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The Angel's crying in the night
next door was heartrending,
but you cannot stop
the fulfillment of karma.

Luxin cries for the world.
No one cries for me.


The great lover and celebrity, upon finding his beloved in bed with his friend, shot them both in the head.

Remorseful and sobbing, the lover thought the great treasure of his life was dead. Stunned by the deafening gunshots, her eyes were closed, and she looked like the angel that she was.

The lover dropped to his knees beside the bed and cried out, while stroking her beautiful softly curling auburn hair,

"I'm so sorry, my darling! Please forgive me! I love you so much!" *sob* *gasp*

Without a pause, the great beauty's dark eyes suddenly opened and she blurted loudly,

"You're forgiven, sweetie! I love you too!" and thought, "But something tells me we're done."

The shock and delight of hearing her speak caused him to keel over sideways with a massive stroke. He was dead when his head hit the floor.

"Man, that was crazy!" the actor sitting on the bed said, "but I enjoyed extemporizing the part. Something told me I'd better load that gun with blanks. We don't allow live ammunition at the studio, so why should we allow it here?"

"I had no idea, sweetie," the angel sitting quietly on the edge of the bed softly said.


Allah's fruits so very sweet
Sustain one best of any treat;
All God's gifts are very fine,
But True Love lasts for all of time.

Upon love one can't rely,
Though sweet are kiss and sigh;
Eternal Love It looks and "says"
"My love I cannot die."

Stay with me my darling;
You will not know strife;
Darling I will be with you
Until the close of life.

Then we'll travel "through the stars",
For all we are is Love;
We'll be partners once again,
This life is not enough.

"Forgive me if 'I love another'",
It's not for me to know;
It's to love that is our duty,
And see all the great beauty.

As Vera Lynn sings, "We'll meet again,
Don't know where, don't know when";
But loving souls who've come so far
Always meet up in the stars.


Beloved, follow not
the pretty feet that walk in darkness.

Better that one be alone;
talking to oneself;
reading alone;
eating alone;
walking alone;
alone for a lifetime;
and take the journey alone,
than settle for less than oneself.

Ignore not the Beloved!

Says Luxin, "Do you get it?"


For the best fruit meal,
go up in the tree and eat;
The All is in the tree.
and is known by Its fabulous fruits;
only It satisfies all hunger.


The two man-angels stood together on the edge of a high cliff. They were old friends whose large and powerful wings were somewhat ragged, and silver-gray with lighter wingtip flight feathers a bit frayed at the tips. They wore loose white woolen vests with shoulder straps that smelled good from their wives' washing. They stood ready to fly, their human feet alternately lifting slightly from the rocky edge they stood on as they rocked imperceptibly from side to side, their outer wings just touching.

There was an enormous thundering crack of doom as the black mouth of hell far below them at the base of the cliff split open wider to make room for the large crowd to enter. They looked like tiny ants to the angels.

"Mmmmm, busy evening down there," the man-angel called Kabir said, "Plenty of the faithful no doubt."

"They couldn't help it," the man-angel called Luxin replied.

"Of course, featherbrained one," Kabir replied.

"Mmmh", Luxin grunted, bowing his head affirmatively, and added, "Now two minutes of silence."

Rocking slightly side to side for comfort in odd unison, the two angels silently wept tearlessly and dispassionately for about two minutes; one couldn't be sure of that because watches had not yet been invented.

"That's enough," Luxin softly said, "They had their chance and it was wasted through no fault of their own. Anyway, we mourn not for the people...."

Suddenly Luxin flapped his great wings with a huge "Whuff" sound and lifted off into the air past the cliff edge, flapping with softer "whuffs" about twice a second to stay aloft, and turned around to face Kabir below.

"I'm off, esteemed Kabir," Luxin cried. "I've got a date with a computer. Hold the fort for me. Seeya!"

Man-angel Kabir replied, looking up at the hovering angel, and cried, "Right are thee, Wordbearer!"

Luxin turned and flew straight out from the clifftop. As he went he sang, in a deep voice, "I'll be seeing you ... in all the old, familiar places...."

Pulling out a wooden flute from his side pouch as he watched Luxin's flight, Kabir now continued their eternal cosmic vigil on his own. The truth is that, no matter where he was or what he was doing, Luxin was always with him and watching over his beloved Kabir just as he watched over himself.

As Kabir played a first warmup note on the flute, hell rumbled below and the clifftop shook for a second. Kabir didn't respond at all; earthly things are of no concern to impassive men who are in the world but not of it.


Seekers, cease not your watchfulness;
sink not into carelessness,
as the best of men
can become the worst of men!

The man that flies like a bird
may also fall to earth like a bird.

Treasure your watchfulness;
let watchfulness be
the most precious jewel in your heart.


As you don't allow self-doubt to stop you, so you
don't allow the slanderer's doubt to do so either;
esteem them, as their response is proof you're
doing something good. Those who would be strong
do not become so without the valuable training of
the honorable brother-in-Spirit slanderer.


Ferdinand "Froggy" Frog was a joker. He loved quacking up the duckies in the pond. One fine morning, Froggy swam up to Mrs. Darlene Ducky, who was swimming with her two ducklings, and told her and her brood his funniest joke. When Froggy related the punchline, the three duckies quacked up completely; their dipping and risible quacks caused the whole pond to ripple; and the ripples rocked the inhabitants. Some of the ducks farther away flew up in alarm.

Froggy, now on a roll, swam over near Blacky Blackbird to see if his comedic brilliance could produce mirth in the one they called Blackbeak. Blackbeak was eyeing Froggy like he was wishing the frog was smaller; that is, Blackbird snack size. Froggy told his side splitter and croaked out a little rim shot after the punchline. Silence. Blackbeak didn't get it at all.

Darlene Ducky retold Froggy's joke to new pond visitors almost every day for years, and usually quacked at least a few of them up. But Darlene didn't even have to tell the joke to the regulars; they would quack up just from seeing Darlene's cheeky twinkling eyes that conveyed an implied threat to quack them up.

Says Luxin, "The Word can work wonders."


Señor Verdad always sat in the main square of the town by the Fountain of Beauty, in the company of His inseparable beloved, Señora Amor.

La Señora turned to her beloved and said,
"The mayor is searching for you and wants to meet you."

El Señor replied in a soft voice, lifting his hands in the air,
"The mayor and many others can search their whole lives, but if they do not recognize me they will never see me here or know me."

(Verdad = Truth; Amor = Love)


The sage judges not the unreal error.
Unreal does not mean nonexistent;
here it means something unworthy of
any concerned response or reaction.

In overestimating and judging the unreal,
thinking it to be Real,
The unreal is regarded and spoken of
as if it was Real, which it is not.
Through resistance, the unreal is given
a false power which may lead to trouble.

Seekers, hold fast to the center,
unmoved by that which is thought
to require action and response.
Dispassion is the nature of Tao.

Consider Buddha and his test
by the Lord of Social Duty;
Buddha, centered in the Real,
indicated to the Lord his priority
by calmly pointing to the ground.
Peacefulness is a priority
for the seeker of peace.
Just because many jump up
doesn't mean that is the right thing.

Luxin says,
"Angels, did you get that?"
¡Angeles! ¿Comprenden?


As he walk-ed through the town he sang a lovesome song;
the Lover sang a song of Love and heard one sing along;
the Lover, like a Lovebird, did sing his very best --
at the break of day, the air so very fresh.

A few sweet souls they did awake;
with joy these few did quake;
when they heard the lovesome song,
they couldn't help but sing along.

The many never heard the song,
and nor did they awaken;
peacefully they snored along,
and dreamed of joys they'd taken.

The few were so surprised
that sleep had vanished from their eyes;
and that their souls still rang,
from the loving song he sang.
It seemed as if they were reborn
that fablous and lovesome morn!

Luxin says,
"A song with the Word can work wonders.
It can even awaken the sleeping."


If a man arrives
at a place where
there is no thing,
why should he speak of it?

The True Man
speaks about something!
Indeed, He speaks of the Real.

No - thing - ness is not
worthy of discussion;
don't step into that trap.

If a man is aware
there is no thing there,
that's enough;
speaking of it's a step too far.


Far away but very near
An ageless Kitten sat;
Very cute with tender paws
And an ageless Kitten's hat;
He was a god, lived in a cave,
Now angels, fancy that!

Cute little meows he meowed all day;
He did not need to play;
He filled the cave with tiny meows,
Very near but far away.

Far away but very near
Walked a young man who was lost;
In his dreams he turned and tossed;
His every move came at a cost.

He wander-ed alone in deserts
For fully forty years;
He paid for a turbulent life
With a million tears.

He knew he had a loving heart
And that another was somewhere;
His best was just not good enough,
Now he was dying in the rough.

Far away but very near
His ageless Kitten mewed
As if the Cat did cry to him
"I'm here you crazy dude!"

The man he knew something was up;
He stopped and listened here --
He heard a cry right inside him,
Very far but very near.

In stillness now he hears his Friend,
Who keeps him right on track;
For Kitten-Master and His slave
There is no turnng back.

It was most def-i-nite-ly queer
That far away was very near!


The Word.
A living soul speaks it;
an old one doesn't.
A name is the Word,
and a name is thought
to be everything but it's not.

The Word connects with God.
God connects with the Word.
Each word has a meaning;
meanings are always the same,
but the words are not.

Word abused means chaos.
Word respected means peace.
If you respect Word's power,
it will not hurt you,
but casting words about
uncautiously is like
throwing knives and axes
in all directions.

The Word's like a boomerang;
it's power goes out and returns.

When it's spoken,
the Word is sound
that moves the body;
that speaks of God the All.

The Word is so close,
and so much a part of us,
that getting to know it is like
trying to examine your nose
without a mirror.

The Word is Mathematics.
The Word is mind.
The Word is personality.
The Word is All.

The creatures don't need it,
but we're lost without the Word.
Without the Word we cannot think.
Through the Word we may know
Eternity and The All.


We just are,
and all get what we want.


Men, meet your greatest teachers, women;
from these teachers you may know Love;
that is, to love a woman's Spirit and Soul
and be loved by her for the same in you.

Aspirants, you have heard the idea
that a relationship with a woman
can prevent your attainment.

However, do not abandon
the Beautiful Friend of a woman:
As she opens the earthly gates of eros,
so may she assist, if she is your True Love,
through Divine grace and your eternal and
committed love of her, in bringing you to
the gate of Nirvana.

Women, the converse of this verse also applies.

Forsaking a natural partner for whatever reason is determined and unavoidable but....


You are unquestionably The Can.

To know who You are,
throw yourself away;
drop the doubt, fear and worry;
drop the paralyzing cannot
to reveal your True Self, The Can.

In Truth, You can do anything
if You lose your cannot.

If only it was as simple as it sounds,
but the great does not come easy --
and the gates of Paradise
open to Lovers, no others.

Says Luxin,
"If you can love and be your True Can,
Angels, Heaven can be yours in this life."


When you're depressed,
who's there to cheer you?
your Friend who's always 'round,
when your friend cannot be found.

When you've got a worry
that is disturbing you,
who listens and says 'Hmmm',
and diminishes your blues?

It's a Friend that cares enough
not to judge but tell you,
'Skip the fear and worry, mate!
Pointless drama just won't do!'


The single minded seeker
is not easily distracted,
and not swayed by the seen.

The essence of The One
lies at the heart of all beings
and connectes them invisibly.

There in the Divine matrix
within and without,
but most vitally within,
is the Beauty of Truth.
Embrace the Truth within;
thus is the beautiful and
truthful given life;
thus is Love given life,
and a righteous heart
given eternal life.


There was a young maid from Biddle,
who was a bit wide in the middle,
"It matters not that I am wide!" she cried,
"as I shall be loved for my giggle!"

There was a young lord from Accord
who had no real sense or ambition;
he was a major who loathed a good mission,
and when he did laugh he would ROAR,
"Haw, haw Haw haw-haw Hawrrr!!"

His family thought he was useless--
"He can't even count up his money!"
They said "He's unnaturally cheerful,
and that roar of 'is just isn't funny!"

The plague it descended on Accord;
the lord's family members all died;
as coffins were lowered the lord he Roared
for a giggling wide maid he had spied.

"Oh! Sorry!" he cried in ap-ol-o-gy,
"I did-n't mean to laugh at this....
It was just the giggle o' yon bonny lass--
I nev-er meant to be crass!"

A few of the mourners escorted him home,
including the gig-gl-ing maid;
it turned out she was his true fam-i-ly
and they gig-gled and roared al-way.


Consider this, Angels:
All that remains
and all that continues,
are Truth and Love.
Truth is key;
Love has to have It.


O young Lover! on that camel --
many years do you have
to cross the desert of Life
on your fabulous camel,
before you reach the City of Joy.

Whether you are alone
or in a caravan,
you must travel in solitude.
Some who are with you now
won't make it to the City.

You will fall in love at the oases.
It's good to love,
but in time your loved ones
will vanish like a mirage;
your first loves are stepping stones.

Love yourSelf, young Lover;
the Path is long and difficult;
love yourSelf.

Love your camel;
care for that wonderful creature
and it will care for you.

Love yourSelf and be yourSelf.
Love your camel and be your camel;
she is going your way;
most of your fellow travellers are not;
love them, but remain detached.

Alone on the desert of Life,
keep the City of Joy in mind.
The more years you travel
the arduous path to Joy,
the stronger will be your vision
of entering the City.

Angel, with Love you started out;
with Love you will complete the journey.

At your last oasis before the City,
if you have loved yourSelf well,
your True Love will be waiting;
you will both have journeyed far.

Two angels will enter the City,
but that's just the beginning
of another journey!

Love yourSelf now, young Lover.
Admire the stars at night.
In the heat of the day
when your friend Camel
stands and growls after his nap,
stand and growl with him.
You are him and he is you.
Love yourSelf, all and Life.
With disinterest, Love returns to Lovers.

An eternal loving Friend
is watching over you;
Keep Courage, angel.
You cannot see me
as I am of the Infinite;
I will guide you to the City.

Love yourSelf, young Lover;
the Path is long and difficult;
love yourSelf.


A birthday is like
a crack in the sidewalk;
we either choose it,
and the possibility
that we trip over it,
or not.

To one who knows how to live,
the great celebration is every day;
and things that carry
an element of misery with the fun
are shunned.

Just ask a Lover
who's been around forever
what a birthday is
in the vastness of time.

When we're all enjoying
a "Happy Everyday",
and not just once a year,
then we'll be cookin' with gas!

Luxin says,
"A 'Happy Everyday'
is an evolutionary thing;
until its time arrives
we have the status quo.

So if you or anybody
needs a birthday celebration,
do your best to make it happen!"


A little bird told me that no matter what condition our planet gets in it will not die. Obviously many of us and other beings will suffer and die, but the planet has the power to cleanse itself over time, with life forms returning, regardless of the amount of damage.

That doesn't mean it's OK to pollute, which roughly equates with all people doing the untellable. The Law of Karma has no exceptions. To the degree that we throw hell, we catch hell.


Hidden in all is the Truth
that only reveals Itself
to a Lover.

That Truth may be stirred by Truth
as harmonic vibrations
resonate together
and the Truth responds to the Word.

Democritus said that
"Nature has buried truth
at the bottom of the sea."

If angels can patiently
dive down through the Sea of Love
and speak to the Truth,
it might speak back.
Paradise could open up.

Luxin says:
"Are you ready for Paradise?
Can you dive to the bottom?
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Time is short!"


It has been said that
transience is illusory;
transient forms are visible;
thoughts also are real things.

The correct word for a thing
is important,
as one incorrect word
can bring about the unspeakable.

Luxin says,
"Angels, even if God swallows
Something without thinking about it,
Why should you do the same?

You're blessed if a word
sticks in your throat
like a fish bone at dinner."


Love is the Great Ocean
or the Vast Ether
that connects all things.
Truth is a lightning flash
seen by few.

Love is what is connected
and that which connects.
The attractive powers of
gravity and magnetism
maintain the integrity
of the planet;
the attractive power of Love
in the masses maintains
the integrity of humanity....

The Gates of Paradise
are opened by Love of
the Inner Beauty of all beings
and the Universe's beautiful forms --
but primarily the Beloved --
the Inner Beauty Itself.


When ye tak' a trip aroun' th' worl' and come right back,
That is when ye'll know that ye are on the proper track;
Ye'll go a' aroun' th' world and ye will niver find,
That which lives inside yerself, just above yer mind.

There's a lovely thing my dears its source is all around;
The Beloved lives inside yer 'art, a nobler thing's no found.

The greatest gift that ye can give's from thee t' thine own self;
The finest thing ye'll iver know is a gift from a wee elf --
Also known as a Leprechaun that waits fer ye on a shelf; [[[o' rock]]]
When ye see 'im doun 'e comes and offers ye yerSelf.

It appears t' be a Pot O' Gold if that y' had t' know;
But what It truly is me dear It has a blindin' glow!

It turns out that a Leprechaun is nobbut yer own Self;
An' if ye catch a Leprechaun, it's odd ye've caught yerSelf!

The Pot O' Gold is 'appiness, a thing no gold can give;
The Pot O' Gold is Love, me dear, the secret how t' live.

The Leprechaun 'e gives th' Gold, 'e knows it belangs t' you;
The Gold o' the Beloved -- Begorra! Angels it's You!


The Truth It is within,
of that I have no doubt;
all things they lie within --
micro of the Macrocosm,
how could You be without?

Eternal Truth She waits forever;
patiently bides Her time;
till Sincerity sings of Her,
She will not sing nor rhyme.

If you seek the Truth,
you must look inside;
when you find It there,
the Truth is your first bride.[1]

Seek ye there O angels!
Within you is the gold!
and if you wed the Truth within
you never will grow old!

"What is Truth?" some folks do ask,
the basic Truth is this:
To hurt is wrong and also:
to help brings one to bliss.

Truth doth ring so beautifully
when She's spoken to;
when She hears you talk of Her,
through rings She speaks to you.

The Ring of Truth, O angels,
it's sure you've heard of this;
but few can know Its depth,
and that It points to bliss.

Truth doth resonate alway
within your very heart;
when It rings right back, O friend,
It says "I am here and I am You,
and I'm the Truth thou art."

Says Luxin,

"Many look for the basic Truth, Dharma or Law
outside themselves where it can't be found. It's in
You! You Are Love! You are Truth! God gives every
one of us Everything! No one 'passes the assembly
line inspection without three big checks!'"

Footnote [1] or groom.


This is a very ancient tale
as it was told to me;
it was ten thousand years ago;
it's now 6000 AD.

A Lover he lived in 4000 BC,
he was a Stone Age man;
he was destined to live forever,
for so is the god who does all he can.

The god loved a woman and she loved him;
he seemed an average man,
growing dates at an oasis;
keeping camels for caravans.

The god he had a troubled friend
who played sad tunes on his flute;
women thought he was crazy,
though handsome his fear made him mute.

The friend he loved the ladies so much,
when with them he turned to a puddle;
he took their rejection so hard,
and kept all alone in a muddle.

The god saw this and told his friend,
" You are the strongest of men !
Be not deceived -- I am telling you
that a gentle man has the strength of ten ! "

The goddess for a god like you
is sweet, thoughtful and kind,
and a precious jewel so hard to find!
For her you could wait for a lifetime.
She waits for you now, and mutters alway,
"If he never shows up I'll go out of my mind."

" This riddle I pose to you, my friend,
may bring your quandary to an end;
when you solve and demonstrate it,
you to the gods Good Nature will send. "

" What is the one thing a man must know
in order to become a god? "

" Hmmmm -- I like this riddle ! ",
the friend said,
" I think I have the answer --
it's something I've been trying
to understand my whole life.
It's myself. "

" Correct !
Praise be to God that is the gods !
Praise be to Us ! "
exclaimed the riddler god,
as his just-about-god friend chuckled.


Eagle was flying about 20 feet above and along the
rocky beach looking for some treat for lunch like
maybe a dead fish. Crow chased after him to
harrass him, cawing repeatedly and trying to peck
Eagle on his neck and his back, but staying clear of
his large yellow and powerful talons.

Eagle did not even acknowledge that Crow was
there harrassing him. He just said quietly, as they
flew together, "Friend Crow, I'm minding my
own business."

Crow replied, while doing his utmost to peck some
of Eagle's flesh under his fluffed up feathers, "Well,
I'm not a noble bird of prey like you, but I feel I'm
minding my own business too. I can't tell you what
my business is, but it's natural, and I'm compelled to
peck you as long as you're around here, friend

"OK, friend Crow, I understand, and I know what
you must be protecting. Now don't take any offense
in this, by it's also natural for me to be indifferent
regarding your attacks and ignore you for the most
part, as it's not my business to react to you
vengefully by making a determined effort to grab
you with my talons with the intention of hurting
you, friend Crow. If it's easy to do so I may grab you
to deter you, but I will not kill you because killing a
friend is not in God's plan for Eagles.

My only business here is to look for my lunch, and
you're not on the menu. Also not on my current
menu are your fledglings sitting in your nest over
there; in addition, you are vigilant and there are
sufficient dead fish to satisfy my appetite."

"Dear Eagle, thank you for that analysis. Will you
also not feel offended if I keep pecking you? Shall
we both just do what we do and not take it

"Absolutely, friend Crow!", Eagle replied.

Luxin says:

"Good lives are natural for Eagle and Crow,
but conscious lives are the good lives we know."


Many do call out the name of the Lord,
knowing not He is right there;
yet The One is around and everywhere;
he hears you clearly, no need to call;
the Lord is within and not deaf at all.
Awaken Angel! you've slept through the Summer!
Now you are going to sleep through the Fall?

Your Swan it hopeth to fly through the night,
but dies in Its paddock: With thee that's all right?
For tis thee that dieth so far from the light.
Thy heart yearneth yet for the Swan to take flight,
but a poor dying Swan cannot fly or alight
on the Beautiful Shore such a glorious sight.

Your soul is now high in the beautiful heavens
it hopeth for more than just sixes and sevens;
in place of perfume is a sulphurous smell
of the Lov-ed One's failure and terrible hell.
Heaven awaits on that beautiful shore
where all is provided, no one could ask more;
while the Swan dieth and you only snore,
Beauty is trapped, Good knocks at the door.

For the dire fate of the perfect pure Swan,
the heart is now mourning for Spirit now gone;
O Angel! till Beauty is that which you search,
in the city of Death you'll be left in the lurch.


O learned ones!
When will you ever see
the Light that Life hath given thee?
The Twelfth of Never it could be.

Cherished illusions' deadly grip
prevents scribes from jumping ship.
The truth be told the Fates do wail,
"The ship of knowledge never sails!"
But a paper boat with Love won't fail.


Luxin says:

" It'll never matter if nobody gets you!
If you know you're in the Real world,
That's the main thing! "


Blissful is the Soul of the one who has no choice
but to be happy or a wicked one for sure;
I once made it clear of the unspeakable;
my love of the Beloved keeps me pure.

As a happy Bride of my good Master,
I'm peaceful and as gentle as can be;
from trouble I have come,
but know that I have won
all the deepest Love
my Husband has for me.

The self is not what we are;
the deception's gone too far;
every one is innocent;
no need for guilt or to repent;
the ego is the culprit;
if ego's done the joy's begun.

Happy is Luxin,
singing in his little boat;
in the main what Life's about
is what you do to keep afloat.

Says Luxin,
"One may conceal this and that,
but the Heart's journey must be told."


On the edge of town
there's a little known well
at which,
needing no basket or rope,
waters of Love
they rise up to the heart;
thus doth it know of
e - ter - ni - ty,
So caring and righteousness
always will be.

The mantis she bites off
the head of her mate;
their future depends on
his head on her plate.
The mantis's being
thus always will be,
and all Life's eternal

The dragonfly
flits over the lake,
and draws up sweet water
so dragonfly heart
will always make
the good dragonfly dart.
From waters of Beauty
a heart never parts.

The pretty white clouds
to the fore of the sun
represent the great glory
that's thought to come
after Life's done.
It's right here and now
that the Glory is won!

Says Luxin,
"One's corpse is not a ticket to
the one and only
If you wait till you're gone,
your ticket will have expired.
Heaven is now or never!"


Reason and Judgment stand in the doorway,
preventing the entrance of Love;
if this arrogant pair could sit over there,
perhaps we could get to know Love.


The need to share thoughts
is universal,
and we're compelled to share
whether understood or not.

Disinterest in response is essential
for a skilled sharer
to sustain their effort,
which is made
for the sake of the sharing,
which is also learning.
This is 'living for the process
and in the moment.'

Looking beyond self-desire,
the way ahead is revealed.


We're connected
through and through;
my sparks
go out to you;
your sparks
come back to me.

In our oneness,
hurt one way
is hurt right back.
What is given
does come back,
this way or that.

The Tao's greatness
makes doing right
a reward in itself.
The true heart
is always blessed.

To be beautiful,
see the Beauty.
To be at peace,
intuit the vast peace
of the Tao.


Fly the flag at half-mast!
Company salute!
Fire the twenty-one-gun salute!

The fallen hero
has gone to his rest.

The hero now resides
where so many heroes
have gone before.

Present arms!
Fire the cannon of glory!

Darkness is falling.
Roll the drums.
May the company bugler play Taps!

Enough honoring the dead.

Throughout the night,
Commanders of Angels,
We must draw up plans
for the great battle to come!

O Warriors! Saints! Angels!
Let us meet our glorious destiny!


I am you and you are me;
We're no different, don't you see?
Add eight billion to our pair,
And we're God, that say I dare!


Luxin says,
"Iss is a sma verse
aboot a wee mannie
aats been aroon ayebidan."

Finiver ahm dottled
or unsure aboot onything,
iss aul mannie
sets me richt,
an then ahm free t' sing.

E aye kens fit ahm thinkin;
e seems tae read mi mind,
an e aye gies mi guid advice;
e's jis like mi aul-man.
Spikkin tae an aul-man's affa fine,
lik yer spikkin tae an aul soul!

E tells mi iss;
e tells mi aat;
aathing ahm needin t' ken:
fit's e best t' say aboot aat;
fit, far, foo and fan.

Iss aul mannie's a very guid freen!
Iss guid aul-man's mi Hairt!

Says Luxin,
"Dis onybody ken fit ahm spikkin aboot?
If ye dee, fit rare!"


Luxin says,
This is a little poem
about a little man
that's been around forever.

Whenever I'm confused
or unsure about anything,
this little old man
sets me right,
and then I'm free to sing.

He always knows what I'm thinking;
he seems to read my mind,
and always gives me good advice;
he's just like my father.
Talking to a father's wonderful,
like you're talking to an old soul!

He tells me this;
he tells me that;
everything I need to know:
What's the best to say about that;
What, where, who and when.

This little old man's a very good friend!
This good father's my Heart!

Singing the Universal Sound, Aum

1. Sit comfortably, legs crossed on the floor.

2. If nighttime, a candle flame in front of you might
be nice and should assist with concentration.
Daytime, flowers or a picture of Nature; if the latter
is on your computer screen, ensure the monitor is at
eye level as you sit on the floor.

3. Take a couple of slow, easy deep breaths, slowly
filling your lower and upper lungs; beginners
may tear lung tissues, but they will heal. Sigh or
hum with exhalation to awaken the vocal chords.

The "Aum" and the "Om"

These are the two universal sounds one can make.
The "Om" is basically an "Aum" without the starting
"Ah", as I'll explain.

Warming Up

First of all, below are warm-up exercises regarding
singing the "Ah" to "oo" vowel sounds, starting with
"Ah" [as in "Bah" or "fah" and "lah" of "doh-ray-mee-fah-so-lah-tee-doh"] and ending with "oo" [as
in cows moo.]

Singing the "Ah"

Open your mouth quite wide without straining and,
relaxing your throat, sing the "Ah" for a few
seconds. The "Ah" sound should come naturally
when the mouth is wide open; it's the same sound a
doctor asks one to make in a throat examination.

Singing the "Ah" to "oo" Transition

Starting with the "Ah" and singing a sustained note
without any lapse, slowly close your lips over a
4-second or so period until your lips are puckered
into the small round "oo" position. Do it again,
making the transition time 8 seconds or more, and
spend extra time in the "oo" position at the end.

Singing the "Aw"

To sing the "Aw" [ as in "Aw gee", paw, law ], start
with "Ah" and close your lips slightly till you hear
the "Aw." That's your starting position for the Aum."

Singing the "Aum"

There are four basic sounds in the "Aum."
The transition order is:

Aw -- Oh -- oo -- mm.

The ending "mm" is lips closed. The "Oh" and the
"oo" are in there but can go by faster than the
starting "Aw" and the ending "mm." If the "oo" is
barely there, that's fine; the greater singing
relaxation is with the start and end sounds.

Singing the "Om" or "Ohm"

As above but starts with the "Oh" position and is

Oh -- oo -- mm.


Guru means assistant guru;
Luxin will explain.

You are your main guru.
The one we know as a guru
is your assistant guru;
a true leader
follows behind.

You do most of the work
alone on a solitary path
the assistant cannot walk
for you.

An assistant is
a sharer and adviser,
not a teacher.
No one can teach
another anything.

Those who can learn, learn;
no one can make someone learn.
The ones who really learn
are the self-taught;
the true student learns
by teaching themself.

Says Luxin,
"Listen, Angels!
Whoever can understand
this is way ahead!"


Swan and Elephant stood in the shade
of a willow tree beside the lake.
The two spoke for hours,
then Swan bowed to Elephant,
who nodded to Swan.
Oddly, Swan walked away
like Elephant....
a shining pearl in his beak.
Elephant secretly smiled.


That beautyful wumman, Truth!
Folks niver saw it comin'.
When She came t' a town,
as soon's She spoke
the town'd be torn apart,
whole fam'lies at each other's throats.

When Truth wis 't home on Sundy,
hones' folks foun' 'er doors open;
th' udders who cam' by wud knock,
bit only heared 'er sangin'.

Says Luxin,
" Uh huh!
That beautyful wumman, Truth
is really th' sweetest thang! "
Bit when she speaks the Truth
all hell breaks loose!


You wake up -- it's hot and stuffy.
You're a fresh air person;
Your beloved has closed the doors.
Do not open those doors!
they are closed for a reason;
do not interfere.

What you want is not important;
you are not important;
accept that and things will go better.

Your Beloved is calling you out for air
that has the life-giving substance;
you go out and close the doors behind you.

Now sit on the ground under the moon;
you, the bride, with your husband,
your home now outside
with the tiny life particles.

Your Spirit brother crickets sing
more soothingly than humans can.
Right there now you're far away;
a sunny sea with countless twinkles
starts drawing you into the Infinite.
A tiny figure walks on the beach --
It is you.

You are at peace with the Beloved;
He is drawing you into tranquility;
drawing you to himself;
hold him gently and "float"
half an inch above the ground.

Supine now, looking at the moon;
it is your mind, the Beloved your Sun
giving you the power to do ANYTHING.
The moon-you mirrors the Sun-You.
As ripples diminish on a lake,
the sun's reflection is clearer.

At peace in the Infinite,
you will go from age to age
with Tranquility and Love
beyond imagination.

Now go back in the house;
The loved one you earned is there.

Says Luxin, "If you hear this,
you're the guru, I'm the disciple."


The eternal, the future
is based on the now.
"The future is now."
If the present means nothing
and nothing is done,
whatever comes after this life
is also nothing.

No one obtains
a good present or future life
without earning it
in the current life.

No one gains
a good future life
by just handing
their corpse over
at Heavens' gate.

Something for nothing
Is nonexistent.


What, me judge anyone?
and dig myself a hole
pretending to be perfect?
No way!
The perfect and sinless can judge,
not me!


The truth is pointed
and always uncomfortable
for someone;
kindness and caution
are needed in speaking it.


I'm a "bad" one.
Things happened,
but my father always said,
" Stop --
you're not going there. "
He knew some things
and didn't judge me.

So I've never been the one
some thought I was;
children knew the real me;
just a kid like them.

I'm a black sheep
who can't go full black;
or a pirate
who never plunders
cause he loves
Life too much.

I'm a disabled pirate!
Arrrrrrrrrrrhh, matey! ==> Negative.
Meow ==> Affirmative.


An Undertaker's Establishment Fable

Slim, a slim undertaker with a limp, was examining
the corpse on the table. His assistant, a boy, was
standing by. The corpse had belonged to a high
stakes poker player, just in town, by the name of
New York Peebles.

" So wut happent t' this un? " asked the boy.

Slim replied, " Well, I wis told there wis a lot o'
talkin' at the table, and Mean Sammy wis there.
You know how dour he is. "

" Yup, that man's a dry gulch, " the boy interjected.

" Peebles had a good hand an' no one knew but
Sammy, who could tell Peebles wis excited cause he
wis talkin' so much. After some minutes of Peebles'
low key babblin', Sammy stood up and shot 'im in an
unfortunate place as you c'n see. An as Peebles lay there, Sammy yelled,

" There's thinkers an' there's talkers! This here wis a talker! "

New York Peebles Comes Back

You fine folks just may recall
New York Peebles shot last Fall;
but after Slim looked hard at him
it turned out he weren't dead at all.
The bullet went through ol' Peebles throat
an' out the back it went remote.
Never did find it!

Peebles woke and stood real quick,
jis said t' Slim, " Ahm feelin' sick! "
He walked o'er t' the saloon not far
an' found Mean Sammy at the bar.

Sammy cried, " Hello New York!,
sorry Ah shot ye in th' throat!
Ah knew ye'd be back here soon;
Ah've niver bin able to' kill anyone --
Ah reckon that just ain't in God's plan. "

Peebles replied, " Yer a hard man, Sammy,
but an honest one Ah'm thinkin' !
How's about we start t' drinkin' ? "

" Amen t' that, Reverend! " Mean Sammy


Never let the gods out;
keep them in their cage.
Well, perhaps just one who is
a thousand years of age?

Always best is never,
and a visitor must have
their cell key.


My goodness! I've seen some crazy things!

A slug monitoring the bees working in their hives,
for quality control;

Skin that wants to be a colon;

Alligators in charge of a zoo;

A spider showing scorpions how to sting;

A donkey advising racehorses;

A cat running a dog pound;

A goat driving a cart pulled by four hyenas;

A hyena directing a pride of lions.


Assumption is the death of Reason.


Ram he had a different son
One and two gave birth to three.
I am his son, a wandering soul,
and am the swan you see.
With my father Ram I stay,
gaining knowledge every day.
One fine day I'll fly away
up from our peaceful lake;
with me a fine pearl I'll take,
to offer others from my beak.
Ram he had a different son
One and two gave birth to three.


The love of God the All -- the Love of Life!

Sweeter than the sweetest, it is the veritable Sweet;

how ever does one find It, if one has only feet

and It is so far away in the Himalayas?

The Mountain of Beauty is so near but very far away.

Beloved, you are anguished, and how sad this is to say!


When I'm gone I won't be gone;

I'll be right there on the corner, or in the city square.

I won't be inside a rose or in the dewdrop on it.

I'll be somewhere listening as someone softly speaks;

or I'll be with you in your mind, kissing your sweet cheek.

I won't be on the sea, unless a sailor's there;

I'll not be on a mountaintop unless a mountaineer.

In cremated ashes, darling, I will not be found;

but it's likely I'll be where beautiful arias are sung;

or walking by the sea watching terns and seagulls fly.

My darling I'll be wandering within the hearts of men;

I'll meet you, my life's treasure, somewhere, and somewhen.


The philosopher-kings came riding,
charging over the hill --
enthused and ready philosopher-incursives!

Did they not contend now,
they certainly never will --
relentless and pesky philosopher-incursives!

On they came fiercely over the plain;
the barbaric thundering herd of the Word
threw knowledge and waved their terrible swords
of what was at least believed the Word.

When the Black Knight of the Word, Luxin
spied the fair damsel Prunella's distress,
he shouted loud o'er the clamorous battle,
"Whoa! Let's take this wordplay over the hill!
Phrase like men, and cease this prattle!

The philosopher-incursives then
packed up their code and weapons neatly
and went thence over the hill to fight,
but politely with elegant discipline
which would not distress the damsel overmuch.

Said one incursive to the other,
"Pardon me, do you mind if I thrust
you with this sword of Word I hold?"
"Well", was the soft and genteel reply,
"Most certainly, my dear fellow, if you must!"

And the honorable philosopher-kings and the
honorable Fair Damsel of Wordenham, angels and
gods all, lived happily and considerately in the
Now and forever.


My dear friend you left your Beloved
to be with others.
Now thanks are due to Heaven
that you've come back!
We did not know if you would live,
and worried about you night and day!

It does not matter what happened
when Death was gazing;
all that matters is that you're back
and the Beloved, always happy,
is even happier!
And so many beautiful things
are happening in your life!


Listen, Angels,
what a person says
when upset
is not from their heart,
but rather
from their ego
that speaks not
of how they
truly are.


There are many names
for The One,
and many names
for It's aspect
that is you,


Philosophy lacks excitement;
Reason brings satisfaction;
games bring excitement.
There are Reality and games;
one may have one,
not both.


Life is Love --
a thing that no being
can survive without.


Exulting in failure
is also failure.

lc 67

One loves
the Beauty of God
in every person,
not the person.

lc 68

Peace comes from knowing
that you did your absolute best.
Real Life's not in "winning"
or getting great results
and all we need;
real Life's in nobly striving
to be what only you can be.
Real Life's in the Self.


you and I are brothers;
we're not enemies at all.
You hopped into my life
one evening;
now I gently carry you
out of the house
back to your life in the garden.

In helping you I fulfilled
a small duty as a human being,
and you reminded me of
the brotherhood of creatures
which I belong to.

Brothers in God's Spirit
help each other
to live their different lives.

lc 70

You are not my enemy;
enemies are not substantive;
though we may be opposed
in concept or mind,
we are brothers in Spirit.

lc 71

is unbecoming for a human being;
is perfectly becoming.


True leaders are born,
not made,
and the best don't choose to lead;
others -- people who recognize true leaders--
choose them to lead.

Furthermore, true leaders
don't "stand up front giving orders";
they "walk behind the group,"
watching everyone and everything,
and pitching in wherever help is needed.


Hey billy bollow the swan's in the hollow,
the time for shakin' 's right now;
Life is to live and it's lovely to give
fore the body is under a cow.


When straight talkers
visit Lady Truth,
her doors open mysteriously
and they can walk right in;


When someone's free of sin
they can judge another.


Self-esteem is the best esteem.


Speak not of those
who die before their time;
that's a matter for the gods.


The scholar with no Beloved
dries up and blows away.
The lake drains the glacier;
all goes back to the sea.
In Divine weightlessness,
things fly apart.
No Love, no Life.


The beaten track leads nowhere.


The spider in our shower place
runs up from his corner of
the floor that is wet
and has more insects to eat.

more truths may be found
in the lowly but exalted
like children and
the humble of any age.


The unseen matrix of right and order
is the grain of the universe.
Futile is going against the grain!


Never of the world,
just sailing through it,
Luxin thought he was alone.
He was wrong.
He learned he was not alone.
Far from it!
He was just unaware
of how many others
there are like him.
All slaves,
like an army of outpost soldiers
who rarely if ever get together,
with generals they never see.


All things meant to be
will come in time;
no need to seek.

You are also someone
that deserves your love.
If no one is there yet
to love or love you,
start things off by being
kind to yourself.

Get yourself ready.
To be ready for love
is to find it.
Take your time.
Beauty is worth the wait.

When the Friend is near
and self is clear
your love will appear.


A paragon rebuking a dunce
is a perfect no-no.


The sage, concerned
about its bite and
the sin of being mean to insects,
will not reprimand a mosquito.


The sage hears
The Thunder of Heaven
and fears it;
he pities those
who cannot hear it
and therefore cannot fear it.


Not with a shovel
does a man dig
his first grave,
but with his words
and actions.


Your enjoyment
of the privilege
and beauty of life
is determined by
your thoughts.

those thoughts
and treasure them,
cause without them,
no happiness.


He lives without Ram
on a cliff edge,
so of course he's jumpy.
Say one word to him,
Whoops! There he goes!
Death comes suddenly
without a foundation.

Ram with every breath
keeps the blues away;
Ram a lot equals happiness.


There's an important word;
one knows it;
one has to have it.
Is it a good word?
Time will tell.
Take care with words,
words take care of you
if they're good ones.


I love all the beauty!
Give me beauty
or give me nothing!

OK, it won't last,
and I never expect
anything anyway.

But there's beauty in me!
Let's have a song!


Every moment
I'm at peace;
my breathing soft;
my joy great,
but quiet, serene.

I am gently held
in the tender arms
of the Beloved,
praising my sweet Lord


A man without Friend
has an early end.


Sit quietly;
make the sound
of The One,
in you and
all around.
Be at peace.

Aum again.
Do this for life.

Forget the ritual;
don't fall asleep.

Know the meaning;
it's not complicated:
It's Love.
It's Oneness.

Luxin smiled
a little smile at this,
and he chuckled.

With Love,
difficulties vanish
and never really were.


Sarasvati married
her Father Brahma,
Lord and Surya of all.
The swan,
seeking the sun's rays,
rises from the peaceful waters
of Lake Manasarovar.

Everyone is innocent.
No one is guilty.


Angry and fearful,
he sat on cliff's edge,
his Beloved there
but not with him.
He was not Himself.

Death came up
and said, "Go."
The rest is untellable.


Without one's Beloved,
How does Life go on?
Honestly, It limps sadly.


I'm telling you
there was tickling
without tickling.

When a new
and exotic bird
flew by,
my soul took wing;
it always flies
with the seeming freedom
of the birds,
just as it flew to me
before my birth.

Then I heard an aria sung
like never before.
That Beloved sang
as a great virtuoso,
full of Life and Passion.
My soul flew again.

How could I not
be ready to die
after that?

Luxin says,
"When one has truly lived,
that is indeed when
one is ready to die."


Equitable distribution
is Nature's Way.
Take enough,
not more
than you need.

"I earned it."
... the delusive ego's talk;
it belongs
to the people.

Holding on
to excess wealth
to the grave
is sickness.

Forgive the addicted
wealth hoarders;
it's not their fault.
For the people to live,
the ego must diminish;
Love will live again then.


Don't fuss with your hair;
no need for perfect nails
or a perfect expensive nose.
They're not worth it!
Why, all of them
gossip about the neighbors
or cheat on their taxes!
Especially all those pretty hairs.
To them, the ego is God!
They just worship
the little "e-man",
and if they're always
fussed with,
they'll never know
the one true God.

Leave them mostly alone
to Nature's care;
It always knows best
what they need --
like maybe one gentle lash
with a wet noodle.


The cats were yowling
in the yard --
feline screams;
grappling and biting;
chasing and running;
jumping down
from the high gate.

Not having a Friend,
that's fine for them.
For us,
the disaster
of not knowing Him
far outweighs the
ostensible feline one
with yowling drama --
it's unspeakably awful.

Says Luxin,
"Yes, if it came to that,
I'd rather be a cat!
Are you getting this?
If you are,
you're absolutely brilliant!"


As the neglected dog
in a cage
whines himself to death,
so does the man
who doesn't know himself
suffer, whine and die
by degrees.

This is why
Pythagoras said,
"Above all things,
know yourself."

Says Luxin,
"I hope you shine,
not whine!
Knowing yourself
is the most important
thing, but it isn't easy."


Every person
is intrinsically honorable;
realizing that
may allow one to enjoy
the safety and security of
a number of Virtues
including Love and Reason.


The fighter with fists
has his glory,
and finishes up
flat on his back:
the price of earthly glory.

The fighter with words
has his glory,
and his words
may live forever;
sometimes he too
lives forever.


The cage of your body
has a wonderful
Bird of Paradise
inside it;
one that is rarely seen.

Please let it out;
it needs to sing and fly
just like you do.

Listen, angels!
That Bird of Paradise
is your veritable essence!

Says Luxin,
"If you can hear your Bird singing,
far out fantastic!"


My mind can forget
but my heart will not.
With me always will be
my haters and lovers.
My slanderers
show me what I am
and my lovers believe in me.
With both I am blessed,
and will be thankful always
for what they give.


As darkness only exists
in the absence of light,
so evil only exists
in the absence of good.

As light is a power
that replaces dark,
so good is a power
that overpowers evil.

As dark replaces not light
where light exists,
so evil overpowers not good
where good exists.


The mind?
Not for itself;
It's a mirror.
The way of intellect?
A dry gulch in the desert.


When intellectuals pass by God
sitting in his backyard enjoying some rays,
he always pulls his hat down over his eyes
and pretends he's asleep.


The greatest outcome
of mistakes
is not having
to repeat them.


The people looked
in the mirror
but there
was nothing there.

"O Brahma!",
the witness cried,
"There are people
lacking reflections!
Could you possibly
do something about it?"

"It's not up to me,"
Brahma replied;
"I created the Universe,
but you are
in charge of it.

Do not ask
anything of me,
but of yourself.
I have
no responsibility
for the world;
you have it all.

I'm on
a permanent
surfing vacation
in Hawaii.
I don't care
about people
at all
because I am
not human.

I am the Laws
of the Universe.
Ye're free to follow
or break them/me.
Ye're ignoring
and breaking me;
That is why
people cannot see

Because I am in ye,
Ye are the ones
giving this speech;
and if ye cannot
find thine own answers,
for ye there is
little hope.

ye may still survive
with that little hope.
It is up to ye
to solve the enigma
of life I left ye.
Those that solve it
will prove
themselves worthy
of all the Beauty
I left ye.

Says Brahma, "Listen, Angels ...
Just between you and me,
that's what Luxin had me say.
I never created anything.
All this just evolved.
Perhaps Darwin could
take my place
while I'm in Hawaii.
What do you think?
Would that be fine?"


Climbing, climbing.
The view is so beautiful;
I'm alone up here;
left everyone behind.

Living in two worlds
is crazy but great.
Climbing, climbing.
Still far to go.


Those who are
wrong about you
show you who you are
much more than those
who are right.


Swan is quiet now,
sitting on the shore
of Lake Manasarovar
at the feet of Ram.

He'd had a dramatic flurry
of wing stretches, head bobs,
swanny notes and trumpets,
and short low flights.

It's now time to be silent,
separating milk from water
and nibbling on pearls.


My goodness!
Ye gods and little fishes!
Someone most unexpected
reads me and looks after me!

I'm blessed
he could talk to me.
Whenever he's quiet
that means
I'm doing fine.


Dying, dying.
everybody dies --
from this, from that.
Dying more than once
is not so great,
but I've heard it happens.
Best of all is to live forever.


He talks about heaven,
but how can he get there
if he's in his own way?
Talk is cheap.
Example is everything.


So much went by;
seems it kills me
when I think of it.
What was it really?
A lot of filler
till I woke up.


Think of the past,
you're going there.
Go ahead.


After all your playing with ladies,
someone saw you in darkness.
You yourself saw a black pit.
Your feathers are getting dirty looking.


Knowledge = 1.
Kindness = 1.
Knowledge + Kindness = 2.


My guru teaches me nothing;
I learn by myself.
Yes, it's different.
He does not share
what I don't know.
If I have a question
then I'm ready for the answer.
The answer comes
from him or from me.

He knows my question....
I ramble around
stating whatever I think
might answer my question.
If my answer is correct
he is silent, meaning "yes."
If it's incorrect he says "no."

We talk about mundane things,
but when it's time to reflect,
I do almost all of the talking
and am compelled to think.
I never get ahead of myself,
and only learn
what I'm ready to learn.

It's nice when my guru is silent;
that means I'm on track;
but when he says no a lot,
it means I've got
a big lesson to learn,
and have to scramble
to figure out what it is!

My guru's way ahead,
but some day I'll catch up;
might take me many years,
but I'll get there.


Hamsa, hamsa, walks like a duck
Hamsa, ham, he's more than luck!
Hamsa, hamsa, walks like a duck
Hamsa, ham, he's more than luck!

The exquisite swan he works all day
separating milk from water;
with enough milk he makes a pearl
which goes to his lovely daughter.

He brung the pearl down to the lake
and gave it to his daughter,
who boldly flew with it underwater.
When she arose, remarked the potter,
"Look at her, she seemed to totter
from the weight of that fine pearl
though it be so small to her!"

"Nay, it was her big webbed feet
sticking in the mud in sweltering heat;
her steps they are most elegant and firm.
But why she handed off the pearl
to a peahen there I'd like to learn.
When hen took it her head did thud
heavily upon the bank's thick mud."

Hamsa, hamsa, walks like a duck
Hamsa, ham, he's more than luck!
Hamsa, hamsa, walks like a duck
Hamsa, ham, he's more than luck!


Ignoring a taunt is victory;
responding to it is defeat.


Conscious mind, crow,
flies everywhere,
gets into everything
and makes a lot of noise
cawing and cawing.
When crow sits still
on a branch,
Divine mind, elephant,
that was quietly standing,
can be heard speaking
in low rumbles
that were until then


If my friend, salute you must,
salute the One that you can trust.
Obey the king, respect the flag,
but secretly salute the One.

The king says not what's yours and mine,
God alone can say that line.
Ostensibly you must conform;
form straight lines is what you do,
though they must be naught to you.

Give to the boss what he demands
when he's on the phone;
give to Justice her demands
when they are all known.


The world got empty;
seems eight billion
oddly disappeared.
Luxin felt like
the only one left,
rowing away,
whistling and singing
in his little boat.
He did scream a little
till he sighted his friend
also rowing his boat.


The young lady's
Friend was there with her,
but not recognized.
Surrounded by distractions,
her Reality slowly
lost its focus and
he disappeared from her mind.
For now, there was nothing
he could do but watch.
He told himself that
someday someone
would love him.


The treeman stands firmly rooted in air;
its branches grow down in the ground.
From the ground we take our nutrition;
from the heavens the treeman takes his.
The treeman cannot walk on the ground,
but saunters about the heavens above
with roots-feet swishing throughout the air.
Peacocks nest high in the treeman's roots
and are always kwah-kwahing up there.


When all there is is absent,
all there isn't takes charge.
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Reply Mon 23 Nov, 2020 07:57 pm

Without Ram, Ram, Ram
and breath, breathe, breathing?


Everything is
in him, and
he looks
for it but there.


or pushed
each other
into a pit.
Luxin felt
the emptiness
like he had


The man of Tao,
gentle and kind,
loves good humor;
sees beauty where many don't;
and dares not insult a fly.

Insults return in some way.
The man who scorns the fly
is sure it can never hurt him.


Oh my God,
how wild places
make me feel
is unspeakable.
I know now
I'm a million
years old
at least.


The slippery eel of truth
has no place to grab.


Never explain:
the wise don't gain;
the rest have pain.


If your expression
is not perfect,
say nothing to,
nor look at,
a giant

Walk on eggs;
tiny steps;
each step
delicate and silent.
If he can't
hear you,
he can't
see you either.

Softly, quietly;
completely calm;
creep to the right
and hide.
Now look
in your mirror
and wind
that snake
like Prudentia.

You'll be fine.
Don't forget
to giggle
when it's safe to.


To beings
who died
to life
speak not
at all.
to ghosts
is silly.


Speak not a word
to one who scorns you;
no good can come of it.


" Lulu , are you there ? " Dad enquired , yelling from the bottom of the staircase .

Sixteen-year-old Lulu was tired . She'd been secretly with her boyfriend for the last four days after school , having sex . She thought she'd heard someone call , but her music was a bit loud to be sure .

Dad climbed the stairs and went to her bedroom door , where he called again , " Lulu ? "

" Yeah, Dad ? What's up ? " Lulu replied .

" You didn't hear me ? Were you dead for a minute ? " Dad asked .

" No , Dad , I'm okay " came the reply .

Dad thought , " It sure seemed like she was dead . "

" What's it about ? " Lulu asked .

Dad replied , " Oh, we can talk about it when Mom comes home . Later, sweetie, okydoky ? "


Amarilla Slim the Undertaker says:

" The Self 'es runnin'
this here town,
so there ain't niver
'bad' folks 'roun'.

He keeps 'em out;
don't need no gun;
when Self's the boss
it's peace and fun
Cause he's The One! "


The bluffer,
like a nervous thief,
is afraid of being
found out any moment.


No not old that is not me;
I am new and now I'm free;
I depart and I come home;
I'm unseen and I'm unknown,
no one knew not even me.

Swan am I, I go to Ram
and eat him up till fat I am.
I sit quiet at Ram's feet
but I eat and eat and eat!

I talk to elephant in the shade;
from elephant too it's I am made;
Hm hm hmm so very well,
but this much I had to tell.
Know this now O Saints and Friends
goodness it will never end.

Luxin says, "Whoever hears this
unlocks the whole shebang."


The barrator
who attempts
to smuggle evil
on board with
good Captain Good
at the helm
is automatically
swallowed whole
by the Leviathan.

Captain Good's
mere presence
is enough
for this,
and He's always
on board.

Luxin adds,
"Where barrators abound
the Captain is found.
Crime has a monstrous reward."


Good and evil:
of the expression
or suppression
of Truth

Seek Truth within;
when it's known
and lived,
the hidden


A piece of cheese
can kill a mouse;
words have power
quite immense.

One bad stone
can drop a house;
A single word
can wreck a sense.


The disinterested man,
not seeking, receives all things;
not worrying, is peaceful.

As all creatures are provided for,
so are those who honor the Tao.


Spiritual and erotic love:
a duality of an actual unity
with 'Love' as its essence;
and like two same sounding
relatively harmonic octaval notes,
their vital unity is figuratively
reflected in the harmony of
man and woman
loosely symbolized
by 'one' and 'two', which
are qualitatively half or twice
the other respectively,
signifying that the sexes
are theoretically in
the same perfect harmony
as their symbols are.


The dead come back
in horror movies.
In real life?


"Truth, what are you doing, always spending more
time with the same people?" growled Intolerance,
her supervisor at the juice bar Truth worked at.

Intolerance continued, "Every time I turn around,
there you are with one or the other of Love,
Understanding and Justice, spilling your guts and
lingering with them too much. I often see you
dillydallying with R (the nickname of their boss,
Responsibility). My God, I don 't know what we
can do with you, you stupid girl."

"Our really good customers -- Jealousy, Cruelty,
Greed, Hatred, Dominance, Pride and
Manipulation -- are mad as hell they're not getting
their juice on time. Cruelty even tripped me in
frustration when I was passing Her, and
Manipulation threatened to go straight to the boss
about you."

"Lord help me, the boss really likes you. I 'm
warning you, you idiot, me an' a couple o' those
crazy buggers might take you out in the alley one
day and unofficially fire you as per "the best
customers' choice.'" I 'm sick of you, and you've just
made me miss my hoagie sandwich I always have
right now. " Rrrrrrgh!" Intolerance growled angrily.

"What's up with you girls?" Responsibility asked
of the two, in a lower, husky voice.

"Boss, I would like you to talk some sense into
Truth, please," Intolerance said.

"Okay, sweetie, you have your sandwich; and
Truth, we'll have a little chat in my office.
Fussiness will take your spot for a while."

Truth 's big, beautiful, sincere and innocent looking
dark brown eyes were fixed on Responsibility as
they sat in the boss's office. Truth was in awe of the
older woman, and had a bit of a 'girl crush' on her.

R didn 't have to say anything. Truth just blurted out
in Texan," Boss, Ah know there's a bunch o' folks
pitchin' hissy fits heah, but Ah'm kyna stuck b'tween
a rock an' a hard place, y' see?"

"Yeah?" R said. "Continue."

"Aw right, Boss. It's jes that some folks is crazy
'bout me. They com' heah fixin' tuh see me, most of
'em, an' dey love d' hell outta me, y' know?" Truth
said with a little smile, her big eyes widening.

"Yeah, I know, sweetie," R said.

Truth continued," Dang me, when Love comes
down Ah know Ah ain't gittin' 'er done raht an' folks
ain't happy wit' me , bit Lord he'p me dat man's plum
crazy 'bout me. Ah cain't he'p it, Ah cain't stay
clear o' heym coz 'e's jes lahk th' fellas down home.
Ah lahk 't fahn up heah 'n New York, bit Ah long f'
th' plyn folk, Uh huh Ah do. Dere' s a mean edge t'
th' Big Apple bit folks 's good evywheah."

"When Un'erstandin' an' Justice come down heah Ah feel raht fahn. It 's crazy, dang me wit' those
poor folks whahnin , bit Ah cain't figger wut to' do,
Boss. Ah actually be-long t' those folks 'at loves
me so much ! Ah'd do jes 'bout any ol' thang t' keep
'em happy, bless their hearts!"

Says Luxin, "Well Ah reckon it's lahk this ma
country angels--

If you really love Truth,
you will know Truth --
at the very least,
more than most.

If your heart is full of Love,
Truth will come to you;
and if you love Truth,
Truth will love you.

And wherever you find Truth,
you will find Love
and vice versa;
they're always found together."


Those ostensibly not interested in Life are
irresistibly attracted to those who are; this is proof
that, deep down, they are interested in Life. This
truth also applies if the word 'Life' is substituted
with 'God.'

Are you interested in Life?

Feel free to answer the question. However, I will
also answer it for you:

Yes, you are interested in Life, because as a human
being, you are Life, and a microcosm of the
macrocosmic whole of Life; i.e. The Universe or The One.


God and The Tao are one;
they are the Morality and Divine Order
of The Universe.

The Tao is a mighty fortress within
into which no worry or fear can enter.
Noble is the effort to live in the Tao.

The observer of the Tao must be married;
the greatest lessons are learned through Love.


[ Goddess Sarasvati ]

I don't talk about the untellable.
Mentioning it exists is enough.


The observer of The Tao asked,

"How does one slay a dragon of self, master?"

After a pause, the wise one replied:
"First of all, I am not your master. I am not above
you. We are both servants of The Great Tao,
the eternal and unseen Master of Heaven and earth.

Know that these figurative dragons are our
friends, serving the need for an aspirant to be proven
worthy of the Tao.

Contrary to the figuration of the dragon slayer,
a dragon of self is not slain or conquered by
violence, but by Love. A self-dragon is not defeated
by loving it; loving evil is inadvisable. The dragon is
conquered by honoring The Great Tao.

If fearless and calm, the aspirant may enter The
Fortress of Tao and stay there protected; they
cannot enter in any negative state. He can only enter
with happy, peaceful thoughts and Virtues.

Not gaining admittance to the refuge of his own Self,
the negative aspirant is 'attacked by their own

You may now perceive how one 'slays a dragon of

Even a sage of Tao whose watchfulness or
tranquility lapse can 'lock himself out of his own

Just outside the Fortress the self-dragons are always
ready to perform their assigned duty."


"There are archers trying to kill me!" the man
shouted, after an arrow narrowly missed his head.
He quickly dove under a bush for cover.

His grandfather, who stood -- on the parapet on top
of the ramparts just inside the Gates of Paradise--
looking out between the heavy gold bars, yelled

"Stay calm, Michael! You're close now, but it
could be some years before they let you knock on
The Gates. Beware of that pit trap just to your
right, and the landmines everywhere!"

Michael, lying prone, took a deep breath and
contemplated the years of struggle ahead in this war
zone he was determined to pass through no matter
what. It was do it or die now. Sweat was pouring
down his face and neck. He sat up and yelled to the

"OK, gramps, I 'll see you whenever! It 's gonna
take more than assassins an' an obstacle course to
stop me! Paradise, look out -- there's a new kid
comin' t' town!"


Thrilling chases;
a bounty of
delicious prey;
a big splash!
then nothing.

The big fish
slipped through
the mesh
of the Lifenet
and disappeared
without a trace.


The cute ladyfish
liked the thrill
of swimming with
the big males
who could eat her.

Craving attention;
ignoring danger;
she was eaten.
She liked thrills
more than herself.

Within thrills is ills.


Yawny swanny loved to yawny
way down upon the Swanee
River it's time to really give 'er
Cause ye're fit not eating liver.

Yawny swan just loved to yawny;
when he said he liked a yoni
Dere ain't nuthin' she can do
but honk about the things she knew.


A million million suns sparkled blindingly;
hanging in the ether awaiting Sarasvati
on its snowy plumed mount the swan;
every sun did need S and every one S needed.

Sarasvati was the swan and the swan was S;
with no difference they were one and the same.
They evoked Brahman of the million million suns;
spoke the term Brahman The All,
and the names of all the gods that were of Brahman.

Brahman sat upon its thousand petalled lotus,
and was pleased with its swan mate's call.
Sarasvati honked a greeting to its mate;
too long the bonded ones met not at all.

Brahman-Sarasvati were one and always one;
they were in silent peace up in the lotus;
Sarasvati dined on Brahman's knowledge;
Brahman gave S just what it needed;
in their oneness there was peacefulness and bliss;
with a starry nighttime heaven on their left side,
and the million million suns upon their right.


A stranger entered his front door
as he slept on couch and snored;
seemed he had to take a leak
and hadn't done so for a week.
He pointed to the washroom door,
then he resumed his easy snores.
Later he gave him a sandwich more
than he ever did before,
so he needn't come back for more.
He asked him softly, "What's your name?"
He replied, "Ah, thanks a lot.
I'll tell you when I'm back again.
I'm incognito now my friend."


No need to talk about evil,
tragedy or the past--
they are dead things
whose only purpose
is to make people strong
enough to build a better,
happier future.

Luxin says, "Go for it!"
It's waiting for you! See it?
There, down the road!
Don't forget to enjoy
every moment on your way!"

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Reply Wed 25 Nov, 2020 11:14 am
lc115 (supersedes older lc115)

(... sung to the tune of Camptown Races.)

Sarasvati farts all night, doo-dah! doo-dah!
Farts so loud she gets a fright!
Ho dee doo dah day!
Gonna fart all night, gonna fart all day!
Sarasvati farts just right!
Ho dee doo dah day!

Sarasvati's farts are loud, doo-dah! doo-dah!
Farts like that can't be allowed!
Ho dee doo dah day!
Her little farts are cute, including tiny toots!
Sarasvati farts all night!
Ho dee doo dah day!

lc160 (supersedes older lc160)

A million million suns sparkled blindingly
in the heavenly realm of the unseen,
the beginning and the essence of the Real,
vibrating to the sound reflected in the Word;
the akashic sound of shabda or the Aum,
the invisible beginning of the unseen realm.
The million million suns resonated to the Aum;
they were there for Sarasvati and the gods,
singing etheric music of the spheres.

On her snowy mount the swan came Sarasvati
riding slowly and in splendor to the suns;
every sun was there for her and she desired each one.
Ganesh and rat Mushika came to greet Sarasvati;
there were rumbles and squeaks of pure delight.

Sarasvati on her swan reflected upon Brahman--
He of the million million suns;
and called her father-hubby's name, Brahma,
the god who spoke for Brahman or The One.

Brahma sat on his thousand petalled lotus,
and happily heard his lovesome wife's call;
swan greeted Brahma with a swanny note,
though the trio'd hardly been apart at all.

Brahma-Sarasvati, father-daughter always one;
sat in silent peace, each upon a flower;
Sarasvati supped on Brahma's knowledge;
Brahma gave her of his soothful power.
The force field of their love was emanating;
in their oneness there was perfect peace,
a starry nighttime heaven on their left side,
and the bliss of endless suns upon their right.
Reply Wed 20 Jan, 2021 04:04 am

The ring of truth's resonance is felt
with truths such as golden rule--
like nodding one's head
with something said
and thinking "That rings true."


Minds are for using;
else there is losing.
In uplift of mind
surely you'll find
your spirit, grace
and smiling face.


[ Amarilla Slim the Undertaker ]

"Ya know, son, we're all born in Paradyse, but
the first dumb thing we do, we get kicked out. The
way back in is rough. A lotta folks don't make it.

Adam an' Eve niver made it back; of course, they
niver listened t' God. Them that ignores that Sucker
ain' t got much hope.

Just gettin' on yer hands and knees before Him won't
get ya back. Ya gotta be reborn, too, an' no sucker
knows what the hell that is.

Now pass me that comb, will ya? We gotta make
this un dashin' an' debonner."


People are deceived
but no one deceives;
people are harmed
but no one harms.

All are innocent.
No one is guilty.

Only The Good lives on;
only The Good ever was;
only The Good is real;
the only deal is the real.

The Beloved is pure and perfect.
There is no trouble in Paradise.


Think of Death;
think of Death:
Death will come to stay.

Think of Life,
Good Humor,
and Peace:
Death will keep away.

Think of others:
they need you;
you need them;
good to them
is good to you:
Joy is here;
Love is here.

You are Love;
God is Love;
You are God.

Love the Swan that
quacks like a duck;
lost his Beauty,
had no luck.

Miracles are here --
there is nothing
you can't do,
my gods.

You are fearless angels;
God loves fearless angels;
they are close to Him;
they are Him.

Death will come;
take the high road;
live Ram style;
He'll be awhile.
Sing the Aum;
love Ram;
Death won't come
too soon to you.

Sleepers, waken!
Time for shakin'!

Angels awake:
The road is long;
sing your Life song;
sing the Word
an' do no wrong.

Says Luxin,
"Time's goin' like a bullet train, angels!
No time for dillydallyin'!
Friend Death's got us by the ears,
we ain't got no time for fears!"


All things sing their one note songs,
from groaning Earth to planets' gongs.
From Earth's hertz at two to the third
right up to the sound of Word;
vibration has the scale and key,
the Universe sings all to thee.


"Aaa!" I cried.
My mind instinctively reacted
as if you were a lion;
maybe it was a thought;
thoughts can be wrong
because they're not perceptions.

As soon as I perceived it was you,
of course you weren't a lion.
My mind was just ensuring
I wouldn't be taken by surprise
by a real lion
when I was only


Never try to think.
The best thoughts
just come
right from your heart
when you're not thinking.


Let holy books get dusty;
skip the church or mosque;
your religion is you.
Piety and a good life
start and end with you.

Angels go within;
disregard without.
Listen to Yourself;
a good heart tells you
all you need to know.


Inside every Christian,
Jew, Muslim, Buddhist
et al there's a human
being crying to
get out and really live.

I'm on strike for human freedom!


Does the swan know
it will successfully fly
up from the lake?

All a creature
needs to sense
is that it has the store
of energy to do
what it must.

Swan has been busy
eating grasses
and nibbling on pearls.
Swan will be ready;
he will just know.

Every creature's destiny
is laid out by The One.


The family yelled at each other a lot.
One of their kids got sick and died,
then it was quiet.

Downtown every day,
their busker neighbor with the guitar
sang "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You."

An effort to sing is a fine thing.
Tension out, breath in. Ideals.
Have a song!
Even if it's rough, faking it's a start!


It's not about
mansions and yachts,
but memories one got.
Simple joys are what a life
is made of.


It's very odd.

A swan is quacking like a duck;
A lion is laughing like a hyena;
An elephant is making monkey sounds.
A horse is mehing like a goat.

What's going on?


Seen a heap o' trouble, Friend,
so do we all, somehow;
lookin' up an' on my way,
ain't goin' back nohow.


Forget seeking Truth.
Seek not that which you are.
When you're ready for it,
Truth will reveal itself.

Enjoy exploring
your cave of wonder
in the dark
with just a light
emanating from your forehead.

Explore calmly and quietly
until you find the Beloved;
She can neither be seen nor heard,
but is always there.

When you find the Beloved,
your beast of clarity
will jump up and bite off
the head of your deceiver:
what you thought you were
but would no longer be,
for the beast's bite
means a happy life
with many changes.


Luxin was stifled, Angels;
buried in the world.
He had no choice.
It was do it or die.
He left the world;
stepped off into the unknown.
Now he floats through space,
smile on his face.


Saints, Angels and Superheroes!
What's all this worry,
fear and self-pity?
These are not
the states of gods.
Chuck them out
like a moldy dinner
from two days ago.
You're better off dead
than their slave.


Preacher and Prophet,
Butcher of the Word,
who told you you could
slice up the language
with your shining knife,
and get the blood of confusion
on the bystanders?

Luxin versifies:

A piece of cheese
can kill a mouse;
words have power
quite immense.
One bad stone
can drop a house;
a single word
can wreck a sense.


People just are as they are;
their judgment is up to God,
not me.
My concern is
to understand myself,
and time is short.


Reality hinges on perception,
nothing else.
A thing cannot be verified
real or unreal by conception alone.


All babies have the Truth;
when they start thinking,
they lose It.

We've all lost that Truth;
but if we stop thinking
it might return.


Swan, why did you give away
your ethics book?
Married, you played with many hearts
and threw them away.
Your white plumage is streaked and dirty,
and your wings are sticking together.


Of all people,
those who tell the truth
are the most hated.


If I told lies I would be loved,
but I prefer to speak the truth
and be hated by many.
Self-esteem is essential.

The clouds of falsehood come and go;
the sun of truth shines eternally.


A stranger called Truth came to the city. He was a
truth teller from the mountains where the pure
source water of the Truth River came from a melting
glacier. Truth had found life dull with the folks at
home who always spoke the truth. Truth felt he
wasn't special at home, and everyone's meant to be
special, with something to offer, which is a fine

Truth settled in the city, which was like all cities a
place of truth and lies; the Angel residents just tried
to ignore him as much as they could. One Angel
asked, "Why in tarnation is that Truth fella here?"

Truth understood. But he weren't fixin' t' leave cause
it was a place he could really be himself, different,
and sometmes appreciated for his honesty. No, Sir!
The city was now his home. Always had been, truth
be told. Truth didn't leave home so much as came


Everything changes
except Love and Truth
and their Virtue friends;
these never die.

When it seems like
you've lost everything,
you haven't.
Love and Truth
go on with you,
and always will,
because they are you.


I know so little;
have questions that
cannot be answered;
and seeking answers to them
is not my business.

I'm like a United States resident
wondering what it's like
to live in Russia.
There's no point in even trying
to imagine it.
I'd be wrong anyway.
I'd just have to live there to know.


Thinking is more of a problem
than a solution.
Thought is reflective,
not generative;
the mind flies everywhere,
reflecting anything.
Disregard the crow
and watch the elephant.


Far away in the City of Death,
someone thought something.

Deep in the mountains of Jen
a sage of Tao sensed the thought.
Stepping out of doors,
the ancient took the easy stance
in accord with Li and sang this song:

A happy man is obedient to mother Tao;
a free man is her slave.
One protected in the arms of mother Tao
is a child firmly holding onto her skirts.


[ Lavinia Fairy Britches ]

As a fairy, I just sit
in my flower
and be one with it.
What others think
means nothing to me,
because I don't think.
I've been like this
since I was a baby.


If you cry out, "I'm here!"
and no one notices you,
and you feel sad,
it's time you noticed yourself
and gave yourself a compliment.
For a start, just tell yourself,
"You're a good person."


[ Fairy High Priestess ]

O Sants and Angels! I'm a fairy who's happy sitting
in my flowers all day singing fairy songs about
Love in this Universal Forest, the world.

Fairies and humans cause are all sacred beings and as
beautiful as can be -- and we're all the same
everywhere in the Universe, and all one under
The One.

A country isn't a real thing, my Angels! It's just an
idea conceived by clever fairies who probably never
knew a flower from a hole in the ground. Whenever
a clever one steps into the meadow with a
megaphone yelling about how they're now the
Queen or King of the Fairies and we should all bow
down to them, and that from now on the Universal
Forest will be divided up because it's going to be
good for everybody (Uh huh), you know what we
do? We can't help it! Have you ever heard ten
thousand fairies laughing hilariously? It's a sound
more maddening than a mosquito's whine! The new
King or Queen plug their ears and run....

Cause we're all the same, if I didn't like fairies on
the other side of the forest it would be like not liking
myself. My goodness, that would make me one silly
billy fairy!

I always sing to stranger fairies:

"I am you and you are me;
There's no other way to be!
If we're one, yes, if we're one,
That's how we can have some fun!"

Excuse me, a flower is calling me, I love you all!
Bye bye! See ya later!


The dragon's eye opens
when someone wants more.


If you're looking for truth,
it's sitting by a bell inside you.
It rings that bell
that most dislike the sound of,
preferring the sound of conches.


We're all meant to be happy,
so do things and be with people
that make you happy.

We're all meant to be beautiful,
so see all the great beauty
of this world and in people,
and you'll be beautiful too.

We're all meant to be successful,
so never quit working away at
mastering whatever you do.

We're not meant to be disappointed,
so try not to hope for or expect anything.
Just be happy to have whatever you have,
and build from there without expectation.
Live for your effort and doing things right.
Getting results should not be the goal.


The teacher said,
"I am bored with speaking.
Does it rain all day?
I'll give my tongue a rest."

In the peace with only crickets singing,
some students' thoughts were clearer than ever.
They were thinking on their own.
This rarely happened.
One student lay on the floor by the window
and studied the clouds.

The teacher leaned back in his chair.
Unneeded, he snored quietly till the end of class.


The Friend has all the Beauty;
it speaks in stillness,
beautiful, peaceful,
and refuge in the storm.

The Beauty is All
and its essence is You.
one drop of You
is one with the
whole ocean of Love,
and the whole ocean
is in You.

Says Luxin,
"The clock ticks....
Happiness is now or never, Angels.
The Friend, your guide to the All,
patiently awaits you."


Growing up believing
that the essence
of the Universe is outside
and not within you
is understandable.

However, know that
you are like beautiful suns
containing all Beauty,
and are miraculous.


Rare ones know
that all the jinn are
is people's invisibility.
The unseen can be seen;
the jinn can be anything
to mind that imagines all.
But we are the jinn;
they are a disguise.


He knows a sharer.
He waits endlessly
but shows up exactly
on time, never late.
He's there precisely
at the moment of need.
Listening, knowing;
never missing a thing;
protecting and caring
enough to make one sing.

He knows no anger;
just firmly says
"Keep talking" or
"Don't talk about that at all."

I don't know what the future holds.
When I get there, I get there.


The most beautiful reward
is granted to the true heart.
Greatly blessed are the honest
who open heavenly doorways.

As the true ones cross the desert,
kind to their fine beasts the camels,
they do not miss the oases;
and coming to their destination,
they find it's not an ordinary city,
but a heavenly one;
and that they passed through its gates
while they were still alive.

Luxin says, "Make your paradise now,
Sants and Angels!
Without it now in this life,
there is none afterward!"


Sarasvati married Brahma;
Brahma married Sarasvati;
yes, all arranged it was;
yes, all arranged.

God Brahma was the father;
Sarasvati was his daughter;
yes, that is how it is;
yes, that is how.

The sun shines on Sarasvati;
Sarasvati loves the sun;
yes, they are one in life;
yes, they are one.


She was Mercy.
She had lived for so long
without her brother,
and she missed him a lot.

So long had she lived
in the cave of darkness
without the illumination
of her brother's light.

In the darkness,
Mercy was frequently
accidentally groped
by well meaning people
just trying to find
their way around.
Some of those
good people loved her
when they took
the time to know her.

Mercy waited and waited
in the dark, not knowing
what she was waiting for
in her dark existence
that seemed bereft
of meaning because it was dark.

Then one day she spied,
high on the cave's ceiling,
a tiny point of light!
Until that moment,
Mercy didn't know
that she could fly.
It happened so fast.
Huge wings emerged
from her back, and,
without even testing them,
she few straight up
to that tiny point and,
to her amazement,
she was now
tiny enough herself
to fly straight through it
and into her new home.

Says Luxin,
"Does anybody hear this? If so,
you can take over as my teacher,
and I'll do your dishes."


Sometimes when walking
my tightrope,
a cloud comes over
and it's clear that I'm evil.
All the outer is transient.
The devil walks away
if calmly ignored.


Loving another is good,
even if you're not meant to be.
Loving yourself
is the best thing of all --
everything depends on it.

If you wait for someone to love you,
you may be disappointed,
so love yourself first,
and another may also see
the beauty you see in you.


Death is coming up behind you.
Did you give everything you had?
His hands are almost on you.
He turns to his partner and asks,
"What's in the record for this one?"
Death and Santa Claus
both keep track.


Why do you strut,
hustling to your meeting
in your expensive suit?
The bigger the deal the better;
your ride's the best one can buy,
but it can't take you to a good life;
just to your luxury office and back,
and to restaurants with food that
eats you afterward.

No real smile from your wife for years;
flaccid doesn't go with vagina,
and she's in love with the trainer.
Addiction's no doubt got you;
doctors aren't going to save you;
time to exit your hamster wheel.

Focus on business has a big price;
life is meant to be simple.
You're making it, guarding it, spending it;
plenty of money but poverty within,
with employees paid to respect you.

Listen friend! Things don't end well
when money's the goal;
make it happiness instead.
Luxin is telling you
"You'll go out crying.
Pleasures and success both vanish.
Then where are you?"


Truth arrives;
it's never found.
No one has ever
found the Truth.
Can you find the rain?


Clever words
intended to exalt oneself
and debase others
are the pride of the fool
and the pathway to the pit.


They can't be seen
but they are real;
they have no hands
but still can feel.

They talk to you
without a word;
they tell you things
you've never heard.


Who dries up?
Who always burns out?
Philosophers, figure it out.
The sun generates.
The moon reflects.
The mind, going everywhere,
is a deadly trap per se.
How does one make the mind
a good servant
instead of a 600-pound wrestler
on the rampage?
Those who say the mind
can be controlled are
fibbing unconsciously,
as mind cannot control itself.
It has to be subjugated.
By what?


Say everything with fewer words,
then listen to the music.

[ Crickets chirping on a warm evening. ]

Crickets' music is fine to start with.
After them it's your turn.


See only the light in the dark.
There is really nothing else there.


When Darth Vader was a young man,
he would greet his penis by bending
forward at the waist and saying, "Ha! Penis!"

After he fathered Luke and was worldly
wise, his greeting gained some rhythm
and flow; it was "Hapenis."

When he became a philosopher, he
would chide his fellow philosophers
with "What's all this searching for
happiness business when it's always
right there?"


The prey hunts the hunter
from house to house.

The earth flies up to the clouds
and soils the rain.

Muddy rivers flow up to the mountain tops.

The rats are chasing the cats,
and the cats are chasing the dogs.

The sun's too feeble to warm the air.

Flying birds walk on the ground.

Beautiful flowers smell like farts.

Crows do nothing but peck at their toes.

Singers sing backwards and nobody knows.


One to nine are archetypal
symbols seen and powers not;
first principles and basic;
essence of the lot.

All the symbols are distinct
and in sequence firm,
giving them a quality
or power some affirm.

One to nine, one to nine,
abstract powers pure;
in the immutable matrix
quality math is sure.


Up in the alpine meadow,
seen in every direction, forty miles away,
are snow covered mountains
trying to dip below the horizon.
They say 'Unnnnnnnnhh....',
at eight Hertz, just below hearing range.

In the vast deafening silence above
a single Crossbill flies and chirps,
'Chi-chuh, chi-chuh, chi-chuh, chi-chuh....'

The Great Tao, though silent, speaks volumes;
it is everywhere, but never seen by eyes.
The essence of Tao is deep within.


The greatest caring seems cold;
the greatest love is not what it's thought to be.
Real love makes no show.

A humble and pure heart
does all with ease;
Happiness and the beauty of love
come naturally when they come;
the paragon says and does little.

Without faith in the Tao,
there is strain and struggle.

The man of Tao can do anything,
and does not forget that he can.
Not speaking of details,
and disinterested, he just follows
the proper procedure.
There is one proper way to do anything,
and procedures matter more than results.


All books will be set aside,
and interminable debates will end
when the beautiful swan
is seen on the lake,
and especially when it flies.

Says Luxin, "Saints and Scholars,
look for the swan now!"


Angels, for years and years
the swan took short practice flights
rising from his lake.
He was strong and flew well,
but his endurance was shot
from too much time spent
messing around with lady swans.

One day he cried, "Enough!
I must be a pillar of a swan or nothing!
The flock needs me;
I'm not here for myself;
and I have to be a bold new me
to get the hell outta here!"

With his new commitment
he started eating better,
and kicked his own swanny posterior
during his practice flights.
He became one ass kicking swanny.

No swan can leave his lake without help.
The first time he rose for his
first flight away from his home lake
he didn't know where he was going,
till out of nowhere Mother Nature
yelled at him, pointing out the flight path
away from the lake:

"There you goofy son of a swan!"
"Over there!"
"OK, Mother, be cool, I got this,"
he said, altering course.
Swan was off to parts unknown.

Luxin says,
"If you hear this, top of the class!
Listen Sants,
there's no sure Heaven after this life --
heaven is here and now or never!
If you're anything like me,
it might be time for a little
serious self-ass-kicking.
Time passes like a bullet train!"


When I knew
How much of the unspeakable
had happened,
Luxin wept.

When I told him
how many had never known
a swan to rise from a lake,
Luxin wept.

If I, the Swan,
can fly off to the unknown land,
so can many!


All storms pass.
Speak little;
stay in the stillness of the Tao
which precludes all worry and fear.
Let every move come from stillness;
every thought from peacefulness.

The wise fool perceives danger,
and lives in the Tao at all cost.
Gentle and peaceful,
he stays centred in the calm eye
of his own storm till it subsides.


Some talk to the head
because they think
the head is the place
to get ahead,
and they're keen
to get ahead
because they're behind.

Talking to the behind
is what takes a mind.
Things start at the head
but they move the behind.
So through the behind
you get to the head.

Outside the mind,
the odd ones find,
is the very best mind
of all.


The lover can postpone
all things except one:
the beloved swan
right in front of them.

Eating food can wait --
but eating each other
till they're all gone
is top priority.

A full bladder can wait --
but love of the Beautiful?
Make a puddle on the floor first!

If God came to your waiting room,
would you ask her to wait?

Says Luxin,
"If you got this, far out fantastic!"


This siege of Death
for me is also
a journey into silence
as the untellable increases.

As expression dimishes,
reflection expands.


In her romantic plunge
she needed protection
from being overwhelmed.
This precious angel needed
to learn how to swim with a lover
in the pool of love;
her protector would see that
she experienced the pool
as safely as can be expected.


A guru's word may ring the heart bell,
but gurus don't come in flocks.
Listen carefully:
The faint far away ring of truth
is sounding inside you.


It's very odd that fish,
swimming in water,
are dying of thirst!

It's also strange and ridiculous
that I have seen:

A hyena riding a lion
and holding the reins;

A pig being held high by chickens;

A mouse riding a cat down the street,
sitting on his nose;

A seal teaching a killer whale
how to swim;

A cow riding high in the air
on an elephant;

A camel obsessed
with standing on his head.


Brother, far away but near,
it does seem clear
that you are of the swan race.
It takes a while to be sure.


A soul's value is relative
to the degree the Tao
is reflected.


People who know nothing
are my kind of people,
as I know nothing.

It's problematic
when one's fellow beings
know everything
and defer to no one.


People don't need guidelines.
We all have inner guidelines
we are meant to follow.


Love is the key to heaven's gate.


Love and kindness
maintain the integrity
of the Universe,
and because of this
they will live always.


Throw away your self;
the self's not what you are;
you are not your self;
you're more than it by far.

If others see your self,
they're not seeing you;
just throw away your self,
until they can see you.

If they can't see you,
it matters not, my friend,
as long as you see you,
and are your own best friend.

Luxin says,
"If you hear this, you have left the herd."


Extrinsic knowledge
can be given to another;
intrinsic love can only
be expressed for oneself
or another.


That which is
in harmony
with the All
is maintained;
that which is
out of harmony
won't last.

opposes the All
whose purpose
is the success of all.
Who hears this
disdains the self.


I've eaten a number of people.
I ate my mother and father;
a high school friend;
and a few thinkers.
Right now I'm eating my brother.


As they were
less than themselves,
four Pandava brothers
and their beloved
wife Draupada
lost their lives trying to
get to heaven.
The 'good' can still
be failures.


The god got up in the mornin', me lad
an' put on a fine pair o' shoes 'e 'ad;
and when the sun shines in 'is 'ead, old son,
you could say 'is best work was all done.

His belt and suspenders they both broke
as the god 'e walked down the street;
'e used 'is shoelace to 'old 'is pants up,
an' walked doon the toon in bare feet.

'e was feelin' a wee bittie peckish, ye ken
so 'e went t' th' fish an' chip shoppy;
cooked 'imsel a that 'e winted
an' ate aa but an affa wee droppy.

At hame th' manager stopped 'im,
sayin' "We can't have a god in bare feet!
This buildin's got an image to keep up --
You'll just have to sleep in the street!"

The god was happy an' whistled a tune
as 'e fixed up his cardboard box bed
at the end of his buildin's fine dumpster.
He was tired and slept like the dead.


Ball against wall.
What goes out
comes back.


Do not walk far from the sun!!

Let the sun shine upon you!

Do not walk far from the sun!!

Hike up Mount Kailash to heavenly Svar Loka.

Be like the swan that leaves Lake Manasarovar
and flies through the clear and limitless sky.

Listen to the guru speaking of how infinite Beauty is
all, and reflect upon that blissfully.

Seat yourself upon the lovely thousand petalled

But friends--

Do not walk far from the sun!!

Let the sun shine upon you!

Do not walk far from the sun!!


No one knows anything.


Climbing on the trail,
so far to go,
loving the fresh wind,
Luxin screamed
in his aloneness
until a great friend
who had also been
climbing up

Truly I say,
"'A friend in need
is a friend indeed.'
How does a close friend
know one is in pain?
Now Luxin's screaming
cause people are dreaming."


Legal marriage is unimportant;
a marriage is made of
love and commitment.
Knowing what love is
is the tough one.
Rivers of tears from that.


A bird sings its song;
doesn't know why;
only feels it's him.

A man sings his song;
his life's a song;
but he's not a bird;
he needs to know
why he sings it
and what it means.


"Can someone ruin me?"
was the question.
Luxin says,
"No one can ruin you.
Only you can do that,
one way or the other.
Things only happen
to you if you consciously
or unconsciously
allow them to."


The teeny-tiny thought,
"I'm always right.
Don't waste your time
questioning me;
I cannot be wrong."
Being wrong never occurs
to the towering teeny-tiny;
the thought hurts too much.

A teeny-tiny at the wheel
and Reason in the back seat
means being stuck in neutral.


The costume party was on.
Atman was the life of the party.
He came dressed as Jiva
but had to be himself,
so he let Jiva,
who was in an Atman costume,
eat all the chips and salsa
while he just watched.

Atman the joker put a lamp
on his head and swung his arms
around pretending to be the sun!

Jiva hugged and kissed Atman
every chance she got,
and pretended,
when all the chips were gone,
she was going to eat him,
and roared like a dinosaur!

When the party broke up,
the two lovebirds walked
to their car arm in arm.

What wacky twins and lovers!


Swan dreamed of when
he was in his egg
before he was hatched.

He was a fine creature,
a happy teeny egg-swan.
Mother Nature said to him,
"You're fine and will be born
into the world of swanny
pleasures. After hatching
he was ravenous for
all the new sustenance
his new life could offer.

Swan woke up and thought,
"I was asleep in my egg,
but moving around.
I must have woken up
when I was hatched."


There's value in silence
and not responding to those
that don't inspire you.
Whatever brings peace
is a good thing.


Swan keeps sailing through the clouds,
duck barely keeps up with him;
up toward the mountain top,
duck barely keeps up.

Goose was born, he was born
and now does not know how to honk;
always kind, always kind
he does not know now what to say.

I never forget the beauty
and the sweetness of happy times.
Everything changes then it's gone;
Life proceeds ... one moves on,
and endless beauty comes anew.

Swan keeps sailing through the clouds,
duck barely keeps up with him;
up toward the mountain top,
duck barely keeps up.


Talking is about
one getting to know
what one is about,
the most difficult thing
a person can do.
Just like birds, to be birds,
can't stop singing;
we, to be human beings,
can't stop thinking
and talking.

The beautiful one;
the one who matters
most of all,
is every person to themselves.
Care about Yourself,
that's the main thing.
Care about You,
and others will too.


Violence brings violence,
therefore observers of
the Tao stay far from it.

A just man needs no defence;
Shani is his protector.

Climb the mountain of Tao;
an aspirant is safe there.
Equanimous and detached
from the world,
let trouble be far away.

Hike through the mist.
Breathe the fresh air
deeply into your soul.
Those one with the Tao
are protected.


Light always will be;
darkness never was.


Kindness has many recipients
besides the one spoken to;
the first recipient is oneself.


Better to anger millions
and please one
than to anger one
and please millions.


Religion thrives in the absence of truth.


By one's words one is
either debased or exalted;
one's destiny is created by them.


Love understands.


Others are none of my business.
My true business is me.
Only a person themself
can make any progress
with their life.
Others can inspire us,
but we alone have to do
the work of finding out
what we are capable of.


The devil never answers the phone.


Angels always visit hell.


There's a little angel
inside every devil,
and a little devil
inside every angel.


If off Life Beach,
waves of emotion
are washing you away,
you might examine
how or why you got
in those waves
to start with.


There are no chairs
in heaven or hell;
comfort is not
approved of
in either place.


Beautiful creatures are killed for meat,
but the Tao's silence prevents
the killers from hearing one
embarrassing word.
Eventually the eaters
are eaten by the meat.

How patient and thorough is the Tao,
with kindness and karma for all!


With kindness
the wise fool protects all,
and has less chance of
stumbling over something.


"As you go through life
make this your goal:
Watch the donut
not the hole."


As cat terminates rat
so light terminates darkness
and Indra terminates Vritra,
serpent destined to fail
because the 'good' guy always wins


Hawk flew eyeing everything
carefully below on the ground.
He chose Mouse,
scurrying along,
for his meal.
Hawk plummeted,
and Mouse was gone.
He had many holes.

Hawk caught an updraft
and soared about superbly.

Coyote saw Hawk above,
stopped, and yapped up to him,
"Hawk, I salute you!"


That which is within
need never be taught;
it is realized as required.
No need to search--
all is within.


People often believe
what they're told.
Be kind to yourself;
you shouldn't believe
anything I say
without question.


Truth and special people
come to you only
when you're ready for them.
As you grow, they appear.

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We are travellers
on a wondrous journey
through time,
witnessing ineffable
inner and outer beauty
endlessly manifesting
and returning.

To experience more
of this great beauty,
still yourself and
take your time;
hurrying bypasses
the joy of life
that is only found
in each moment.


Their journey is solitary
and not for the faint of heart.
It means stepping off
into the unknown.

The man or woman of Tao
has faith in the eternal
and omnipresent Tao.


Though each one of us
is surrounded by billions
we are completely alone
on our private journeys.
No other can really know us;
we are preclusively unique.

There's only one person
who can know you,
and that's you.
If you want to be that person--
the only one who knows you
and a true friend to yourself--
and you haven't already begun,
it's time for your exploration--
an expedition to the
farthest reaches of
the Yourself River.

Angels, not everyone
can undertake this journey
into parts unknown,
and your only chance to go
is in this life.
The thing is, this journey
never ends.

Luxin says
"If you're going, enjoy! Bon voyage!"

lc 281

Mouse asked elephant,
"Elephant, is being kind,
understanding and speaking
of the good half of being good?"

Elephant replied,
"Nay, mouse, say not so!
Being kind, understanding
and speaking of the good
is the whole of being good!"


The great Tao creates trees
whose wood has the Tao's grain.
Going against that grain
means difficulty, obstacles
and wasted effort.

In the unseen matrix of
the great tree of the universe,
the way of ease and success
is with the grain of Tao.


If you wish to have everything, wish for nothing.

If you want to enjoy everything, enjoy nothing.

If you would be great, be humble.

If you would be happy, be content with what you have.

If you want peace, know the Beloved and be still.

If you want love, stop searching and love yourself.

If you want to be somebody, be nobody but yourself.

You are everything.

Every person is a tiny copy of the universe.


What the story's lovers did
is untellable.
Would there really be
a happy ending?
Can the beauty
of flowers that fall
into an oil slick
be restored?


Some grey hairs plucked
improve one's appearance
like your car polished up
makes a nice impression.
Others vanish with
contemplation of the Tao.
Tao is 'the great plucker.'


Pig had a wife, many kids,
and a great sty with
loads of mud to roll in--
his own skin care spa.

Mrs. Pig died of measles,
then all his youngsters died.
Pig mourned, consoling himself
by rolling in the mud a lot.
A drought came:
the mud dried out,
hardened and cracked.

Pig was devastated.
He sat in his dry sty
and had a good cry.
He thought, "Why?"
Right away he knew the answer.
He remembered he was a god
who years ago had thought
it would be nice
to try life as a pig.

Luxin says,
"The god who tried being a pig
thought he might live
that way always,
but it wasn't meant to be.
If a god tries to skip being himself,
there's no happy ending."


You are your masterpiece,
and you're working on it;
you have only this life
to make it a great one.


He's wide awake in ostensible night,
and falls asleep in ostensible day.


The gods arranged that the goddess of love, beauty,
humor and the arts should dance just once in the
heavens for only one being -- the demigod who was
destined to see her only that one time and never ever
forget her.

Soon after, the demigod joined a heroic rescue
mission to a far galaxy; he and everyone who set out
knew they would never be able to return to Earth in
their lifetimes.

What would stand out in his memory was the
amazing giggle of his love goddess. That giggle was
expressed in its own language, the language of love.
It did not matter that his beloved was unreachable,
for she lived in his soul, and he always heard her
giggling that filled the heavens.

In his reminiscence, he was right there with her in
those beautiful heavens as wide and vast as the
Universe. He was still and at peace, and silently
thanked the gods for arranging that performance;
they must have known he was worthy of it. Of
course the greatest gift of his life was the goddess
herself. Though their time together was short, the
greatest beauty is always remembered by the soul.
He always thought, "I must have done something


Whoever bucks the system
gets hammered;
this also applies
to the universal system
for the good of all.

Luxin says,
"You're the greatest part
of that system, Saints and Angels!"


As drops of rain bring life,
so do kind and humorous words.
Kindness and humor bring life
and some happiness to our
challenging journeys, and
they are their own rewards.


Following the wheel
brings peace,
but one must trade
one's life for it.
If the price is too high,
just keep moving.


Time spent
with a confirmed dunce
is time wasted.


many couldn't get in
because the knowledge key
was rusty.
Some are still waiting!


Death approached him.

"Welcome, friend Death" said Luxin.

He was calm, as Life was also approaching.

"Welcome, friend Life. It's good to see you both."

"Please seat yourselves. May we discuss you?
There is much to talk about. Other friends will be
dropping in to listen to our conversation."


Lives flash by;
thinking we have time
is an illusion.


Pride is an archer
whose arrows never fail
to return to its possessor;
its reaction is Nature
reminding the individual
of their relative insignificance
in the Universe.


you can walk down Death Street
with Life,
no problem.
Relax, stay calm;
one step at a time.
Remember the love;
the unspeakable sweetness.

Deep breath.
In stillness,
some wacky joke
will come to mind outta nowhere;
you'll smile and breathe easy,
watching Life with your right eye,
and watching Death with your left.

When you're cool,
making it down this street
is a snap.
Blessed you don't live here.
Calm as a sack o' potatoes.
Cool as a cucumber.
Yah, be a vegetable
or an uninvolved plant
growing quietly
in the corner.
That's it.

You don't belong here,
or anywhere.
You're just in this street;
no place or time to rest;
always moving ahead.
looking for nothing;
one soft breath after another,
fearless and peaceful always,
till it's time to go.
Then panic.
Just kidding.


If people are wrong,
let them be wrong.
We are as we think,
and every concept we have
is a personal possession
we have come to be
comfortable with.


What we feel we need
is frequently not
what we really need.
One's true needs
may be realized
after a crisis.


Watch only the light in the dark.
Watching the light means being the light.


Tell me, Naturalists,
what creature makes a sound
but has no hands, feet,
head or mouth and is
found everywhere?


Kind or loving words
seem to fly through the years
bringing warmth and
a lovely memory.
Though my mind
may forget the words,
my soul remembers,
and seems to live for
the gentle sincerity
of the other soul
whose words live
always within me.

Does the soul fly
carrying tender words?
its wings powered by love?


The likelihood of
one's going up in flames
dimishes with one's
distance from them.


Two billion years ago,
in an incredibly far away galaxy,
there was a solar system
with immortal human beings
who lived on planet Three.
The immortals were called Threesians,
and they called their sun the One.

The Threesians worshipped the One;
they loved it for its warmth,
and knew all life would die without it.

Three was a very special planet
on which there grew uncounted fields
of lovely purple Eternity Flowers;
to maintain their immortality,
the Threesians ate the flowers' fresh petals.
Life was good on Three for
the Threesians to whom Nature
had given the means to eternal life.

A dark time came to the Threesians;
it came like a thief in the night.
The Threesians got very involved
in their worship and love of the One,
and many began to believe that the One
was all they needed.
So desirous of being one with the One,
They called Three 'the One' too,
and the commonest byword and
greeting was 'All is the One.'

Many Threesians couldn't be bothered
eating the Eternity Flowers,
whose petals had always been
a little bitter anyway.
They just drove by the many fields,
and some forgot why they had even
eaten them before;
to them now, the One's power
and warmth was everything.

Nature caused the Eternity Flowers
to die out, and the Threesians
became mortals.

That's the tragic story of how Three
and its wondrous gifts,
the Eternity Flowers,
were forgotten.

Luxin says,
"If Nature's gifts are overlooked
and unappreciated, they are taken away."


Without thinking, eating
and breathing
Ram in every breath,
why live?

Far from home,
depressed, bad food and
death in every breath,
what's the point?


When is it true that
an angel times an angel
equals an angel?


It's fine to be a recluse.
Some have no choice
but to stay aloof because
they're too easily influenced.
For them it's either be a recluse
or possibly less than themselves.


You're never alone.
That with no name
and many names
is right there with you.
Whatever It's called--
The One,
It and all those are with you,
right to the last.


Beware religions;
they are all traps.
The Vedas they spark:
of the thankful I'm one;
however they know not
what they have done;
of all of the words
I only say one.

A muddle doth reign;
no one's to blame.
Isn't the story always the same?
All one can do is understand;
there is no ease in being that man.

Listen, Angels,
Step carefully right
over these things;
if you're to fly
it's with your own wings.
Keep to yourself;
be with your There
if you will dare.

There are a number
of parts to our being.
"Only God knows" the figure....

Luxin says,
"Saints and Angels, count at least five."


Book learning's not enough;
all the great lessons
are learned from living
and the lips of wisdom.


One is never more solitary
than when one is expressing oneself.
Nature compensates for
one's creative solitude by
giving one drugs, i.e. endorphins.
Blessed and high is the creator.


It has no name
and can't be seen
but it's there.

To think of a thing
it must have a name,
so it's There.

In There is truth.
In There is peace.
There is within
and There is without.

Your There and mine
are really the same,
but I get my There
and you get your There.
Only our receptions differ.

All the individual Theres
comprise EveryThere.

Think of nothing;
want nothing:
You are There.

Be still with There,
it brings you peace;
feel bothered at all,
your There is gone.

If think and want you do not;
The peace of There you have got.

A true heart and tranquility,
Brother or Sister,
are the sweet passages to There.

Love the There
In There is peace;
Whatever it's called,
it's always there.


Nobody cares about
what you care about;
you're on your own with it,
so don't expect any understanding.
Expecting anything leads to upset.

Every single person
is as solitary as can be.
Though he be surrounded by billions,
Luxin is effectively and figuratively,
in his own being,
sitting at his little desk
at one far extremity of the Universe,
every moment revealing
how he's going to keep sitting there;
to wit just doing what he does
and effectively tuning out the fact
that he's a solitary figure willingly
isolated at the 'end of the Universe'
by his need to reflect and write.

How can anyone care
about Luxin's thing
when they are all
also sitting at their own desks
at their end of the Universe
completely alone
other than being with
their beautiful There?

Angels, just be yourselves
and therewith forget the rest.
Figuring yourself out before
you can actually be yourself--
there's your challenge.

Forget another's understanding;
it doesn't matter if they do
or don't understand.
Understand yourself.

The most one might safely expect
is some common human bonding
matter like the need to eat.
For this we can meet in the center
of the Universe to share the 'food bond',
watch and giggle at each other,
sensing how different we are before
knowingly returning to our solitary
outposts for more active natural
forgetfulness of our solitude.

The truth is what it is;
it matters not what we think of it.


Swan, I see you take no notice
when the others are wing stretching,
taking short low flights,
or studying you up and down.
Your feathers are sparkling white.
These are signs you may be
leaving the lake.
Nice to see you.


I wrote down this song to ease my soul;
nobody knows what I've seen.
I have to sing it to let it all roll;
nobody knows what I've seen.

I got to sing it ain't no other way;
only God knows what I've seen.
To make it through here we all have to pay;
nobody knows what I've seen.

Yes, yes, yes, Lord,
nobody knows what I've seen;
singin' out these blues, Lord,
nobody knows what I've seen.

Singin' these blues it eases my mind,
but I don't have it so bad;
people they're out an' I'm doin' fine,
an' nobody knows what I've seen.

Yes, yes, yes, Lord,
nobody knows what I've seen;
singin' out these blues, Lord,
nobody knows what I've seen.


Accident, sickness, gore, pain,
depression, misery, health or
pleasure are nothing to the soul.
Accept it all and be above it all.
Whatever happens to you
can't touch the real you.


Elephant, Mouse and Fawn

Elephant and Mouse lived together by the bottom
end of a great fallen forest tree. Elephant could
scratch his behind on the tree trunk, and the tree had
lots of places for Mouse to hide from danger. The
two of them had first met when Elephant had a
parasite on his foot that he could not remove with
his trunk. Mouse had heard Elephant trumpet in
frustration about his foot with a creature in it, so he
went up to Elephant and asked him,

"Is there any way I may be of help, Sir?"

Elephant had rumblingly replied, "If you wish to
help, Mouse, I would be grateful for your assistance.
I have an unwanted occupant of my right front foot."

Mouse went to work, found the intruder, and
enjoyed a little snack. He and Elephant have been
good friends ever since.

The small forest cats stalked Mouse every chance
they got, stealthily creeping up towards him.
However, wherever Mouse was, Elephant was
standing nearby watching, and smelling the air for
cats. If he sensed trouble approaching, Elephant
would call Mouse with a softer trumpet. Mouse
always stayed close enough to Elephant to a make a
short run to him when he called. Elephant would
extend his trunk tip to Mouse on the ground and
Mouse would jump inside it. Elephant then lifted his
trunk with Mouse high into the air.

Mouse was safe then, and old Elephant--his trunk
tip with Mouse about 15 feet above the ground--
would celebrate danger's passing with a rumbling
song as Mouse peeped out cautiously and a foiled
stalker looked up:

"High up here! High up here!
Up here, Mouse, there's nothing to fear!
High, high up in the sky!
Within my trunk you will not die!"

Death was always near in the forest, so alert
creatures could be content if through their
watchfulness they managed to postpone the

"There, Mouse, another kitty bites the dust, eh? One
more stalker foiled!", elephant rumbled, scratching
his behind on their tree trunk home station, still
holding Mouse high.

Mouse squeaked a cheerful "Thank you as always,
elephant, my hero!"

"All in a day's work, friend," rumbled elephant, and,
still scratching himself, farted loudly. Elephant
chuckled and trumpeted a soft response to his own
fart that sounded fartish.

"Proves you're an elephant!" said mouse, giggle-squeaking.


Some months later, it was elephant that smelled the
smoke first with his sense of smell four times as keen
as a bloodhound's. Elephant lifted his trunk into an
"S" shape in the air and took some very deep sniffs
of the air. He knew what it was and immediately and
instinctively trumpeted a loud warning for any
creatures near them to hear and know of the danger
approaching. Mouse sat up on his hind legs and
sniffed the air too, his tiny whiskered nose high and
twitching a tiny bit.

Elephant trumpeted again the elephant for "Fire!" in
English. Mouse also squeaked "Fire!" in Mousy, but
his squeaking was drowned out by elephant's

After about five minutes the first creature, an
antelope, broke cover right near them, followed by a
troop of about twenty grey vervet monkeys swinging
through the treetops.

Next came a fawn by itself without its mother,
hustling as fast as his young legs could go. Elephant
called to him the Elephantese for, "Come on over
here, little one!" Though Elephant was the biggest
creature he had ever seen up close, Fawn sensed
he'd be safe and went straight underneath Elephant.
As Fawn stood underneath him panting a little,
Elephant thought, about the mother, "I won't ask."
Mouse had run up Elephant's wrinkly forelegs and
was sitting on his back.

The three just stood there for a few minutes.
Elephant and Mouse were watching for any more
stragglers. Elephant could tell from the dimished
smoke smell and a wind direction change that the
fire was not moving towards them any more. No
more creatures broke cover near them.

When Fawn's breathing had slowed down, he
walked out from under, looked up at Mouse and
Elephant and bleated a little "Myaah", Fawnish for
"It's nice to meet you."

Luxin versifies,

"Mouse and Elephant were as one,
very much like moon and sun;
together they did shine so bright,
throughout the day and in the night.

Gentle, happy, forest born,
Fawn came to them one troubled morn;
though this story ends right here,
the three become a family."


Many follow,
a few lead;
people do
as they are.


To climb a mountain,
disregard the mountain
and watch each step.


eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat, eat,
eat, eat, eat.
Now you die...
and if Nature says
you can live again,
winged one,"
you can fly.


Dead to her old life;
dead to death itself,
Ms. Thorne was reborn.


Angelina and the Swan

Angelina had seen much of Life; she had known
trouble and had unconsciously made mistakes for
which she had paid a price. However, because she
had a good heart, Nature had rewarded her with
someone she not only loved, but who truly
loved her.

Angelina was happy, but occasionally she cried
about the things that she knew; if she did talk, she
was only able to talk to her lover about them, in a
hushed voice in the quiet of the evening.

One day Angelina was sitting alone by the lake
enjoying Nature's soothing vibes, and feeling like the
only person in the world who knew what she knew,
when she heard a honking high in the air above.
Looking up, she saw a swan descending from a
height towards the lake.

The swan came down to about twenty feet above the
water then flew horizontally at speed, away from
Angelina, all the way along the length of the
lake. Near the far end of the lake the swan gradually
turned around, descending to about ten feet
above the water, and maintaining some speed, it
flapped powerfully back towards Angelina.

The swan descended closer to the water, and about
forty yards from Angelina it was on a water landing
glide path, still moving fast. The swan adjusted its
wing feathers to catch the air in front of it for
slowing down its approach. Upon touching down,
the swan's body glided on the water, its wings out
for some final braking and balance then quickly
tucked in.

Being a Nature lover, Angelina admired the whole
show, and softly said "Wow" about the swan's
perfect landing.

The swan just sat on the water and rested for a
minute. The he started to paddle along in the water
with his big webbed feet, and Angelina saw that he
was moving in her direction. The swan kept getting
closer and closer to Angelina, who was intrigued by
this. It seemed like the swan was coming to visit her,
but she thought perhaps she was imagining it.

When the swan was about six feet from the water's
edge, his feet hit the mud under the water and he
began to slowly walk on the bottom, rocking slightly
from side to side with each step. Angelina was
absolutely motionless and amazed, wondering what
the swan would do next.

Reaching the mud at the lake's edge, the swan left
the water and continued to slowly walk in the mud
straight towards Angelina. When the swan was
about eight feet from her, Angelina moved to a
squatting position, ready to jump if need be, because
swans were powerful, and could be aggressive if they
felt threatened.

However, Angelina wasn't afraid, because this swan,
with his gentle look and ungainly looking but
dignified and careful way of walking, seemed
friendly somehow.

Angelina just watched the swan as it came to about
four feet from her then stopped and sat down on the
dried mud in front of her. The sitting swan looked
directly at Angelina.

Angelina said to the swan,

"Well, Swan, I enjoyed watching your landing, and
I'm thrilled that you have come right up here near
me, almost as if you came to visit me."

"Ah, but I really have come to visit you," said Swan
in a funny little quacky voice.

Angelina thought, "Oh my God, that just happened,
and I'm absolutely certain my life will never be the
same again," but what she said was,

"Ooh, Swan, did you really just speak to me?"

"Yes, I did," Swan said, and I'm here to tell you

"Yes? Please tell me...." Angelina managed to say
then became speechless, feeling that she had just
entered a dream world; however, she knew what was
happening was all too real.

"Don't talk about evil," Swan said.

"Oh, yes, all right, I understand what you're saying,
and had no idea you knew me. Because it's you
who's telling me to stop, I'm going to stop."

Before Swan returned to the world of swans, he and
Angelina spoke of many things. However, the first
advice Swan gave Angelina was what she always
remembered and never forgot.

From time to time, Swan would return to talk to
Angelina beside the lake; sometimes her lover was with her. Angelina was happy she now had two good friends she could talk to.


Honk honk honk!
There. I honked at you.
There will always be
a quiet but fun-loving swan
around, listening carefully
and advising if possible.
How amazing is this Life!

Luxin says,
"Dear Saints and Angels,
know yourselves and
how miraculous you are!"
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Think it's something
and it's something;
know it's nothing
and it's nothing.

Know Ram with every breath;
keep out of the City of Death.


Breathing softly, very still,
reflect upon your higher will;
it is not what you desire;
it is your eternal fire.

The sun in you's a lovely light,
and fueled by your tranquility,
it will shine throughout the night;
peaceful, absolutely calm,
the crickets' song a soothing balm.

Kiss now your Beloved's cheek;
she is strong though you are weak;
kiss and hold her very tight,
and your soul it will take flight.


The greatest souls who lived
were unknown, humble people
who dared to stand alone and
unseen on figurative mountaintops,
knowing the essential dimensions
of Life to be the truthfulness
and kindness inherent to the
law and order of the Universe.


There are no obstacles
in your true self.
This is true for all:
self is a sparkling jewel;
a star for you and
all to look to.


Hold fast to the center;
in the eye of the hurricane
there is peacefulness.
At the center of your storm
lies all virtue and the courage
to keep yourself safe in there
till this life's storm passes
and the next realm opens.


Your fulfillment
has nothing to do
with your possessions.
We are not bags
to be filled with things.
We are works of art
that evolve in unseen
and mysterious ways.

It is in each moment
with words of honesty
and kindness that one
may know the true wealth
of happiness that endures.

Living for the temporal flash
and worldly satisfaction
leads to a dead end
in which the worldly
figuratively drag their legs
down the streets of Death City
like movie zombies growling.

Are you in this life or perhaps
half in and half out?
Reading Luxin is a sign.
Every life has room
for inspiration.
For something better,
hope for nothing
and gratefully accept
whatever you have.
The less self the more life.


The mind by itself is chaos.

Be still.
Beyond mind your servant,
take a breath
and know the reality
of being a tiny universe;
a perfect small reflection
of the vastness of all there is.

The reality is you are
both the drop and the ocean.
Your drop is my drop,
and together we are the ocean.

Trying to describe reality
always sounds crazy;
a bird can only sing "It's me!"
it knows not of the forest free.


What you truly are is good.
We all have what isn't
but pay it no mind.
When anyone points to the not
there's no point in that,
for the not is not.

Point to what is
if you point at all,
else you may err.
Be not fooled by the false
which is truly naught
but a shadow of the true
which is only good.


Look not into the dark;
whatever you think you see there
is frequently just imagined.

Wait till there's enough light
to allow the perception of reality.
Beware the trap of the mind per se;
it can imagine anything,
and is not the source of truth.


In one giggle
is reflected the joy and harmony
of the whole of Life;
the complete bliss of
the Universe in sound.

The giggler is close
to the essence of all knowledge.
Ultimate knowledge is simple
but elusive.
It is based on you.
Know yourself.


True words never die.
Long after true hearts are gone
their words will live on.


Want nothing.
All is provided
when we're ready.
How that works
is beyond us.
A true heart
makes us ready.


I thought you might also
have been a swan,
but was so wrong.
If I'd known
I would not have
honked at you even once
or got near you at all.


Inspirational lovers,
with one of you,
every step's in order
with details key;
with the other
everything's done by feel
in no particular order.

In different worlds,
you'll never be in sync.
Your togetherness is
wonderful, bizarre and
unquestionably love:
difference is irrelevant.


We all do our best;
but sure as the sun sets,
failure awaits those
who try to reach the moon
with secrets and tricks.
Success and happiness
are only for true hearts.


Great ones are not born
for themselves,
but for others;
their freedom is in being
the greatest slaves.


This life is not my own.
I am a slave,
but it's for the best;
freedom in the world
is not for me.


Countless are watching me.
May I live to do right
so that their faith in me
is proven to be well placed.


Vishnu flew through the clouds
on his hawk mount Garuda
every day with nary an incident.

One day, Garuda,
rather than fly around it,
entered a thick cloud with poor visibility.
Suddenly loomed up before them
Lord Kama who was lounging there
with a group of maidens.
Garuda was distracted
by the maidens' beauty and
they lost his sense of direction;
now thinking that
down was up and up was down,
they crashed into the sea.

Garuda had air pockets in his feathers,
so he and Vishnu floated all right,
and the sea was calm.
Garuda had enjoyed the sight
of those maidens and felt ashamed
that he had lost control,
but Vishnu, whose feet
had touched the water
but never got wet,
told Garuda it was nothing.

The bedraggled pair then heard
the cheering way above them.
It was millions of winged deva
and devi that they soon realized
were cheering for them, and
encouraging Vishnu and Garuda
to fly up from the water.

A chief of the devas
flew down to speak to them.
He said to them,
"You know, we watch you
every day on your missions.
All gods run into problems;
you're like our children;
and we're behind you all the way."

Vishnu and Garuda were speechless,
and happy knowing there were
millions of angels in heaven
who cared about them a great deal.

Garuda flapped his wings twice
to flick off the water on them.
Vishnu called, "Thank you, devas!
Were are greatly honored! Up, Garuda!"

With some struggle they rose
from the water and headed towards
the closest believer they
telepathically knew was calling them.


New Testament:
an allegory in which
an alleged man
represents anyone.


There are no wise ones
in this world.
Seekers, the pressure is off.
Lovers, a simple life
with songs and giggles
is really the way.
Moderation and a few truths
known in your bones
will do you fine.


Like a rope secured at the top,
we swing from the top or inner;
mind in the middle below;
desire at the bottom.

When mind the fine translation tool,
swings heavily like an overloaded
washing machine filled
with useless knowledge,
one may lose control and crash into
overemotionalism and desire.

The intellectual or worldly paths
conduce to death of the inner life;
this is burnout or frustration
of one's inner being
which requires meaning,
not the vacuity and routine
of outer life with which
only the mind can deal.

For peace of mind,
the endless seeking and
swinging must diminish.
Simplify however you can.


Without illusion
lives are not complete.
Mind demands
a full picture,
so it supplies it
when harsher reality
is not in the picture.

Reality is required
to the degree that
one's illusions become
too threatening.


Sunshine Coast Bird and Other Adventures, 1965-1970

November 1965, hiked up the logging road,
destination Mt. Elphinstone, cold and snowy.
Up there a flock of Ravens mating as they flew
through the air.

In the logged off area we hiked up a long hill.
My first time hiking in snow, my friend said don't
look down. My first hike ever the summer before,
so exhausted when we camped I couldn't move,
and lunch was 2-inch long fish my friend caught.

Now it's cold and I inevitably make the mistake
of looking down, and get paralyzed with fear
at the thought of slipping then tumbling down
with snow, broken stumps, and I'm not going
anywhere. It's a long way down, about a block;
my friend's telling me to move.

It gets more and more silly; I won't be sleeping up
here. Just make a start he says, slide on your butt!
It's fun when you start, just keep on your butt;
you'll only fall down if you try to stand up. I try a little butt slide, hands out to the side to guide me, and my paralysis breaks. We laughed and whooped
all the way down, using the boots to kick off stumps and other stuff.

In a vacant loggers' cabin we get the stove burning
wood; warm up, dry off and eat some canned beans
found there. We couldn't resist seeing what
happened -- upon leaving we put a couple of cans of
beans in the stove. Up the hill from the cabin we
waited for our experiment's conclusion: two dull
explosions and puffs of smoke from the chimney.
The Mount Elphinstone vandals only struck once.

The summer before we surprised a Black Bear who
was coming down as we descended the logging road;
he didn't see us until we met at the road, him about
20 feet ahead of us. My friend banged some pots we
kept hanging from our packs, but I doubt the noise
was really necessary; the bear was more afraid of us
than we were of him. He ran down the other side of
the road through logging refuse and new growth,
branches cracking all the way, bear going flat out
about 30 miles per hour.

We stayed at my family's beach front cabin at
Roberts Creek, elevation about 40 feet above the
boulder beach. A few years later I would often be
with my parents there in the summer.

At the back of the cabin my father was digging a
well using a heavy 6-foot steel bar to chip out the
hardpan clay. I would help a bit, but Nature was
always calling the budding naturalist and I admit I
went AWOL a couple of times, bored silly with hard

A birder not a fisherman, I frequently rowed about 3
miles (about 1 mile up the coast and 2 miles out) in
a 9-foot flat bottomed punt my uncle made, which
was fast and easy to row. My destination was White
Island, which was just a big rock, but a shipping
hazard with a light.

On a rare fishing outing I caught a Red Snapper; a
couple of 30 inch long sharks called Dogfish (with those primitive looking black shark eyes found in all
sharks); and a huge starfish from the bottom maybe
200 feet down -- a Sun Star, bright pink, 2 feet in
diameter, and with at least sixteen legs. All my
catches were let loose after removing their hooks.

At White Island I would usually haul the boat up
and walk around, checking out birds with my binocs
and identifying some plants and flowers from my
guidebook. The seabirds included Marbled
Murrelets and the odd Rhinoceros Auklet. Occasionally from the cabin with my telescope we'd
see Killer Whales, just their huge black dorsal fins as
they travelled down the coast towards Vancouver.

One trip out, as I approached White Island I saw a
solitary Sea Lion basking in the sun on the flat rock
nearest me. I didn't want to disturb him so I didn't
land, and imagined he might have been needing a
good rest after a long trip through Georgia Straight.

Gigantic log booms would pass down the coast
pulled by powerful tugboats on their way to
sawmills somewhere. A couple of miless off shore
with the bright sun flashing on the smooth ripples of
a calm sea, I would sometimes row up to the side of
a boom near the back and tie up the boat, then
carefully walk around the logs to stretch my legs.

On another trip to the island I got caught in a fog bank as soon as I got there. Not able to see anything
for direction, I rowed about 2 miles straight to shore
guided only by the sounds of property owners using
chain saws to cut their firewood.

Another time the sea got quite stormy after I got to
the island and I had to row straight to shore as fast
as I could; battling waves it was rough and I was
already tired before I had to hike through the water
for a mile, pushing the boat through choppy water
up to my knees near the beach. When I got to the
cabin I was one soaked and beat teenager. If I had
tried to row against the chop I would never have
made it home.

Once I found a dead deer in the water, tied it to the
boat, and pulled it to the bottom of the cabin's
property 8 feet above the beach. When I returned a
year later all that was left was a jawbone.

Boating with two fellow birders near Pender
Harbour, we came upon a group of twelve Turkey
Vultures flying around or sitting on beach logs. We
never saw the dead creature lunch they must have
found there.

In a clearing at Roberts Creek one bright sunny
summer day I witnessed the courtship display of the
Rufous Hummingbird. Quite near me a male hummer
was diving down from it seemed like a height of fifty
feet, buzzing intensely at the bottom of his dive. I
never saw her, but presumably nearby there was a
cute little lady hummer finding her wooer's efforts
quite thrilling.

While we waited for a ferry back to Vancouver a
Langdale ferry terminal, I was fortunate to get a
once-in-a-lifetime look at a very small owl my friend
spotted, a Pygmy Owl.

Fond memories of being in love with Mother Nature, with every new creature or discovery like a present from the big Mother, and my dear father wondering out loud if it would be possible to harness my 13-year-old energy and enthusiasm as I ran up the hill from the beach to show Mum and Dad something weird or wonderful I had just discovered.


If you have been
a slave of desire;
if you know
that takes you nowhere;
when uneasiness and
silent screaming begin,
leave what you're doing;
lie down, sleeping position;
be silent, don't groan;
still your mind,
your hands limp and still.

Do nothing but listen
to the silent screaming
and feel the tension
which will only break
when you fall asleep
in at least a nap.

This is the substance free
"do nothing but endure
and sleep" technique.
When you awake
you should feel normal.
The lower self is mainly
dealt with by ignoring it.

Endurance is key.
Let the waves wash over thee,
rolling creature, bottom of sea.

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February 2021:
Book of verse etc. renamed from "father-kabir-lc" to "A Stormy Life"


At seventy, reborn,
he started climbing mountains;
there are so few up there.
The inner climber is alone
except for their Beloved Father,
a loved one, and, if blessed,
an immortal climber
of an age now long gone
when lifelong virginity was real.

Each upward crawl is a process.
Struggle connotes fear;
forget that or difficulty.
The process is the path of Life;
no process the path of death
which means descent without climb.
How far he'll go is unknown;
all that matters is the process
and leaving the world behind.

Will you ever see a baby
crawling over a high pass?
If so, say hello if you dare;
his name is Luxin.
Eight months old,
he fell and held on by a finger.
He's back on the ledge
and crawling fine now toward
unknown destinations up there.


The hawk-soul,
on seeing quality,
dives in for the kill.


Angels, if you loved someone
and found tragically
they didn't love you
though they may have said so;
if you are a seeker
you may discover that
we produce the Angels
who are the Souls
both 'good' and 'bad'.
Your 'bad' beloved
must not be judged
as they are a victim of karma,
but even so must be let go.
Nature always separates
the 'good' from the 'bad',
and there is danger
in their staying together.

For clues regarding us
or the enigma of evil:
John Milton's Paradise Lost.
Listen, Friends ...
Immortals and mortals ...
'love angels' and fallen 'angels'
are the same as
good souls and evil souls.

There is a death
compared to which
physical death is nothing;
seekers, figure it out.
Lovers, love on ...
it is one's greatest protection;
but love yourself first
and give your heart only
to a good one.


Can you lie like a baby?
not knowing or caring
where your feet or hands are,
with them just moving
by themselves this way and that;
with your ma or grandma
doing some little thing
for you you're not aware of.

And later on at an age
perhaps between twenty and ninety,
can you lie like a baby
who now knows many things
but still lays there lik a bairn,
unconcerned yer hairt wi' soon stap
an' yer Spirit an' yersel', a Soul,
are gan tae flee aroon' agither
in Heav'n sae real?

Aye, an' if ye hae th' patience,
havin' seen a' th' beauty o' th' world,
an' loved some'n an affa lot mair than that,
tae jis camly wait --
remembrin' a' th' miracles ye've seen
wi' yer twa een an' known in yer guid 'airt --
fer yer aul hairt t' beat its last,
an' dee that o'er an' o'er ...
Ma Nature'll ae day spik t' ye, freen:
"Aye, lad/lass, ye've deen fine then;
ye've loved, been kyne an' patient;
yer time fer fleein' 'roon th' worl'
free o' a hairt stappin 'as come.
Yer time fer eternal freedom
an' Wisdom is 'ere, ma bonny wee bairn."


"Yer wintin' tae remember me?", she socht.
Absolutely bloody richt, A thocht.
She wiggled, dancin' ... major moves.
Lak ma mither sh' taks care o' mi;
fa cwid be mair blessed?
Cute wee feet an' stannin' keekin' up
at mi wi twinklin' een;
treasure o' mi life.
Dinna misunderstan', though
it's an affa lot mair an' deep as th' sea.

Wi lauch 't onything,
onything at a'!
Aats fit it's a' aboot.
Div ye nae ken aats fit it's a aboot?
Then a've jis telt ye --
Aats fit it's a' aboot!


Next time, ye buggers at arna real:
Ye're gettin' a kickit airse fan mi faither comes;
an affa lot o' kickit airses,
A guarantee ye that ye richt scunners
wi' unseen faces lak th' back o' a bus!
Smilin' an' breathin' relief th' wee bairn wis,
cause th' buggers dinna hae ony
faces or airses t' kick an' e's breathin' easy th' noo!


Hey Friend!
Did you know you're living forever?
The "secret" is out.
Couldn't keep it any longer, thank Heaven,
which translates to
thank the Wise Ones in Heaven, that is,
the countless Immortal Liberated Souls,
many of whom are living
with mortals like you,
and many who are sleeping in the Astral World,
waiting for their next life with a mortal,
waiting to "come alive" and share your life;
some are known; most are never known;
there are none more concealed than they are,
just by their nature, and necessarily.
If you believe in them,
one day one may talk to you,
and your life will never be the same!

Your Soul is ageless,
meaning it's been around virtually forever.
Some are way past their
one hundred thousandth birthday,
i.e. when they became wise and left samsara.

Some good Souls are "bound" like me,
meaning not liberated yet;
and it could be thousands of years
of living with mortals
before they become free, empowered and wise.

There are never any wise mortals;
no amount of knowledge produces Wisdom
with the span of a mortal life;
it is many lives of your Soul
being loving and righteous
that can free you from samsara.
Knowledge is not required for liberation;
just Love and the other Virtues.
Knowledge necessary for enlightenment:
the basic five separate aspects of oneself:
body, mind, Spirit, Soul, Conscience:
When they are forgotten
or any two thought to be the same thing;
those who seek acquaintance
with the Truth miss the mark;
yet no knowledge can make one wise;
only Love and its eternal partner Honesty
can, one day perhaps,
many thousands of years from now
lead you to Wisdom and freedom.
It's a long Immortal Soul journey, my Friend!

Angels and Sants remember this:
There could be a wise liberated Soul
living with you or one of your family members,
like the one who lives with my wife.
If you're a father seeking oneness with Atman
your guru may be living with your son;
you'd be blessed if you can accept
wise advice from that old Soul
who chose to be with your child.
Only the humble progress in the highest.

Awesome is the invisible Astral world
that complements this evident physical world.
The unseen but very much
eternally living Souls -- both liberated and not --
these are what we are or might be in time.
The free ones are wise Guardian Angels,
and the good souls, whatever level they're at,
all live forever!


The meaning of Lao Tzu,
in his "Hold fast to the center"
is analogous to Kabir's
when he speaks of the Bride (Soul)
hugging her husband (Spirit) tightly
and kissing him endlessly.
The spiritual union of Soul and Spirit
(Jiva and Atman) is essential for
one's basic balance or sanity,
and any peace of mind one may
also subsequently attain.


Eclectically draw the universal truths
from any religion or philosophy;
to be exclusively devoted
to one of them is as deadening
as eating only fish and rice
for the rest of your life.


A dinna ken far am gan.
Am only deein ma best, ye ken?
Aats aboot it.
Fariver aat gets mi
aats ma place.


The most poverty stricken beings are
those who have only great wealth
as well as every worldly pleasure
and power, and all knowledge.


No point in concealing the truth
when the dead are crowding in.
No point.
Father is here within.
Stay close to him;
you're his baby.
Hold Father's hand;
that Big Hand
on a Big Arm
that can knock the dead for a loop!
Big breath on the thought of Father.
"No worries, son," Father says.
"Relax, I'm always here for you;
the buggers canna stan
the look in ma ee; ye ken aat, lad.
Canna tak th' look o' ma ee!"
ma big Faither said in Doric,
stannin' 'ere lik a mountain.

Ah breathed easy lookin' at him,
an' 'is baby joker joked,
"Aye, aat mannie wid mak onybody feart!"
"Aat mannie" -- Doric for Atman? Ah thocht,
kennin' fine it cudna be. Close. Interestin'.
Fooiver, fit wye nae? Wel mak it so for fun.
"Grandad, ne'er mine yer wee joker,
ye're bloody a' there is
tae a wee bairn sic as masel.
Ah luv ye, ye big aul bugger!
Ye're mi aul man like mi Atman;
A'll hug an' kiss ye awis.
Nicht an' day, nicht an' day.
Aye, yer a guid een, nae doot aboot aat!

Aat aul man's mi Atman!
Aat aul man's mi Atman!
Aat aul man's mi Atman!
an' Ah'm a' o-er hem!


Do not esteem your mind.
Watch it vigilantly,
and do not value it.
Your mind is not you,
and it is your only enemy.
Listen to Luxin,
Dwell in your mind
and it will destroy you
and all that you cherish.
The mind is only a tool
that your Spirit and Soul
must enslave.
Never forget, Prophet --
You are not your mind;
it's only an entity you have
that must constantly be watched,
without going cross-eyed,
by the alert hawk of your Soul
that must feed on your Father always.
What are you, Friend?
Your Soul.


My business is my business.
You are none of my business;
I am none of your business.
If you make my words your business,
that's your business.
If I make your words my business,
that's my business,
but you are not my business.
Regardless, we will never become
each other's business.
No matter how close we may get in concept,
we'll always live at opposite ends of the Universe.

I'm glad no one knows me,
because if anyone knew me
I wouldn't be me.
Be glad if no one knows you;
that means you're someone worth knowing;
or rather, your concept's worth knowing.
If another appreciates your concept,
they know all that's worth anything in you,
because your concept, if honest and kind,
means you have a good Soul,
and a good Soul is one with the Universe.
Such a person has it all.


Fan ye can wint naething
lik a bairn's got naething
but its mither an' faither
an' a look up' 't th' sky,
an' lik abody's gotten,
kis ye canna tak it wi' ye;
ye jis micht be ready
fer foriver then,
ma bonny wee or nae sae wee
loon 'r quine, Aye, ye micht.
Div ye nae ken aat?
Och, then, ye dee th' noo!


On quality so very fine,
roaring bullocks never dine;
in gentleness you always grow,
you the gross can never know.
On your bed you softly lie,
sans Self-kindness you will die.
Spirit there for you to eat,
Swan it is your perfect treat;
then you fly so very high,
out of sight of any eye.


Noted scholars know nothing;
knowledge for money is a curse;
Nature keeps the Truth of old
from those that parrot just for gold.
The aged heron gnashed its teeth;
nothing caught became its grief.
He relied on catching fish,
now caught was he without a wish.
For meat and pleasure lions roar,
as above the vultures soar.


The beginning of death
is when one stops growing.
Nature means us to grow or die.
Mere existence is a lie.


Who are certain they know all
are among the first to fall;
ego and complacent mind
are to their owner cruel not kind.


Swan, gentle unknown heart,
many who cannot follow you
make you their business,
babbling on of this and that.
Waste no time on them at all;
they have their own path
and are none of your business;
yours is flying very high,
unseen by any earthly eye,
above the sky, never to die.

Ye who are so pure and white
must stay hidden in the night;
when on earth keep low and quiet,
pearls and gentle breath your diet.


The forever man lived his last bound life
sixty eight hundred years ago;
this wise one was a virgin poet
who loved a lady who loved him;
This was secret ... now you know it.

The forever man didn't marry at all,
and he had no children;
but nowadays his child is me,
he is my spiritual father you see.
Every other fact of this great Soul
only the forever man's to know.

This perfect poet's peace was won,
with all complaint and evil gone;
he's immortal, peaceful, wise and free,
and I am blessed he talks to me.

Though he lived so long ago,
in truth my friends he is still here;
as my wife's Soul we're a family of three;
he'll live with us mortals eternally;
he's lived with about eighty already.

Your Soul is ageless, countless years old;
liberated Souls like Father become wise
after growing in uncountable lives.
When a virgin's Soul's near perfect,
it becomes wise when the person passes
and Nature allows them to break out
of the samsara cycle most of us are in.

I became Father's spiritual son,
the one with a stormy life
who cannot live without his advice.
My Soul in this life's had a growth spurt,
but it's still like a baby and greatly needs
the protection of two spirit fathers now.
The Liberated Souls watch us all.
The things they know are so beyond us.
They care for the Souls on the upward path
moving slowly life after life to
their release from the samsara cycle
that eight billion people are either
moving up or down in.

Immortally lives the forever man;
a wise adviser in Nature's plan;
his ancient city forgotten 'neath sand;
his verses dust yet the forever man
goes on and said that I could give
this account of the truth of Guardian Angels;
for the Angels and the Liberated Souls
are just us in our most evolved form.

Good mortals it is Nature's Plan
that the Soul of inspired woman or man
may live long in eternal life and help
the ones who deeply need their wise advice.

May the blessed who believe --
upon learning there is truly more
than one small journey of joy and pain --
heave an inspired sigh of relief.

(my pinterest board "Guardian Angels and Souls")
PICS TWO: Guardian Angel & Child 564 x 1058

Christ holding baby 393 x 500



Sants, hold on to your personal Sun center;
your Spirit power source through which you,
who are your Soul, are empowered and alive.

Spirit, Atman, Christ, Krishna, True Self
Spiritual Consciousness all mean the same
entity or energy field which comes to your body
at your first breath when you are born and
leaves your body with your last breath.

Your Spirit/Atman is not your Soul or Jiva;
your Soul is a completely different entity with eternal life. That entity that never dies is YOU.
You are an immortal Soul.

If you are a 'good' person you have a good soul.
Good souls move upward in the
samsara cycle of birth, life and death.
With good deeds a good soul grows,
and eventually after a very long time,
and typically a great many lives,
your Soul is freed from samsara,
and it/you are wise.

If you hold on to your personal Sun;
if you, your Soul, hugs your Atman
like a lady lover holds her beloved man;
if your Soul constantly eats up your Atman
like your Spirit is the best chocolate sundae....
If you do this and are daily one with your Atman
you may be able to prevent frustration, tension,
insanity and addiction from controlling you.
Your Atman, the source of all Virtue --
Love, Kindness, Good Humor, Patience,
Discernment, Equanimity, Justice and Understanding --
can be accessed if your thoughts are happy
and you're free of worry, fear and self-pity.
If you are negative, your Atman is not available to you. Relax, breathe deeply, and let any negative
thoughts pass; then you may enter your Atman
for your higher inspiration and positivity.

When your Soul loves your Atman;
when your Soul is one with your Atman,
your True Self and Spiritual Virtues
come to be a part of your Soul,
which is vulnerable and influenced
by both the higher and lower natures.

If you protect your Soul by giving it oneness with Atman, and you use the power of prana in the breath
to vitalize all aspects of a positive thinking nature,
you may never know insanity, and may even eliminate signs of it or heal yourself
of many abstract and physical ills.

I'm not here to protect anyone from the truth
which is typically difficult to hear;
I'm here to disturb you with truth,
because truth is ultimately what we all need
even though many are not ready for it
and never will be if they are 'moving down'
and satisfied with the material world.

If my words are strange to you,
and you think they have nothing to do with you,
suspend judging them and wait
for the crisis that inevitably comes
when we are unacquainted with the truth
and hoping we can just get by in life.
There is a great need for all of us to be kind
to ourselves,
and to become familiar with the basic
spiritual aspects of ourselves,
the two crucial aspects being our
coexisting entities of Spirit/Atman & Soul/Jiva.

When one is not ready for change it can't be forced.
Suspend your judgment and wait many years....
If and when you're ready,
give your Self (your Atman) a chance to show itself,
how it's positive influence can change you
from miserable to content, and bring you to the beginnings of happiness within yourself.

If, because of my words, any one of you every truly helps yourself,
starting off on a spiritual path you would have
to be naturally destined to follow anyway,
good karma will come to me -- a reward will come to me, even in future lives of my soul when I'll have a different name and body. I'll receive good karma even if this current life of mine is over and I --
for I am my Soul -- have moved on.

Do good for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the many. If you do good I also will receive good even in a future life.

All of the blessed in humanity move upward together.

Luxin says,
"Sants and hopefully future Angels and liberated wise Souls, peace be upon you. May both the physical and astral worlds be lifted and better for your being here."


Your online stalker
unknowingly compliments you
in wanting to be like you.
Maintain the distance
and say not a word
as they babble away.
Feel compassion and
smile a little;
you're blessed.


All mortals are imperfect,
so don't say what you think you are
because you could be wrong.
Prove what you are
by doing what you do.
Others will know,
think or say what you are;
they are frequently wrong.

It's the mission that matters,
if it's a noble one,
not the mission leader.
Those who go upstream
in families of destiny,
keep in mind there are
glorious missions
begun by one and
ended by another.

However solitary
we think we are,
we are a Soul team that
works across lifetimes,
and you could be surprised
who your best friends
turn out to be.


I share and don't teach.
No one can teach you anything;
only you can learn
if you're destined to.
If you really learn,
and reach some degree
of enlightenment or Soul growth,
the karmic credit goes
to both of us.

Luxin says,
"Learn, budding Angels and Saints!
Learn more than the scholars ever will,
and you, and I, and to some degree all
will go to glory as figurative mountaineers!"

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