Meaning of life.

Reply Sat 4 Apr, 2009 02:00 pm
What you can do however, is change the immediate surrounding of your world, which means: you can help out in your very own community by volunteering in soup kitchens, donate time and money to the poor...andlive a dignified life dedicated to others.

Hi Calamity, I tend to disagree that such thing are beneficial, if they aren't backed up with other types of programs that teach people self sustanance (the old 'feed a man a fish and he's hungry tomorrow, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime') and that such charities/programs should in fact insist on learning new marketable skills as part of the 'contract' of accepting free handouts....from that point of view, to me, soup kitchens / donating money & time to the poor etc is actually detrimental to those you are trying to 'help', because in many cases it demotivates them to sustain themselves (as it removes a reason for looking after yourself). I very much doubt it's good for their self esteem either.

(of course there are exceptions to such a generic viewpoint)

So if you want to dedicate your life to others, one would hope that it's done in a way that's beneficial to those you want to help, and not just short term beneficial, but long term detrimental.
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