Shud Adam have Rejected That Gift ?

Reply Sun 14 Jan, 2007 01:11 am
dadpad wrote:
Several posts without any colour bold type or upsizing.

David, you're slipping son, Getting old or just mellowing?

but I vacillate a lot,
according to circumstances.
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Reply Sun 14 Jan, 2007 01:24 am
anton bonnier wrote:
David.... was Satan created by your God in his own image,
or was he a God in his own right?

Well, that 's a little off topic,
in that we were analysing the
story of Eve, her apple,
how it affected Adam n his wisdom in the matter.

However, having said that,
in my opinion, based upon
some accounts of people who have
returned from death, I suspect
that there is only one person alive in all the universe,
and that the diversity of life is an illusionary
measure to avoid boredom.
As Richard Bach put it: " we are the otters of the universe. "

I am not a Biblical expert.
Some people have extracted from the Bible
that Lucifer ( bearer of light ) was God 's first son,
and disloyal. I take it as a myth.
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