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Sat 9 Jul, 2016 03:25 pm - I like to multitask two things, so I can stay productive while waiting for answers or inspiration. (view)
Sat 9 Jul, 2016 03:16 pm - I enjoyed the hour long 30 year aniversary film of the Mount Saint Helens Eruption. Streamed, by National Geographic, I think. Mother nature and about a million trees planted has achieved... (view)
Sat 9 Jul, 2016 02:51 pm - Our 2000 square foot house has a 300 square cottage in the back yard which wife and I lived in for about 6 months, while we rented out the big house. It was ok, because we had a 1300 square foot... (view)
Sat 9 Jul, 2016 01:09 pm - Thanks to all of you. I agree near term Mars is a better option, but we can get ideas from considering Venus, which has almost as much surface gravity as Earth. Giant Sun shades can likely keep... (view)
Thu 7 Jul, 2016 04:56 am - Proposed methods require technology far beyond the present, such as a sun shade with a radius of about 10,000 kilometers that blocks photons from the Sun, except for the wavelengths most valuable... (view)
Wed 6 Jul, 2016 06:51 pm - I'm sorry the EM drive is likely never. At Cern, Switzerland and a few other places we have accelerated a few milligrams per year to 0.999999c. If we can miniturise this process in space we... (view)
Wed 6 Jul, 2016 02:06 pm - How close did Juno get to the cloud tops of Jupiter? How long will it take Juno to get a million kilometers from Jupiter? (view)
Mon 6 Jun, 2005 09:57 pm - I would not want tanks under my seat pressurized to 5000 psi. Is the ultra capacitor or the fuel cells the heaviest component? How many minutes did it take to refill the hydrogen tanks at Albany?... (view)
Mon 6 Jun, 2005 08:49 pm - Titanium oxide has replaced lead oxide as the pigment in white and pastel paint. Neither is effective in shielding from cancer causing cosmic nor gamma rays, nor microwaves, nor survailence in the... (view)
Sun 5 Jun, 2005 08:57 am - As rap suggested the variables change radically from one vessel to an other. Small craft often discharge exhaust into the water while larger craft expel exhaust into the air. The wake of the ship... (view)
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