeback_a_pups_.jpg
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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 09:14 am
I have kuvasz (plural kuvasok) and have owned 6 over the course of 48 of their years.

I have never seen a smarter, more dynamic, and lovely animal. I have had over 20 dogs in the past and none compare to them

A proud and highly intelligent dog, the beautiful white Hungarian Kuvasz is first and foremost a bold and powerful guardian. This intensely self-assured, strong-willed breed has performed for thousands of years as a livestock protector, bodyguard, and steadfast companion.

A real Kuvasz does not look like a cuddly teddy bear: it looks tough, alert, agile, and ready for action... like a wolf.

The Kuvasz is bold, strong-willed, arrogant, clever, independent and manipulative, and is not suited for the nonassertive owner. For thousands of years, it has been used for predator control and as a bodyguard. Because of these traditional duties, the Kuvasz personality is unique.





for those who look at the breed as simply a white golden retriever, the dog in the upper photo is Aja at eight months. when she was a year old, running about 95 pounds i was attacked in a park by a rotweiller about fifty pounds heavy than her and she saved my life by killing the other dog in about 20 seconds. it happened so fast i could hardly believe my eyes. she tore out the throat of the animal in the blink of an eye. then came over to me waggling her tail for a treat. until that moment all the tales i had heard about the breed fighting wolves and bears to a stand-off i held with great skepticism, but no more.

if you have the land, get a kuvasz. you will never want another breed.
Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 09:22 am
wow i hate long haiied dogs but that one looks amazing.

i should add great dane, vizsla,pharoah hound, and one other dog to my list.

like the vizsla

Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 09:25 am
When our irish setter took obedience training, the winner in the first class was a mastiff... I loved the irish setter dearly, but he was really my husband's dog - they'd run together often..

On my favorites, I like corgis, but not so much the little corgi cuties that have been bred to be pampered pets. A lot of the ones in the northern california area I used to live (with weather sort of like Wales) were kinda "ranch dogs".

I'm a new fan of Sussex spaniels.. though any dog with pendent ears needs rigorous attention re ear cleaning/infections. The sussex are too big for me now, at about 50 pounds, but I'm not much of a small dog enthusiast, in my heart of hearts. My corgi was just right, at 35-40 pounds; he was a big pembroke corgi. Of the small dogs, I like dachshunds and west highland terriers.. from afar. (Hear that dachshunds can have personality afflictions).
I often get attached to other people's small dogs - they're just not my first love.

I'm very fond of a certain mutt, Sallydog, who seems to be a skippy flippy terrier mix.. a very good dog with loads of personality.

My first dog of my own was a "venice shepherd" - a mix of probably border collie and who knows what else, found on the railroad tracks behind our place, as a puppy. Sigh. He was a stalwart fellow.

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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 09:26 am
when I still had my farm I keep 2 guns at my back door, a 22 loaded with bird-shot and a .270. If I saw any of these dogs on my property the first time they got the bird-shot in the butt, the second time they got the .270 in the head. My dog was a Samoyed.
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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 09:27 am
i love hounds as well, but dont know enough about them to "choose" any one of them.

german sheperds are smart as hell too..

i love redbone coonhoudsn they are so damn pretty.

by the way my cousin has a catahoula hound..

i ditn know anything about them but they stuck out at me from reading dog kennel association websites.

most laid back dog ive ever seen. i told him dude thats not a lab pit mix thats a catahoula hound. and hes like WTF is that?

Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 09:30 am
lol it seems everyone hates pitbulls and mastiffs.

when i see them im like hey pretty pitbull!

and i check it out to see if its starving/has tags/is hurt.

the onyl time i ever got bit by dogs was a malamute and once 2 rottweilers charged me and i was like WTF? *jump on wall*

and dachshunds, they bite me all the damn time i hate those faggoty ass dogs.
Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 09:36 am
has anyone owned a weimaraner?

i want one dearly.

redbone coonhound (so pretty)


vizsla (also pretty)


pharoah hound (pretty as well) lol


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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 09:52 am
I don't know if this is my favorite dog or not - but the only dog I think I might want that I haven't had is one of these:

there's a guy up the lane who breeds them and they are so darn cute and my daughter keeps begging for one - and I have to say- their cute little faces tempt me (although I don't usually like small dogs - I'm a big dog sort of person.

One of my favorite breeds that I've had
such a smart dog - she read my mind more often than not
pure bred, but got her at a shelter - I liked her lighter coloring - the black german shepherds look a little more scary to me.

and my favorite dog of all timehttp://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k46/aidan_010/IMG_2388.jpg
a mix of golden retriever and something probably shepherd ( we don't know what she is, how old she is or anything - we got her at a shelter)
She is the absolute best most affectionate and loyal to all dog/friend I've ever had.

Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 10:09 am
golden retrievers are amazing dogs might i add =D

perfect for a family that isnt 100% dedicated to their dog (trainers, people doing agility/weight pulling/ competitions wise and have the time to spend at least 2 hours a day with their dog, which a family dad might not have the time to for)

great with kids, smart, protective. great dogs for someone with a family, and works long hours, has kids..

just great dogs all around.
Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 12:00 pm
Yes - even my dad who grew up with dogs and always made sure we had dogs when we were growing up - sometimes three or four- we had collies, irish setters, dalmations, and black labs which were/are his favorite breed - even he says about my dog, 'She is the most affectionate and good tempered dog I've ever seen.'
And she is -and it's not anything I've done or trained her to be - she came straight out of the shelter like that. Just amazing.
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Reply Thu 12 Feb, 2009 12:10 pm
Wow. Almost everyone here (I think besides the boston bull terrier) has expressed interest in large dogs.

I don't want a dog, but if I did it would be something like an Italian Greyhound

Reply Fri 13 Feb, 2009 02:39 am
italian greyhounds look very pretty IMO, very refined and elegant.

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