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Sat 13 Aug, 2005 06:31 am - We have done it - as a nation we have done it. We have no soul. We have turned the most sacred of relationships - a mothers relationship with he son into a political fuck fest. We... (view)
Sat 13 Aug, 2005 06:15 am - Edgar Ray Killen, the former Klansman whose conviction in June in the 1964 killing of three civil rights workers in Mississippi seemed to close one of the state's darkest chapters, was... (view)
Wed 10 Aug, 2005 06:35 am - Lithium. I hear it is good. TF (view)
Wed 10 Aug, 2005 06:27 am - This should be in politics. TTF (view)
Wed 10 Aug, 2005 06:23 am - BAGHDAD, Iraq, Aug. 9 - Armed men entered Baghdad's municipal building during a blinding dust storm on Monday, deposed the city's mayor and installed a member of Iraq's most powerful... (view)
Wed 10 Aug, 2005 06:11 am - The whole thread in review: "Screw you - NO screw you!" Nothing to see here. TTF (view)
Tue 9 Aug, 2005 07:43 pm - Good points Frank and Amigo - Your both right - I get caught up in my discipline at times and foget the power of denial. Thanks for the realization. What about this: Could it be that... (view)
Tue 9 Aug, 2005 03:59 pm - [quote="chrdani"][quote]He was not well read, so he had to make do. I am Wittgenstein, and things are a little different now, but the abilities, temperament and interests are the same.... (view)
Tue 9 Aug, 2005 03:50 pm - As far as the earth being flat - it has been a LONG time since we did. I know Aristotle knew it was round (the shadow on the moon they knew was caused by the earth and that shadow suggest a... (view)
Tue 9 Aug, 2005 03:46 pm - [quote="Frank Apisa"] But then I didn't say that all superstitions are a net negative for society. The superstition masquerading as religion...definitely is.[/quote]... (view)
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