What number is missing from this series

Reply Mon 1 Jan, 2007 10:56 pm
There are many numbers missing from the sequence. The number 2, for example, should precede 3. And the number 4 is missing. And it jumps all the way from 5 to 10 leaving out all the numbers in between.
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Reply Mon 1 Jan, 2007 11:27 pm
CalamityJane wrote:
Hehe, TTH, that's exactly what the Germans object to here in the States. Laughing

They don't want ice in their drinks (it dilutes it too much). The worst
I've seen was where a waitress put ice in a glass of wine - this is the ultimate sin to any wine drinker.

That is what the German people said they do not like here in the US is ice in their drinks. I have to agree with you CalamityJane that putting ice in wine is almost insane!!!! :wink:
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