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Thu 16 Mar, 2017 09:59 am - [quote]Clearly, this man has family connections with this little girl, and has decided to step back and let the grandparents take over, since he is not able or willing to do. Probably the last... (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2017 09:19 am - Is he joking ??????? Tough luv or something? If not, he is a small insignificant person. Who is incredibly shallow. Greek ppl can be racist and shallow at times, so you be the judge if he is... (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2017 09:04 am - Lol it was funny though!!! And Yes I know. When I keep thinking about it I get a little stressed for him and naturally I am too. It just seems so obvious he is in a position he doesn't... (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2017 08:54 am - I am sorry that you are going through this. I can not imagine how hard it must be. But what are you going to do moving forward? It's very easy for me to say leave him forget him, and... (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2017 08:42 am - Hmmm is he a Capricorn ...or Scorpio. Okay maybe that's irrelevant. Still idk if he is married or just a kinda fucked up person. Its more of a selfishness than mysterious. My ex was like... (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2017 08:25 am - He wants to distance himself from the child, but wants the child to continue to believe he is her bio-dad? Yes... he should be all in and if not I think he should be straight forward with her... (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2017 08:19 am - Thank you. It helps to hear that I really have no say in this. I guess the vagueness and he saying he wants to distance himself made me question his ways about the situation. As in if he going... (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2017 08:08 am - yes I had an annulment soon after my post. There was no marriage or physical contact. (view)
Thu 16 Mar, 2017 08:05 am - Thank you for pointing that out. Clearly, serpaeted in September and we had an annulment. But yeah now you know how it ended ;) (view)
Wed 15 Mar, 2017 09:51 pm - i looked to see if i can find it, but no clue; please post when you do discover the title. use google. i saw there are a bunch of lists of "kidnapping" films (view)
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