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Tue 20 Apr, 2021 03:30 pm - If by celebrating you mean breathing again, then yes : ) (view)
Tue 20 Apr, 2021 03:23 pm - Justice today. It's a start.... (view)
Sun 11 Apr, 2021 08:05 am - Not to me, which is why I loved her response. Did you think the prosecution debunked the study by essentially just dismissing it as unamerican? (view)
Sun 11 Apr, 2021 07:50 am - Hell yes, but under reporting isn't the trial issue. I'm responding to the defence tactic of referencing a study he infers supports his contention that Chauvin did not commit murder. I... (view)
Sun 11 Apr, 2021 06:43 am - I thought her initial spontanious response was very impactful! I suppose I'm not supposed to love it, but I did. I wish the prosecution had asked one or two more pointed questions with respect... (view)
Thu 8 Apr, 2021 08:47 am - Imo: the team leader screwed up by not intially collecting it for analysis. I think you can bet your bottom dollar she will never make the same mistake again. The prosecution HAD to get in front... (view)
Tue 6 Apr, 2021 06:03 am - Sweet! We're in the greater Toronto area, and the sedum are coming along nicely. I found a few hosta spikes poking through yesterday, too, and the maple trees are budding. Soon enough there... (view)
Tue 6 Apr, 2021 05:54 am - I'm not there yet, but I have heard of some really wonderful outcomes and hope the same for you. My mum underwent the procedure when she was in her, early 80s I want to say , and once all was... (view)
Tue 6 Apr, 2021 05:43 am - Thanks :) (view)
Mon 5 Apr, 2021 07:13 am - Oralloy, no offence, but there's too many variables to provide a definitive answer, and I think you're being rather obtuse. God, offering the man a kleenex when he was crying might have... (view)
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