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Mon 25 Apr, 2016 12:53 pm - Wow! Welcome back, sozobe. You have been missed. (view)
Tue 12 Apr, 2016 11:37 am - It is a smart decision on his part. 2016 could well be destructive for the GOP. If he can work hard to help keep the party's majority in the House amid the chaos at the top and work hard to... (view)
Sun 10 Apr, 2016 06:04 pm - Whee! Look at me! Look at me! I won the week easily! (view)
Sat 2 Apr, 2016 04:05 pm - Pabst Blue Ribbon: check Ritz Crackers: check Chez-Whiz: check I think I am ready for the draft tonight... Unless I get sleepy. (view)
Tue 29 Mar, 2016 10:43 am - How does one go about finding what his/her IQ is? Does it involve giving out a credit card number to some Nigerian website? (view)
Mon 28 Mar, 2016 11:22 pm - My understanding of the import/export option is that it is available to those people who are playing in multiple leagues. It eliminates the need to re-type the same info repeatedly. (view)
Sun 27 Mar, 2016 12:54 pm - Do you have pets? I'm betting it was the cat and not the dog. (view)
Thu 24 Mar, 2016 07:06 pm - Wait...Wait a minute. I thought Tico was already in! (view)
Thu 24 Mar, 2016 01:23 pm - I suggest that we postpone the draft from 3/26 until some future date (but no later than 4/2). This would give us time to try to get back to an even number of players. We probably can not agree... (view)
Tue 22 Mar, 2016 11:31 am - [quote="fbaezer"] On April 2 I will be... at a dinner with my in-laws to be. . [/quote] REALLY?! (view)
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