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I'm a student of philosophy, cosmology, religion, particle physics, music & songwriting, history, and geography. Being retired after 32 years with the state, I have some time to spend on these delights of study. Although I'm only 60, I'm not making plans for next year. I think of science, philosophy, and religion as three main branches of the field of human understanding. Science is a strict discipline for understanding what can be known and proven by measurement and observation. Philosophy seeks to understand, at least insofar as logic and reason may establish, that which lies beyond the near certainties of fact that science may confirm. Religion is an alternative to philosophy based upon a belief in some form of divinity. Religion is often in conflict with science and philosophy, in addition to the conflicts that exist between diverse bodies of religious belief. But those religions which best agree with the understandings of science and philosophy are, in my opinion, most tenable. Why? Because if there is a deity responsible for the creation or order of our universe, I believe that such deity must be apparent in its work, in the natural world to which it has given origin and order. I do not myself so much believe in a personal deity as I believe that the universe itself is a conscious being with both a mind (we call God) and a body (we call the cosmos). Of course, the nature of such a deity is beyond human comprehension, but we reach for it as it rests within us and all the world around us. The result of our communion with this transcendent deity is the many faces of God that mankind worships and envisions in our lives.

For now, Samm Dickens
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