Earth Shattering Games (your list & why)

Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2008 04:39 pm
List games that Have been So ground breaking that they have set the standard for games to come... In no necessary order....

1: Super Mario 64 (N64)

Its the First 3d Mario game in an Open Hub world,Run around,do crazy Flips and Do whatever you like All in 3D? It was ground breaking at the time and still a terrific game to date....It set ground for Ratchet and clank and all other major 3d Platformers to date.

2: Shenmue (dreamcast)

With a story line that is so in depth and incredible,An open breathing world where you can go to the arcade,Theres day and night cycles,Time cycles,Get into fights,an in depth combat system.....Even if your just flipping the Working light switches Or Using the forklift to Move boxes down by the dock this game Is INCREDIBLEY indepth and Amazing.

3: Final Fantasy 7 (PSone)

With an Exceptional Storyline and My personal FIRST Rpg ever played i was just blown away by the graphics,combat system,Materia system was a Really unique first for its time...also the game was HUGE and Had TONS of mini games (golden saucer anyone?) and Hidden Ultime monsters and Just so much to do....Incredible.

4: Gran Turismo Series(PSONE)

Without This series Forza motorsport and Other racing sims wouldnt have something to build off of.....granted Gran turismo HAS been topped by Forza motorsport but we'll wait for the sequal And see....this is for hardcore simulation fans only and the game is so indepth and incredible...HUNDREDS of hours of gameplay with tweaking ingens...buying and selling and So many races.....The 2nd is my favorite With an AWSOME Soundtrack HUNDREDS of cars and the F1 Cars are still beast in ANY class......I love you gran turismo!

5: goldeneye (n64)

Before goldeneye 64 FPS's Wernt Mainstream....Goldeneye Took this and paved the way for All modern fps's to come...Goldeneye had great grapics,A compelling storyline and Objectives! No longer were you just shooting everything in sight to Shoot it.....You had to Get somewhere and Get something DONE! Hidden 2 levels at the end were exceptional and The laser Gun is still flipping AWSOME....I played the HELL outa this game,Did hand made maps for it and played it on all difficulties.....Its a 10.

Add your own lists and Why!!!!
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