How can I backup a large phpbb database and move it?

Reply Mon 9 Jun, 2003 10:25 pm
Hello I heard I can get good advise here and I have a big problem don't worry I already searched and didn't find the answer I want to move a very big database of phpbb and I need help the database is too big not like this forum should be but it is still too big for phpmyadmin when I do SQL there it doesn't work I tried to back up the database with phpbb but it starts downloading then it stops. what can I do I am on dial up and I can't download the database. my host says I'm f*cked.
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Craven de Kere
Reply Mon 9 Jun, 2003 10:40 pm
Thus far you have told me very little I only know that you are running phpbb and phpmyadmin.

But of course, that means you are running mysql and probably Linux.

But from here on my answer is sheer guesswork because you did not give enough information.

But let's assume my guess is correct, and that you have standard folders.

Let's also assume you have SSH access to your server.

Of course, diring this move you should disable your forum to stop the writing to the db.

A) log onto SSH

B) use the - su command to gain root access

C) now run this command:

Code:/usr/bin/mysqldump $databasename -u $user -p$password > /home/$user/file.sql

Replace all the things that start with "$" with the value those variables represent.

Here is an example:

Code:/usr/bin/mysqldump tom -u julie -ppassword > /home/tom/backup.sql

You can, of course change the directory that mysql will dump the database into as well as the name of the backup.

Now you have the database dumped into your folder.

I gotta go catch my ride but I'll post the next steps when I get home.
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Craven de Kere
Reply Tue 10 Jun, 2003 01:29 pm
Sorry, I didn't get home lest night till after midnight, I will write this up for you when I have the time.
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Craven de Kere
Reply Tue 10 Jun, 2003 02:03 pm
Ok, I have time.

My first set of instructions show you how to use SSH to backup a database. This avoids having to do it through a web based phpmyadmin panel or somesuch.

So if you follow the first instructions you should have an sql backup file in your directory.

Now we are going to skip transferring it to your computer and then uploading it to the new server.

We will do this by transferring the file directly from one server to another using the wget command.

I am again making assumptions about what your new box is running.


A) log into your new server through SSH

B) type the following ccommand:

Code:wget http://$oldserverip/home/tom/backup.sql

C) move the backup file to your new virtual directory with the mv command


Code:mv ~/backup.sql /home/tom/backup.sql

of course make sure to get the directories right.

D) now you need to restore the database through SSH.

use the following command (remember to use your username and other such details):

Code:mysql $databasename -u $user -p$password < /home/$user/backup.sql

This should take a while, depending on your database size.

But afterward you should be all done.

I will write up some tutorials about this in the future.
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Craven de Kere
Reply Mon 16 Jun, 2003 06:39 pm
Let me know if this worked for you please. This is still on my radar.
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el segundo bozo grande
Reply Tue 17 Jun, 2003 01:13 pm
sorry!!!! I was buzy moving and forget to say thanks it worked perfect thank you
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Craven de Kere
Reply Tue 17 Jun, 2003 01:17 pm
Thanks for letting me know. It helps to "close" questions because people like me keep wondering if you solved the rpoblem and others who happen across the topic don't know if it worked (and if it will work for them).
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Reply Fri 20 Jun, 2003 02:33 pm
Hi - me again, rearing my ugly head - nope, still 6 more weeks of winter!
I saw your advise above. I understood the part about sit down and drink decaf, but not the rest.
i can use cpanel to general a database backup, and then presumably i could change the name and upload it, but i don't know if that cheap fix would do what i want...i'm looking to duplicate the database - i don't think i'd need to lock it (unless that's what gets done on a backup anyway) because i plan to override the database anyway when board #2 is up and running - is there an easier way for me to back it up rather than using ssh (whatever that is) and wget? this whole thing is wget-ting me a big ol' headache!
Thanks again!
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Craven de Kere
Reply Fri 20 Jun, 2003 02:37 pm

These instructions are a special set for bozo who wanted to move the database to a new host.

I wrote up some instructions on one of your threads.
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Reply Fri 20 Jun, 2003 02:41 pm
thanks - i'm a bozo who wants to keep his host. okay, i'll stop clowning around. get it? bozo? clown? i crack myself up Smile
Cheers and enjoy your lunch,
Gary Smile
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