Good sportsmanship

Reply Thu 1 May, 2008 01:28 pm
I read one time, I don't hunt/shoot, but as a matter of casual interest, it's bad form not to follow injured dangerous game, which can be more dangerous as such, and finish the job. How condescending - if a critter manages to survive the first shot and scare me off it can take care of its own setup. The real hypocrisy, which is fine by me too, just that it makes anything after a superstitious line in the sand, is that one would hunt and expect safety, I mean, if the plan were to sit in a tree, push a button, and have a critter die, you've already crapped on your quarry's head and expected to hear thanks for the hat.

Now, we've got this baseball team helping an injured opponent round the bases...

Fox Sports - Opponents Carry...

Apparently the hitter had never touched over the fence before, overran the base and blew her knee apart. The outcome of the game was more or less forfeited, so it can be assumed that the idea was that higher realities of baseball were being served through good sportsmanship etc. Now here it comes - who are these jokers that they think they can do the right thing, through a mode of competition, by being anything other than competitors?

It's a sacrilege to people who've wither succeeded without injury, played through it, or failed because of it.

This is a common failing of modern thought - everyone thinks they conceive and interact fully with what is right and good among the higher realities, when so very few would even lower themselves, in this nation, to take a manual-labor intensive job for moderate or lower pay. It's like, nobody wants to know where steel comes from, but they think it's as natural as taking a whiz to 'do the right thing'. Mob mentality - populist mediocrity - the very thing competition is supposed to sort out - instead being enforced through the term 'good sportsmanship'.
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Joe Nation
Reply Thu 1 May, 2008 07:34 pm
I think they understand that softball is a game.

Joe(yahknow, not really important, fun, but not vital)Nation
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Reply Fri 2 May, 2008 01:54 am
'game'? What the hell is that?

Seriously, even then, or at any level, either it's a big deal or it's not. Could we gain national praise by showing mercy to an opponent at Monopoly? People must want to see something in the game of soft ball, perhaps that isn't there, like jesus-on-a-toast-slice. Or moreover to my mind, since I'm not on the food forum defending the sanctity of toast for it's own sake, they've derailed what it is about competition that drives us to excel in exchange for something they could get from looking at pictures of cats with incorrectly spelled phrases added...
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Reply Fri 2 May, 2008 06:15 am
All this time I thought the run around the bases was just a formality after you hit a ball out of the park. Learn something new every day.

But one point I think you might be missing Hanno - is that, especially in America- those who have reached a point where they might be able to focus on the 'higher realities' HAVE worked in manual labor on their way up (unless you're a Rockerfeller or Vanderbilt), so though they may not be doing those things at the moment- they've done them before and they know what it means and how it feels.

The part that bothers me is the intense focus on the symbolic 'winning'.
She excelled, whether it resulted in a win or not-she hit the homerun- she knows that- and I agree with you that they staged the rest - it wasn't real, and I think it cheapens the whole thing. If I were the coach of her team- I wouldn't have accepted the win.
But, I do think it was good that her coach didn't encourage her to crawl around the bases so his team could make the playoffs- my son has had coaches who would have done that.
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Reply Fri 2 May, 2008 06:47 am
and I forgot to say what I wanted to say about the whole wounded animal thing..if you wound something, and your intention is not to help it (as in an animal- try to save its life- which as a hunter- yes I know is not the point) I DO think the only humane thing to do is to hunt it down and put it out of its misery.
That serves a dual purpose- saves the animal needless suffering and enables the hunter to be man or woman enough to look this thing it has wounded in the eyes. I think this will enable him or her to determine if they really want to do that sort of thing again or not.

(I'm not maligning hunters, although I could never do it. My brother hunts bigtime - but he's enough of a man to never inflict needless suffering by taking care of his responsibilities as a 'sportsman').
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Reply Tue 20 May, 2008 03:32 pm
Little late I know, but I thought I would claify that ncaa softball rules (and in fact ncca baseball and mlb baseball rules) allow for a substitute runner to be inserted if a player who hits an out of the park home run is injured and cannot complete touching all the bases. The umpires at the game had the rule wong which is odd since presumably they had a rule book with them, and the rule is fairly well known. Obviously a nice story just the same.
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