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Sun 24 Apr, 2016 04:34 pm - What errors have you spotted in my writing? (view)
Sun 24 Apr, 2016 08:56 am - I'm currently taking up a bachelor's degree in history at a distance-learning college. Since history is not a popular degree in that school, they don't revise their history books/... (view)
Fri 4 Mar, 2016 07:51 am - The school I'm taking about here is regionally accredited. The problem is, on its website, it claims to be a member of different international academic institutions even when it's not.... (view)
Fri 29 Jan, 2016 06:50 pm - Let's say you've decided to move into a non-legal career after years of working as an assistant in a law firm Will the hypothetical employer reject your application on the ground that... (view)
Fri 22 Jan, 2016 09:07 pm - Why do you think it's stilted? (view)
Fri 22 Jan, 2016 08:51 pm - (Let's say A and B are friends in their late twenties, and A is a pessimist when it comes to dating and relationships.) A: She only loves you for your money, obviously. If you told her you... (view)
Fri 18 Dec, 2015 07:14 am - Let’s say you’re a history major, and you’re not interested in or good at anything beyond basic algebra. You only attended math classes because it’s a requirement. In... (view)
Fri 27 Nov, 2015 08:33 am - (I'm not asking if it's advisable. I just want to know if it's possible.) Let's say you already have a degree in Sociology and you wanted to take up additional courses in the... (view)
Sat 19 Sep, 2015 02:30 am - The collapse of the Soviet Union gave birth to a unipolar world under the hegemonic influence of the United States. This radical change had many implications. For one, the economically crippling... (view)
Sun 9 Aug, 2015 08:47 am - My friend is going to compete in a debate soon. He's asked me to evaluate his voice, diction and delivery. The problem is I have no experience in public speaking and debate, so I think... (view)
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