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Mon 28 Jun, 2021 10:46 pm - [youtube][/youtube] Dirty old river management of the riparian and flood plain hydrological, geomorphological and ecological imperatives. (view)
Mon 28 Jun, 2021 07:27 am - Was reason the reason you asked the question? (view)
Mon 28 Jun, 2021 01:08 am - Posing problems that would cross a rabbi's eyes consequently requiring eye muscle surgery to correct the strabismus cutting through the conjunctiva and recession/resection of the lateral/... (view)
Mon 15 Feb, 2021 03:52 am - [quote] there must be something that sets them apart from one another, else why the need for two words?[/quote] You mentioned need. Did you need to do that? Was it free will? Perhaps... (view)
Sat 13 Feb, 2021 05:56 pm - [quote]"They came in search of paradise"; "If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit"; Double your pleasure, double your fun"[/quote] They have mint in common. (view)
Fri 12 Feb, 2021 06:34 pm - [youtube][/youtube] (view)
Fri 12 Feb, 2021 06:25 pm - When do we get to the god bit? Are we there yet? (view)
Thu 11 Feb, 2021 09:46 pm - [quote]what I should do I still love her[/quote] Say no, or insist on Saturday night. (view)
Thu 11 Feb, 2021 09:42 pm - sagacious observation (view)
Thu 11 Feb, 2021 07:17 pm - [youtube][/youtube] (view)
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