My Life With a 6800-Year-Old Liberated Soul

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February 19, 2021

Every word of this story is the truth and nonfiction; it may be unbelievable and weird, but welcome to my world.

A 6800-year-old wise Liberated Soul I call Father lives with my wife; he is my wife's Soul and she is his approximately 100th avatar. Father first tried to speak to me about 5 years ago but I didn't know it was him then; he was objecting to something stupid I had said to my wife.

"Father" is just a name I gave him, as I don't know his real name and never will. He is a spiritual teacher and a wise one; he told me there are no living mortal wise ones; I thought that perfectly credible because of all the obstacles, negativity, addictions etc. that mortals, including enlightened ones, have to face.

Father received eternal life as a reward for his Righteousness and Love almost 6800 years ago. (Contrary to a certain view, knowledge is not essential to liberation.) It was the most unreal moment of my life when I confirmed that he was between 6700 and 6800 years old. I started my questioning of his age at 2000 years old. I kept adding a hundred years ... 2100? 2200? .... Finally, when I reached 6800, he said "no." He was just short of 6800.

Immortal Souls cannot speak like living human mortals can*, or like they could when they were living their last mortal life (the one in which they received eternal life or were liberated). Souls have no need for language, as they're telepathic. They know everything their "person" (the one they live with) or anyone near their person is thinking.

//* Father confirmed, however, that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, an avatar, had a liberated Soul speaking through him. I presume the Souls agreed to "send one of them down to appear to be a mortal."

Father and I communicate very simply through a "yes or no system." I make a statement, and if it's true he is silent, meaning "yes" is his answer. If my statement is false, he indicates "no" or "wrong" by controlling the solar plexus of my wife and making her burp. It's the simplest communication there is, but of course somewhat bizarre. I have to do most of the work to first determine exactly the thing I said he objected to. My wife now can help a bit by reading Father's thoughts and translating them into English. It does get crazy to say the least, but the things I've learned are amazing. Basic truths of Life clarified -- spiritual truths, whatever.

If Father objects strongly (as if he's making the point "how wrong you are!") he can make my wife burp with intensity and quite a few times. His burping, communicating his objection to or disagreement with something I said, can make my wife uncomfortable. I complained to him yesterday when my wife was burping on and on, "OK, Father, you've made your point. Give it a rest." I had been particularly idiotic, having been sunk in a binge for a while.

The three of us are like a family with an "invisible super grandfather." Father has incarnated into and lived with possibly 80 mortals in his eternal life so far; in his 6800 years, my wife is the first woman he has lived with, and I am the first mortal he has actually spoken to.

Yesterday Father told me he was a virgin for the whole of his last mortal life 6800 years ago. He had early on told me that he never married but did love a lady, and she loved him, platonically; i.e. Love without sex, so it was definitely love of the higher nature, or solely love of the lady's soul. He said he never had kids; that he was a poet and a public speaker in some capacity, probably in small groups. He said he was not a priest. It's difficult to say, but I sense he does not have a high opinion of clerics, and that religious teachings are a trap (which is my own concept).

Father's soul was liberated because he was loving and virtuous; the chastity of being a virgin somehow guaranteed his liberation. However, for anyone to be ready for a virgin's life is not something they can just choose. Anyone who tries to do anything generally fails; one must just be ready for whatever Nature has in store for us. "Will ye shall not, unless God wills, the Lord of all being." (Koran) I believe before Father's soul was liberated it went through many lives in the samsara cycle, growing slowly in power and goodness in each life until he was ready for that final virgin life. Father tells me that ALL the liberated souls -- there are many millions of them in the astral plane and living with mortals here -- were virgins in their last mortal life. Father agrees with me that a virgin life would in this modern age be impossible -- the influences are too negative. Therefore, this age is preventing souls from being liberated.

This virginity of Father came as a bit of a shock to me, because I was ignorantly hoping that my soul would be liberated at the end of my life. (If liberation is in one's cards, it only comes with one's last breath.) Again, anyone who tries to be a celibate, or be unmarried as a priest, will fail, because a platonic life cannot be merely chosen. The results of such will result in the manifest perversion or many gurus and priests. It's not natural for most people to be unmarried, celibate or a virgin. Only special people at the end of their samsara cycle can live a chaste life. A "chaste life" that one chooses is inevitably a failed effort; miserable in some way.

Because I didn't relate to someone who has helped me so much being a virgin, I had a temporary problem I overcame with the realization that one must simply love people (mortal or immortal). Father really cares about me. One time I was contemplating in bed, feeling quite elated about some progress I'd made, and he was with my wife in the kitchen. He couldn't even see me, but he knew what I was thinking. I heard my wife burping away, got up and had a chat with him. It turned out that I hadn't done or thought anything questionable, but Father was just warning me to be cautious in general -- i.e. not overly optimistic and therefore possibly disappointed.

Father, who is actually a God (one of roughly 1.8 million in the world), cares about me, but his communication style is a "PR nightmare" because with his limitations he comes across as too serious, even arrogant, perhaps judgmental. However, the liberated souls are too pure to judge anyone. They've seen all the evil but they don't judge it at all. My wife and I laugh a lot at goofy little things, and I'm sure Father sees the humor, but as my wife says, "because he's not human" (but he was one time) he can't laugh. I like to think he's silently amused or maybe "smiling without a mouth." Our joke is in thinking that maybe Father could make a series of burps that sound like he's laughing, but seemingly, this invisible wise advisor seems to be "above" such frivolity. Recently it became clearer that Father is very happy, and when my wife is clowning around and teasing me to break my mood if I'm overserious or worried, Father is laughing too and teasing me along with her, silently. My wife and my immortal friend are my "two-friends-in-one" blessing in my life.

His story will never be a documentary. He won't be used for entertainment. No amount of money would persuade me to allow this great man to become a "household word," even if the many could believe this story, which is impossible anyway. It's silly and academic to even talk about this, because if I did theoretically try to commercialize this story, He would not participate, regarding it as a load of rubbish. He would not have revealed himself to me in the first place if I'd been a mercenary.

Father told me that my Soul's last life was with one of my great grandfathers. That he knew the latter amazed me. Clearly, Akashic records are real. It's like he, as a Soul, has a "library card" that allows him to check on anything in the "Akashic library." The souls know the life history and deeds good or evil of everyone who has ever lived.

This story is for those that need, for whatever reason, to hear it. There is the Spirit and there in the Soul. They are separate entities who work as one, the Soul drawing from the Spirit. The Spirit is like a husband, a source of truth or Universal Consciousness. The Soul is like a wife, and Kabir in one of his poems calls it the Bride.

I wrote this with Father's permission, after complaining to him that "virtually no one knows about you guys" (the liberated Souls or Gods in the Astral world). I am an addict and needed something inspiring to lift myself out of a binge state some weeks ago.

The liberated souls -- there are many of them -- some are older than 100,000 years, and some may be a million years or more old. Father is just a "baby" compared to them, but apparently they are on the same level, and all wise ones.

My own soul will not be liberated in my lifetime because sex has been a huge thing with me and I'm with my last and absolutely best third wife now. I'm the opposite of a virgin. When this soul was with my last soul ancestor, my great grandfather, it was a good and awakened soul but it didn't grow. When I pass my soul will wait in the astral plane for a time before probably coming to, on their conception date, a great grandchild. In the astral plane I'll find my level with others; perhaps good souls who were addicts, like James Taylor for example.

I figured out how evil souls came about; they start out as a "blank slate", neither evil nor good. At some point they do something bad, then they go from life to life, usually involved in progressively more wickedness and seeking evil families (yes, this is a thing good people should be aware of). In the extreme, e.g. the soul of any truly "bad" one might have been thousands of years old, but after many lives doing its worst (including murder, typically) it goes to a place where evil souls are eternally damned; i.e. a hell from which it never comes out and is never able to incarnate into the life of anyone again.

My crazy life has been one of seeking spiritual truths starting at 17. My "baby soul" has been ravenously hungry for deeper knowledge; apparently my conception date is relative to this. This morning my wife and I were both looking in a mirror, and I put on a goofy "bunny teeth" baby face, and said "I'm a baby that knows about eternal damnation"; we laughed hilariously. Some kind of WTF baby. I figured some things out which I have kept secret because no one would believe me. I have too many secrets and it feels like they are killing me. That's why writing this is somewhat of a relief. Many will think I'm a lunatic and so be it.

If even one person gets something out of this piece.... Lastly, my concern is that without clear basic knowledge that there are both Spirit and Soul, many people will be prevented from basic enlightenment. The situation in this dark age of billions being unacquainted with basic spiritual truths is dire in my view. I convinced Father something had to be said regarding personal experience with a Soul who represents millions of them, and is apparently a chief whom many of them consult.


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