millsberry help on karate

Reply Wed 1 Nov, 2006 09:52 am
i am infernal24 i need help to get my next belt after yellow i need to spot sylvia ive tried and sometimes i spot her but when i click on her nothing happens ive boguht 3 cameras plz some1 help me Sad
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Reply Mon 13 Nov, 2006 08:06 pm
thats what happens to me also
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Reply Mon 13 Nov, 2006 08:10 pm
THat is what happens to me also, i click on her and nothing happens. Did you have the camera on you or in your house? And what kind of cameras are you using?
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Reply Tue 19 Dec, 2006 05:33 pm
Well, she's usually out at 8pm(Central standard time) and just keep tryin?

does she dissappear after you try to click on her?

I have alot of dojo hints? ( up to the blue belt)
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Reply Wed 27 Dec, 2006 05:28 pm
Need help on Orange Belt
I help extreme help on the karate game task. She (the karate master on Millsberry) reads that i have to go to tha Colhurst Tunnel to find a watch. My classes is at 100% but the Task in "IMCOMPLETE". Please post instructions and help on the karate task on the Orange Belt level. Rolling Eyes

P.S visit my house and send me greeting in Millsberry.
I am Daniel and my username is Bronxperson in Millsberry Very Happy
Reply Sun 31 Dec, 2006 04:34 pm
hey bronx ill send u a greeting card... i also have instructions for u on another topic about ur karate be sure to look

Now for the sylvie thing i might have a solution for u ... make sure ur camera is in ur que line. if that doesnt help then there may be a glitch on millsberry
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Reply Fri 5 Jan, 2007 07:35 am
+You have to be able to see the face .
+You have to have the camera in your iventory not your home.
+Sylvie comes out three thimes a day.
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Reply Thu 19 Apr, 2007 05:15 pm
IM white belt. Where do i find Robert J. Williams i looked every were
Reply Sat 21 Apr, 2007 04:51 pm
to find robertjwillians
go to the user search and type in his name no spaces and its the first one plese help me with mine
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Reply Wed 16 May, 2007 04:50 pm
To clear up any and all problems with getting belts:
(some of these have been answered some have not)

*to find Robert J. Williams just type his name into the "find a buddy" box and click go. Hes the first name that pops up he lives at 31052 Pond Road in Lakeview. To send him a card go to the post office downtown, pick either thank you card and type "robertjwilliams" in the addresse box.

*to get a picture of Sylvie, as someone said before, the camera has to be in your "stuff" section, not in your house.

*to find the watch in the tunnels you have to get a treasure map. you can run into a woman in the tunnels who gives you one, if you can't find her or sold yours already i have one in my yard sale (same name on millsberry). The map shows you 3 secret areas to dig, the watch is in one of those three places, it changes with each person so i can't say which one. but follow the map and you'll find rocks on the wall in different places, click the rocks and they will bring you into a secret room. The watch will be laying next to a hole, you don't have to dig for it.

*then the answers for the blue belt quiz are as follows:
1.B. Choose Breakfast Challenge
2. A. The Energetic Mangoes
3. C. March 4, 2005
4. A. Simon Szabo
5. B. Artemisia Gentileschi
6. C. Carlos Guerro
7. B. An old newspaper article
8. A. Suzie Johnston
9. C. Chip the Wolf
10. C. Spooky Story Night
11. A. The Millsberry Community Center
12. B. Sugar Glider
13. C. November 23, 2005
14. B. The White Elephant Gift Exchange
15. C. Snowflake tokens
16. B. Berry Lucky Charms®
17. A. Plants
18. B. Chocolate Lucky Charms®
19. C. The Maldives
20. A. A Lucky Charms® bracelet
21. B. Kelly Kimbell
22. C. The first major snowfall of the season occurred
23. A. Its 200th anniversary
24. B. The Charmed Life Scavenger Hunt

*Next you need to go fishing and recover 3 items from peabody pond. I suggest you just go fishing everyday after you visit the dogo. I went fishing three times in one day and on my first try found 1 item and then on my 3rd try found the second and third items. just be patient and keep trying because i'm sure they don't show up as fast for some people as they do for others.

**also i have seen bonzi plants in peoples yard sales that say to take them to the sensei once they are finished. i don't know if at some point you must make a bonzi tree for the Sensei, i haven't gotten that far yet but i'll repost once i get my next belt.
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7cam summer7
Reply Sun 25 Oct, 2009 05:02 pm
DO NOT PUT THE CAMERA IN UR HOUSE!!! the next time u spot sylvie, and u have the camera in ur inventory, just click sylvie and she'll give you a picture and a prize
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Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2009 11:53 pm
search for him on the "Find A Buddy)"bar and enter his full name and then when you see all the names that pop up click on the first one then there you got him. P.S when you send him the greeting just put in his address thats what i did.and make sure that you have a "THANK YOU"card.not other ones
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Reply Wed 23 Jun, 2010 11:18 am
im in white belt level plz help
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Reply Tue 9 Nov, 2010 08:31 am
Hey I have the treasure map needed for one of the tasks for karate. It's the one where you have to find a lost watch in the colhurst tunnel. The treasure map should lead you to a spot where there's a rock on the wall. Click it and you'll be led into a cave. In one of the 3 locations on the map, the watch will be there, right next to the hole so you do NOT need to dig. I have the map in my yard sale. My username is becki_hazelle.
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