Tom Brady and the Patriots

Region Philbis
Reply Tue 17 Mar, 2020 09:27 am
Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick:

“Tom was not just a player who bought into our program. He was one of its original creators.
Tom lived and perpetuated our culture. On a daily basis, he was a tone setter and a bar raiser.
He won championships in three of his first four years on the field and in three of his final six
seasons with us, while competing for championships in most every season in between. This is
a credit to Tom’s consistency and what separates him. He didn’t just perform. He didn’t just
win. He won championships over and over again.

“Tom and I will always have a great relationship built on love, admiration, respect and appreciation.
Tom’s success as a player and his character as a person are exceptional. Nothing about the end of
Tom’s Patriots career changes how unfathomably spectacular it was. With his relentless competitive-
ness and longevity, he earned everyone’s adoration and will be celebrated forever. It has been a
privilege to coach Tom Brady for 20 years.

“Examples of Tom’s greatness are limitless, going back even before he was drafted. We witnessed
how he prepared when he wasn’t playing, how he performed when he got his opportunity, what he
did to continuously improve, his leadership, his mindset, the example he set, and, of course, the
person he is. I am extremely grateful for what he did for our team and for me personally. “Sometimes
in life, it takes some time to pass before truly appreciating something or someone but that has not
been the case with Tom. He is a special person and the greatest quarterback of all-time.”
Reply Tue 17 Mar, 2020 05:26 pm
@Region Philbis,
Could he make it sound a bit less like an obit?
Reply Tue 17 Mar, 2020 05:51 pm
twitter busy with the #TampaTom
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Reply Tue 17 Mar, 2020 06:07 pm
@Region Philbis,
I am a longtime Patriots fan, I came of age with Steve Grogan behind center. I am not sure how many other Patriots fans agree with me, but I think it is time for Brady to move on. We had a great run, and Brady is undoubtedly the greatest of all time. But we knew this was going to happen, and now it is time.

I wish Brady the best (I do hope he is able to accept reality before we all start cringing, I think we all want to see him go out on top).

But I am ready to move on. Let's see what the Good Lord Belichick has for us now.
Reply Tue 17 Mar, 2020 06:22 pm
Me too as far as watching the Pats and seeing Grogan.

Yeah I can see your point as far as ready to let Brady go .. I just expected it more as him retiring. Hard to see him on another team.
Reply Tue 17 Mar, 2020 06:25 pm
I can take it if Tom Brady goes to another team, beats the Patriots, and somehow pulls off another Super Bowl. I would be happy for him (although I would rather see the Patriots win).

My biggest fear (as a middle aged man)? I do not want to see Tom Brady get old.
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Region Philbis
Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2020 06:32 am
Patriots can't lose with incentive-laden deal for Cam Newton

Cam Newton’s one-year, incentive-laden contract with the New England Patriots is mostly a no-lose
situation in a post-Tom Brady world. So why wouldn’t the Patriots take the plunge?

If Newton is healthy and performs at the high level he did when he was named NFL MVP and led the
Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl 50, he could be the Patriots' starting quarterback and put them back
into the conversation as one of the AFC's elite teams.

If his previously injured foot doesn’t respond well or his performance and fit in offensive coordinator
Josh McDaniels’ system don’t measure up, there’s limited financial pain for the team in quickly moving

So with Newton willing to accept what the Patriots have to offer -- a low-cost chance to battle with
2019 fourth-round pick Jarrett Stidham and 11-year veteran Brian Hoyer to be Brady’s replacement --
it adds a stick of dynamite to what was already a compelling situation.

[ snip ]

Belichick has always had respect for Newton as a competitor.

“When you’re talking about mobile quarterbacks, guys that are tough to handle, tackle, can throw,
run, make good decisions -- I mean, I would put Newton at the top the list,”
Belichick said in 2017
prior to a game against the Panthers.

“Not saying that there aren’t a lot of other good players that do that, but I would say, of all the guys
we play or have played recently in the last couple of years, he’s the hardest guy to deal with. He makes
good decisions, he can run, he’s strong, he’s hard to tackle. He can do a lot of different things, beat
you in a lot of different ways. We saw that in the game down there in ’13, so I would put him at the
top of the list. Not saying the other guys aren’t a problem, because they are, but he’s public enemy
No. 1.”
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Region Philbis
Reply Tue 31 Aug, 2021 09:39 am

Cam Newton out, rookie Mac Jones in...
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Region Philbis
Reply Sat 29 Jan, 2022 01:44 pm

rumor has it Brady is gonna retire...
Real Music
Reply Sat 29 Jan, 2022 03:18 pm
@Region Philbis,
I just saw across the bottom of my television screen:

Tom Brady retiring after 22 seasons.
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Real Music
Reply Sat 29 Jan, 2022 03:40 pm
Reports say Tom Brady is retiring from the NFL.

Published: January 29, 2022

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Reply Sat 29 Jan, 2022 03:51 pm
Think he'll get a one-day contract to retire as a Patriot?
Reply Sun 30 Jan, 2022 08:50 am
George wrote:

Think he'll get a one-day contract to retire as a Patriot?

Does it work that way?
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Frank Apisa
Reply Sun 30 Jan, 2022 09:29 am
Brady is now saying the equivalent of, "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

I am hoping both he and The Gronk retire. They are too old for that game. Best not to get seriously hurt before making the move.
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