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Well... What should I say. I like to talk to interesting people from all over the world. Everything else... You will have to find out.
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Tue 5 Jan, 2021 01:52 pm - Hi, yes I have experienced this several times. I do not know why the weight is stalling sometimes despite being on a calorie deficit. However, with time the weight goes down. I also think,... (view)
Tue 5 Jan, 2021 01:37 pm - For a first shot I would simply use a linear regression model and see what the coefficients are? Maybe you can share your dataset? (view)
Thu 31 Dec, 2020 02:37 pm - No party. Only lockdown just right now. :D (view)
Thu 31 Dec, 2020 07:49 am - In my perception self-optimization has become viral during the 10's. Before, that had not played such a big role for most people. I am thinking of all kinds of different things like weight... (view)
Fri 29 May, 2020 11:19 am - Just look for open PhD positions? What exactly is the question? (view)
Fri 29 May, 2020 10:34 am - I also think that people have increased their exercise level since the lock-down began. I, for myself can say that I eat now a lot healthier because most of the bakeries are closed. :) So, I... (view)
Fri 29 May, 2020 10:24 am - I am interested in it, though I just wait for articles in the newspapers. Hasn't this flight been re-scheduled? (view)
Fri 29 May, 2020 10:23 am - Since low orbit space flights have become some kind of a routine now, it is maybe not a too bad decision to let this private companies do. The more risky stuff then can be done by the government. (view)
Fri 29 May, 2020 10:06 am - How do you define food addiction? Would be interesting to me. We all have to eat, and that constantly. So when do you define one being addicted to food? (view)
Sun 8 Oct, 2017 11:38 am - Hi. After a few months of training, I have succeeded in running 5km in 23 minutes in a competition. Not that bad, I think. (view)
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