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Sat 31 Dec, 2016 05:46 am - If either I or my partner found a johnny wrapper anywhere, not just in the bed, it would definitely be question time. (view)
Sat 31 Dec, 2016 05:45 am - [quote="TomTomBinks"]how did a piece of condom wrapper get stuck to your boyfriends butt?[/quote] Ewwwwww. (view)
Sat 31 Dec, 2016 05:41 am - Quotation marks or italics. Not both. (view)
Sat 31 Dec, 2016 05:39 am - [quote="tanguatlay"]I remember reading that "fetch" is seldom used in relation to people or things. It is usually used in relation to dogs. Is this true? Thanks. [/quote] It... (view)
Sat 31 Dec, 2016 05:38 am - Makeover is US conversational English for a change for the better in appearance. I suppose a makeover of a building might include work such as repainting, renewal of doors, windows, deteriorated... (view)
Sat 31 Dec, 2016 05:30 am - It is not a sentence, however it is not ungrammatical. A sentence would have something in place of the ellipsis. (view)
Sat 31 Dec, 2016 05:28 am - [quote="tanguatlay"]I suppose it cannot be described in one word. [/quote] Your father could [i]collect[/i] you from school, or [i]pick you up[/i], or [i]get[/i] you (less formal). Some... (view)
Sat 31 Dec, 2016 05:02 am - [quote="tanguatlay"]If my father is in the office, and he comes from the office to pick me home, can we say that he fetches me home?[/quote] No. To fetch means to go from one place to... (view)
Sat 31 Dec, 2016 04:57 am - This is strange. No answers for three months, then two good ones in around one hour. I must confess I came at this concept as a current atheist with a strong interest in religions, and I was... (view)
Fri 30 Dec, 2016 03:40 pm - [quote="InfraBlue"][quote]BTW - The punctuation belongs INSIDE the " quote marks . . . . religion,"[/quote]Tangutlay is following British conventions.[/quote] I once got in a... (view)
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