Who got screwed by ecowater systems?

Reply Tue 7 Jul, 2015 05:15 am
This is what I wrote to Costco online just now. I forgot to mention the system Costco sold in stores PureH20 has a 30% efficiency rate spec'd compared to Ecowater's 10%:

"I purchased an Ecowater system referred by the local Costco in SoCal. I am appalled they are a Costco vendor.

It is now the 4th day since I made the purchase, a day after the 3-day cooling off period.

In that time, I discovered every major sales point they told me was factually false.

What's worse is I paid $895 for an Ecowater 175. Costco warehouse sells an equivalent PureH20 reverse osmosis system that conforms to the same NSF Standard 58. For $159. On Consumer Reports, the Ecowater 375 is listed for $379.

And while declaring in print that they have the best warranty in the business, the sales person could not tell me the length of warranty nor what was covered. Nor is it enumerated online.

On the product side, the system's efficiency rate was suppose to be 1 gallon of filtered water to 3 gallons of discharge. Instead of ~33% efficiency, the spec sheet states a paltry 10%. 33% is bad enough. In drought wasted California, that is even more ridiculous. They lied.

The salesperson also egregiously stated that California had a 30-day cooling off period for the purchase. That is also false.

At this point, I spent almost a $1,000 when a comparable system could be had for a fraction less, purchasable at a Costco store no less, with no warranty to speak of, and misrepresentation baked into the whole process.

The installer told me that they get a lot of business because so many people trust Costco. I also grok Ecowater is a Berkshire company and Charlie Munger is a board member.

So it's Inexplicable how Ecowater abuses that trust and seeks actively to profit from it, making claims that are false and in-person and online, sketchy on details so as to obfuscate a transparent and informed purchasing decision. Not Costco-like whatsoever. It's not just me. Google to see the trend.

Suspect Ecowater's larded franchise model and its incentives are completely opposite of Costco's no-frills, low-cost for high value, member-centric ways.

I am an executive member that spends more than $15,000 a year at Costco. You guys just saved me $500 on tires. This dodgy too-smart-by-half vendor experience basically had me give all those savings back and then some.

This is my first major complaint that I've filed with Costco. I would hope and expect this gets routed to the appropriate vendor program management for this relationship and I hear a concrete response back. I doubt I'm the only dissatisfied customer.

It is infuriating to know that because Ecowater misrepresented themselves whether intentionally or just looking the other way playing coy under cover of the Costco brand, I end up buying a system orders magnitude more expensive than other more robust RO systems sold in your own stores, with better warranty and features.

For ex., PureH20 offers an NSF Standard 85 system that also has a sediment filter which the Ecowater does not. It is far less costly to buy and replace filters with.

The bottom line is this. The trust Costco has earned over the past decade with our family is now shattered because of this weakest link in your service supply chain.

Our family spends many thousands a year regularly at Costco because it saves me money, time, and drama. This slimy incident will leave me with a sour and dour taste for a long time to come.

My loyalty and business so hard earned throughout the years was taken for granted, and it has dissolved the trust that our major purchasing decisions were founded on for the foreseeable future. "
Reply Thu 30 Jul, 2015 07:55 pm
I just cannot take people seriously that claim something is "the absolute best system made". This is simply not true. The facts are available all over the place people. Eco water systems are the same exact product as the GE 40,000 grain softener (with an extra part or two) these systems are made in the same factory and stamped with different brands, one sells for 400-500 dollars and the other for thousands. Costco takes 25% of each eco water sale right off of the top. Eco water is charging a premium to rename a $500.00 product available at Home Depot and Lowes.
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Reply Sun 20 Sep, 2015 11:17 pm
thanks for your post. I cancelled my order within the 3 day notice period based on your post and other research online.

My analysis
EcoWater Quote: $6000, net $5400 ($600 Giftcard)

Alternate Comparable System
RO Unit - $450
Softener unit - $1200
Install - $500
Total Cost about $2500

And freedom from proprietary filters... I refuse to pay $120 for each replacement filter.
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Reply Mon 30 Nov, 2015 11:41 am
Did you let him in your house?
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Reply Mon 30 Nov, 2015 11:44 am
Quality does not come cheap.

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Reply Wed 29 Jun, 2016 10:43 am
The company failed to communicate a 60$ install fee when I ordered on the phone for replacement filters. Itt took 4 mins to install, the delivery guy said he would call the office and he didn't, I called the office and the lady on the phone (a partner) said she would waive the fee since the original installer implied there was no cost except for the filters themselves, then William calls and says they will not refund the 60$ fee but will credit my account for filters NEXT year...they have no integrity or honesty have poor communication and for a lousy fee of 60$ hurt their reputation.. I would never do business with them again..
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Reply Wed 1 Nov, 2017 12:54 pm
So I purchased this system 1 year ago through Costco in Central Coast, CA. I thought the install and customer service was fine. Then after the system was in for a few weeks, I still didn't feel a difference in the water while showering or bathing my kid.. The main reason I got this system was for bathing. I asked the guy to come test the water again, and he never would. I asked the service guys, same thing where they don't come retest after you have it in/working. I gave up and a year later I tried again... The owner was super nice, came out himself and tested my water. Guess what? it was Hard water!!! And the water was harder in the bathrooms than it was in the kitchen. The EcoSystem is working fine, it's making the water soft where the system is in my garage. The Problem is that I'm in a house built in 1978 and it's had hard water through the pipes forever, and the whole plumbing system would have to be replaced to get the softener to work throughout the house. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW. I wouldn't have wasted $5500 on this if they would have explained something like that upfront.. How about "this isn't guaranteed to work through the whole house since it's got older plumbing"?
It is a rip off if you are in an older home, unless you are rich and can get new plumbing throughout.
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nancy sanford
Reply Wed 5 Dec, 2018 07:56 pm
In August 2018 I signed up for the top of the line system. The salesmen said this would be great for hair and skin. Well he had me at that. I like to take baths, bubble baths. I do not get bubbles any longer with my bubble bath . The water is disgusting now- soap scum. At least when I took my bubble baths, no scum but now I even get rings in the tub when finished. My skin itches all the time and while in the water. He said less soap when washing. I am still using the same amount of soap for hair, skin, washing. No difference. There is no difference with my hair. I have been fooled. $5k down the drain.
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Reply Mon 5 Feb, 2024 11:09 am
I just had my eco water system put in last Monday 1/29 and a few days ago I noticed a rash all over my body. It almost hurts. I called them today and they told me My contract says I have 3 days to cancel. I told them It took longer for me to break out than 3 days. Is there anyway I can get out of this contract. 3 days isn't long enough to know if you will be happy with it. My body is itchy. I just can't deal with this.
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