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Thu 7 Dec, 2023 02:38 pm - WEEK 14 Thursday New England Patriots @ [b]Pittsburgh Steelers[/b] Sunday Carolina Panthers @ [b]New Orleans Saints[/b] [b]Detroit Lions[/b] @ Chicago Bears [b]Houston Texans[/b] @ New York... (view)
Wed 29 Nov, 2023 09:53 am - WEEK 13 Thursday Seattle Seahawks @ [b]Dallas Cowboys[/b] Sunday Arizona Cardinals @ [b]Pittsburgh Steelers[/b] [b]Atlanta Falcons[/b] @ New York Jets [b]Denver Broncos[/b] @ Houston... (view)
Wed 22 Nov, 2023 02:05 pm - WEEK 12 Thursday (U.S. Thanksgiving Day) Green Bay Packers @ [b]Detroit Lions[/b] Washington Commanders @ [b]Dallas Cowboys[/b] [b]San Francisco 49ers[/b] @ Seattle Seahawks Friday... (view)
Mon 20 Nov, 2023 01:40 pm - I think Alex's total score should be 48, or one of his 24s should be 14? (view)
Thu 16 Nov, 2023 08:11 am - WEEK 11 Thursday [b]Cincinnati Bengals[/b] @ Baltimore Ravens Sunday Arizona Cardinals @[b] Houston Texans[/b] Chicago Bears @ [b]Detroit Lions[/b] [b]Dallas Cowboys[/b] @ Carolina... (view)
Thu 9 Nov, 2023 08:21 am - WEEK 10 Thursday Carolina Panthers @ [b]Chicago Bears[/b] Sunday [b]Indianapolis Colts[/b] @ New England Patriots ¹ Cleveland Browns @ [b]Baltimore Ravens[/b] Green Bay Packers @... (view)
Thu 2 Nov, 2023 12:44 pm - Week 9 Thursday Tennessee Titans @ [b]Pittsburgh Steelers[/b] Sunday [b]Miami Dolphins[/b] @ Kansas City Chiefs ¹ Arizona Cardinals @ [b]Cleveland Browns[/b] Chicago Bears @ [b]New... (view)
Sun 29 Oct, 2023 05:23 pm - A fun afternoon of football. Saints won, Cincinnati won (even though I didn't pick them), Jets won and Denver is beating the crap out of KC (didn't pick them either). On to the Bears game... (view)
Fri 27 Oct, 2023 07:22 am - Buffalo looked like they were trying to lose at the end. (view)
Wed 25 Oct, 2023 03:20 pm - WEEK 8 Thursday Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ [b]Buffalo Bills[/b] Sunday [b]Atlanta Falcons[/b] @ Tennessee Titans [b]Houston Texans[/b] @ Carolina Panthers [b]Jacksonville Jaguars[/b] @... (view)
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