SPREAD HUMAN DNA To Other Celestial Bodies ?

Reply Fri 17 Aug, 2007 07:12 am
You could save a lot of time by creating a god first. Then he just tells you everything you need to know. Even gives you the blueprints and timeline.
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Reply Fri 17 Aug, 2007 03:52 pm
farmerman wrote:
If youre talking about staying just inside our cosmic "backyard" of course thats a possibility. We could terraform Mars perhaps. But actualdeep space insertion of our species will not include the actual transport of human receptacles. Waay too much time will be involved.

I think we need to start with solar system and orbital habitats before we attempt colonization between stars.

Not only would short distance colonization give us a lot of the necessary experience with planet colonization, but its also the quickest way to get our eggs out of one basket. We're never going to be able to protect the Earth because there will always be something we didn't think of... Yellowstone Caldera, or massive Pandemic. The only way to solve the 'one basket' problem is to get more baskets. Just building big defenses around our 'one basket' doesn't really address the core problem.

Also, I'm guessing we have maybe a thousand years to work with before something nasty hits or explodes or infects. We'll probably get a Pandemic in the next few years, but hopefully it won't exterminate us. The Yellowstone Caldera (and others) is a much bigger problem.

Of course, if we develop Landis fields or Alderson drives, then the whole game changes. Smile
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Reply Fri 17 Aug, 2007 10:02 pm
squinney wrote:

Interesting assumption that we are worth saving to begin with, David.

Interesting question that u raise there, Squinney;
very basic and fundamental.
" Worth " means of value to someone;
e.g., a $50 gold piece wud be of value to me,
but of no value to a fish; worth a lot to me, but worth nothing to a zebra.

We are the standard; our existence,
and the quality thereof is the criterion of judgment.
My best answer is that the purpose of human life
is to have as much fun as possible ( as Richard Bach puts it: " we are the otters of the universe. "
and that existence is necessary in order to have fun.


What makes you think the human race is so necessary?

We are necesary to ourselves.
Without the human race, we 'd have nothing.


If we were gone, would not another species have a chance to flourish?

Millions of them r flourishing now, already.

BTW, thay have put up coastal evacuation signs
on some roads of NY. When I c them, I think of u.

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