People I Admire

Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2011 03:51 am
Very nice description of good and interesting people who have been part of your life. They must be greatful and happy to have had you in their lives.
Reply Tue 11 Oct, 2011 04:22 am
Thank you Saab - I hope I've been someone who has made them happy to have known me.
Here's another person I admire. She's sort of a talisman for me. I used to see her walking every day when I lived in the same village as her and I thought it was just amazing to see this tiny, tiny, ancient woman walking along so purposefully in every sort of weather, as if she were a strong and healthy thirty year old in the prime of her life.

Well, I saw her in the shop one day and I started talking to her. Her name is Hillary - I call her Mrs. H. She is 95 years old. She never had any children and worked as a cleaner her entire life. She walks a four mile loop from her home to the village shop and back every day and I always wondered what her errand was, or if she just loved to walk as I do, and I found out that she goes to the shop every day to buy a scratch card to play the lottery.
She has such a sense of humor and so much energy - I hope I am like her when I'm 95.
I hope I see her today when I go to the village - even if I just see her from afar - she always makes me smile, but when we talk and hug each other, it just makes me feel so happy to be alive in a world where there are still people like Mrs. H.

Reply Tue 11 Oct, 2011 09:54 am
I did see her and hug her and she made me smile from ear to ear. It's just so wonderful when you meet these people across generations, who have lived lives that are a world away from the one you live and yet you connect, soul to soul.

She is a person whose life has made mine richer.
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Reply Sat 15 Oct, 2011 02:29 am
I didn't take a picture of him but yesterday I met an incredibly inspiring man who just filled me with admiration and respect.

I'd taken Pearl (my dog) to walk around the garden at Stourhead and see the turning trees and this little boy wanted to pet her so his mother and father followed him over.

The dad had lost both his left leg and left arm at the bicep and so was walking with a crutch. Me being me said, 'Look, I'm not going to pretend that I don't see you're missing an arm and a leg and I'm wondering, did you get injured in the war in Afghanistan?' because he was about the appropriate age for that to have happened.
He said, 'No - I was hit by a lorry in India when I was four years old- this happened a long time ago.' We kept talking and it turned out he is a doctor - made it through medical school and into general practice with one arm and one hand.
He's married a beautiful woman and has a lovely little boy and stays fit by walking with them around gardens and riding a recumbent bicycle with one leg and one arm.
People (some of them) are just amazing. I really, really admire people like this man and am feeling blessed that I got the opportunity to meet him and talk with him - AND his wife who loves him just the way he is - AND his little boy, who, no doubt will grow up inspired by such a father as the one he has.

And it doesn't stop there - his ambition now is to get a degree in public health and move to an underserved urban area in the United States and practice medicine for poor people without health insurance
Reply Sat 15 Oct, 2011 04:37 am
It is wonderful to hear about people like that - and there are many one can admire for what they are doing and have done without them having a visible handcap.

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Reply Sun 30 Oct, 2011 04:23 am
Another person I admire:

McElwain completed his GED courses and plans to go to college,[9][15] and has a part-time job at Wegmans Food Markets in Greece, New York.[9] Occasionally, customers recognize him and ask for an autograph.[9] McElwain also travels across the United States to help raise funds for autism research and to make media appearances.[4] With all the activity that is going on his life, Jason admitted that he hasn't been playing as much basketball, but says that, "Occasionally, I'll go and shoot baskets at the YMCA."
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Reply Sun 30 Oct, 2011 04:45 am
And another:


Sami Stoner runs with her guide dog, Chloe. Stoner, who is legally blind, is believed to be the first high school athlete in Ohio to compete with an animal.
By Lisa A. Flam


A legally blind 16-year-old runner, Sami is traversing cross-country courses this season with her new guide dog, Chloe, and is believed to be the first high school athlete in her home state of Ohio to compete with an animal.

“I don’t run for time or place or anything, I just run because I love it, and I’m glad I can share my love of running with Chloe now,” says Sami, a junior at Lexington High School who’s on the junior varsity cross country team. “I love having Chloe. She’s helped me so much.”

Now in her fourth year running cross country, Sami won a waiver from the state high school athletic association that allows her to compete with a dog. The golden retriever puppy, who guides Sami through the crowded hallways at school, also takes her safely through the running trails of Ohio.
“She watches out for roots and she tries to pick the clearest path for me,” Sami says cheerfully. “The ways she moves, I can feel it in her harness, so she has little ways to signal which way to go and what to do.”

At the starting line, Sami and Chloe stay back 20 to 30 seconds so Chloe doesn’t get spiked by another runner, but they’re usually passing other competitors by the first mile on the 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) course. Sami is ineligible to score, and she must avoid finish-line chutes if they’re deemed too narrow, said Dale Gabor, the director of cross country and track and field for the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

“She gives a lot of hope to other kids,” said Gabor, who approved Sami's waiver and believes she's the first scholastic athlete in Ohio to compete with an animal.

Running with just some peripheral vision is scary, Sami says. But Chloe is highly focused, which has helped Sami feel secure enough to improve her personal record to 29:53.

“There is still a little element of being terrified you’re going to fall flat on your face,” Sami says. “She’s given me a lot more confidence in my running.”

Her dad, too, is wary when Sami, the youngest of his three girls, starts a race.

Blind teen baseball player excels on team

“It’s an amazing, scary thing to see her take off and all you can do it pray that everybody comes back safely. This is my baby,” says Keith Stoner. “She’s not necessarily up there collecting a medal at end of the race, but in our heart she does win them all.”

Sami began running cross-country in eighth grade, and by the end of that school year, her vision deteriorated and she became legally blind. She was found to have the untreatable Stargardt disease, which is similar to sight-robbing macular degeneration that affects older adults.

In high school, she worried she wouldn’t be able to compete, but teamed up with a friend, Hannah Ticoras, who ran alongside her as a guide.

“All I wanted to do was run, and running with Hannah gave me that opportunity,” says Sami.
But Hannah graduated at the end of Sami’s sophomore year, again putting Sami’s competitive future in limbo. Her mobility teacher thought she’d be a good candidate for a guide dog, and after a month of training over the summer, the Stoner family welcomed Chloe home in August.

Sami is grateful she’s still a part of the team she loves so dearly.

“I just hope people learn that just because you have a disability or some kind of disadvantage that it’s not the end of the world,” says Sami, who has a 4.0 grade point average this year. “You can still do stuff, you just have to find a way of doing it.”

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Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 01:16 am
Happy Father's Day Dad - I still think of you every day and love, miss, respect and admire you greatly:

Me and you at the ocean in Texas:


A few songs for you to celebrate Father's Day - because yes, you did raise me up and yes, you did 'lead me safely to the light' and yes, whenever I am in a garden, I do think of you:

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Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 06:18 pm
I would like to connect with whoever posted this photo. Eliza Udoshia Keener was my great great grandmother (married to Benjamin Seth Hearn). We are trying to find more about her Cherokee roots.
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Tomie Delle
Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 07:58 pm
Aidan, Do you know these people? Eliza Udoshia Keener was married to Benjamin Seth Hearn who was my daddy's grandfather. I have been trying to find out about our indian heritage for years and finally saw this.
My daddy's name is Pryer Clyde Smith, whose mother was Della Mae Hearn, Eliza's daughter. Do you know I can contact the one who posted this?
[email protected]
Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2014 05:57 am
@Tomie Delle,
Hey! Sounds like we could be kin! I have to leave for work in a minute and won't be home and able to respond fully until later tonight or early tomorrow morning, but I'll tell you what I know. One of the cousins did a whole family tree and wrote it up - my Dad had a copy. He let me read it years ago, but I haven't seen it since he died and wouldn't trust my memory without rereading it.
Anyway - yeah - this was my Papa Wash's (my paternal grandfather - Phineas Washington Hearn) boyhood family picture. I know my great-grandfather was named Alva Orlando Hearn. My grandfather is the little boy standing on the left in the picture. My great-grandmother - Rebecca Jane Hearn (nee Green -I think, the woman holding the baby) is who I was named after - except they called me Rebecca Jean (my real name). My father was Edwin Daryl Hearn - one of six sons of Phineas.
Hope this helps.
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