Web traffic software

Reply Fri 18 May, 2007 07:06 pm
Im just learning that there is software you can purchase that is supposed to help you with webtraffic to your site?

Are these a joke?

Do they just create an opening page, or make you spend 100.00+ just to tell you how to do it?

Does anyone have any experience with one?

All I am finding so far ( about a 15 minute search) are 999.00$ programs.
(sigh) I cant afford that.. but there might be something cheaper out there?
If they are worth my money...
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Craven de Kere
Reply Fri 18 May, 2007 07:10 pm
It sounds like it's software promising to send you traffic, as opposed to webtraffic analytics software.

If it's software promising to send you traffic it's most likely not going to do anything to help you. There are only a few programs I know of that are useful toward the pursuit of traffic but only if employed as part of an already existing strategy to get the traffic.

Traffic is money, and there's no easy money.
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Reply Fri 18 May, 2007 07:14 pm

I see the difference between the analyst software, and some that out right promise to produce web traffic ( S.e.o. ) being one of them.
Also being one of the more expensive.

I figured, if all one had to do was to BUY a program to maximize their web traffic , there would be no need for entry pages, key word matches and maximizing content..

I would be lying if I said I wasn't just hoping it could be that simple. Laughing
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Reply Fri 18 May, 2007 07:23 pm
Im looking specifically at IBP9

from what I am reading , it is a combination program.

Essentially, it helps ( i dunno how) to promote your site, IF you do A,B,and C

Since I am using Yahoo for my domain hosting, can I use programs like this?
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Craven de Kere
Reply Sat 19 May, 2007 06:35 am
IBP has some useful tools if you already understand what you are doing as it helps organize and automate some of it. But if you don't, it's not going to change that.

You can use IBP with any site, but here's my recommendation:

Learn why people go to certain sites (it has to do with quality content more so than a program the webmaster used) and try to make your site have those qualities.
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Reply Sat 19 May, 2007 07:20 am
IBP has some useful tools if you already understand what you are doing

and I really dont... not too much.

I have spent several weeks just doing basic searches and reading what is free and found on google and the likes, about maximizing.
I have read through articles about creating opening pages, matching text etc..

Im pretty green in this area aside from what information I can find on the net.

Having used THAT information though.. I have moved myself up on Yahoo's search engine to number 19 in my choice key words for a while now.
I need to do that with google but I cant seem to crack that google code and find the magic combination.

I downloaded a free trial of IBP9 , lets see what it can teach me..
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Craven de Kere
Reply Sat 19 May, 2007 08:42 am
SEO in it's most simple "how to" I can imaging (but really, making a good site is much more important than SEO and you shouldn't worry about SEO until you have a good site):

1) On page elements like the page url (including the domain, directory/path and file names), title, headers (e.g. h1 tag) should contain the terms you want to be ranked for.

Sometimes just on page optimization is needed (the more complex the query the easier it is to rank well, case in point this thread may become the first result for "shewolfnm seo craven able2know") but it's really just - the act of structuring the information in semantic markup to make it machine readable.

For example putting the title between title tags makes that data distinction available to the computers reading it (i.e. search engines in this case).

2) Links from other pages about this same subject improves your rankings. The text they use to link to you ("anchor text") is a vote for your site for that term. In any decent SEO race the onpage optimization is the dressing of the candidate and shaping the public image. The election is won in a vote. And in competitive queries having the right links (not necessarily volume) is what determines the winner or the loser.

The main use of software like IBP is to find and email (some would say "spam") site owners asking for links.

If done in volume and not targeted and personalized it will probably be flagged as spam by ISPs and blacklists eventually.

If your site is genuinely useful, it will be linked to by users voluntarily.

So if you are thinking about getting into SEO do this:

1) Make your site convert the existing traffic into the actions you want at high efficiency. Extra traffic doesn't help if the people only do what you want (read, buy, post, search...) a small percentage of the time.

In short the site should be useful to the user. Ultimately search engines want to help users. Ultimately not being user friendly is bad for all.

Learn about usability, generate unique and useful content.

2) Decide what keywords to target. I can make anyone number 1 for "babahahatuuuheheasshatmonkeybite" nearly overnight. You should target keywords based on how relevant to the subject it is, how much traffic the terms get (this is the payoff for the work) and the competition in that query (if you find a term with half the traffic but none of the competitors it may be a better interim goal).

3) Tweak the onpage elements to optimize for the targeted query(ies).

4) If needed try to gain more links to your page/site to improve it's ranking from there. Even with perfect on-page optimization it won't rank well without links if there are many others in the field.
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Reply Wed 23 May, 2007 06:49 pm
is this a specific program?

Or an outline?

( Embarrassed do forgive me, I am VERY new to being a 'webmaster' and creating my own site)
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Craven de Kere
Reply Thu 28 Jun, 2007 02:35 am
The software I was referring to is IBP from Axandra.com
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