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Wed 5 Jan, 2022 09:25 pm - Hi, I'm in a similar situation with one of my sons and I agree, send the gifts. You may never get anything from him, gifts or otherwise, but at least you won't have the regret of not... (view)
Tue 4 Jan, 2022 09:15 pm - Warm ice cream--disgusting and possibly will make you sick. Warm jello, especially when it's freshly made, is kind of tasty. I used to lick the pot, as a child. (Why do children like such... (view)
Tue 4 Jan, 2022 08:55 pm - To see which one burns up first. Why does a dog who has a nice clean bowl of water like to drink from a dirty mud puddle in the yard? (view)
Tue 4 Jan, 2022 08:43 pm - Puts me on the scene and on the cat's side. Where is it? (view)
Tue 4 Jan, 2022 08:37 pm - Decca Records. It was a long time ago. What happened to the "Which is Worse" game? (view)
Tue 4 Jan, 2022 08:31 pm - X X X X (view)
Tue 4 Jan, 2022 08:19 pm - Back to haiku... Like majestic swans The... no, I am now afraid I will make a goof. :) (view)
Tue 4 Jan, 2022 08:10 pm - I goofed once, you goofed once--we're even. :) But did you not notice that the word I use is spelled Q U I E T? You keep writing Q U I T E. The last two letters are switched. (view)
Tue 4 Jan, 2022 12:09 pm - I was using "quiet," a 2-syllable word meaning "calm" or "low noise." I was using it a little creatively, since people don't usually think of watching quiet.... (view)
Mon 3 Jan, 2022 09:51 pm - (Can't resist) "What makes a noise like a frog underfoot?" Kermit the Frog when Miss Piggy catches him with another woman. How many pigs worked on the house of bricks? (view)
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