Was Mother Theresa a good person or a fraud ?

Reply Tue 8 Aug, 2006 08:53 pm
xguymontagx wrote:

I think that there is another possibilty not quite considered. Perhaps she thought she was doing the greater good. Perhaps she really BELIEVED that birth control was sinful and wrong. She probably thought she was really saving people and doing the greater good by not advocating birth control.

She probably was sticking to what she believed in in spite of the criticism that she was wrong.

This is the someone else I was referring to.^^

Eorl, I was addressing Phoenix seperately.

Osso, these things you mention are speculation. Anybody with a mouth can make an accusation against someone in the spotlight. I think it is obvious that most of Teresa's critics view her professed religion with disdain. They cannot see past what seems to them an irrational and backwards outlook and this is why they cannot understand some of her actions. Some people would call this bigotry. Perhaps she put more emphasis on the spiritual life than the physical. I happen to agree with this outlook as do many others.
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Atavistic, I realise you were quoting Phoenix, but nobody else would have known that. It's most impolite of you not to make it clear who you were quoting, and you owe me an apology, even if it was, as I suspect, accidental.

(edit: removed veiled but unnecessary ad-hom)

If you read through this thread more carefully you may see how any good I may have been doing in support of Theresa was completely demolished....by you!
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Reply Wed 9 Aug, 2006 10:05 am
Hi Everyone!

I've just skimmed through this thread and find it rather interesting considering that I myself am a catholic and have never heard of these accusations of Mother Theresa.

I guess in my opinion that to call her fraudulent is a bit extreme.

Did mother Teresa herself promise anything will come of the donations or was that the image being portrayed by the church and her charity organisation?

Issues such as providing contraception are not as easy as it sounds. To whom did Mother Teresa's influence extend to that would grant such a request? To say that providing or not providng it would save and destroy lives respectively is unsubstantiated. What benefit is there in encouraging further sexual intercourse with its introduction?

And of course there is always the question of Why would a potential mother choose to risk bringing a child into a world they can barely survive in themselves unless of course they do live somewhat satisfied lives which relative to many of ours is well below what we consider a descent quality of life (highly unlikely though). These people don't need mother theresa to make this decision.

In regard to the Catholic church, to which she was obviously very devoted to, it rejects abortions of its destruction of life. I'm not sure about this Confused but I guess they too would be opposed to any restriction (contraception) placed upon the attempt to create life.

Mother Theresa is the closest thing to sainthood in this modern era and of course she was still human. Her faith and religion clearly came before anything else and when it came to the money are we able to sit and think that she alone handled it all? I seriously don't think so. There was obviously greater influence on her from the church.

Regardless of any criticisms it can never be denied that in helping people she was no fraud and more than anything an inspiration.
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Reply Wed 9 Aug, 2006 10:06 am
hmmm...haha...i'm a bit confused at what I just wrote...hope it makes sense...i was drifting on and off the computer Razz
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Welcolm to the A2K Jounior. Wow there sure has been a large pick up in new members in the last couple weeks.

Well i say in her own eyes and in the eyes of the church she was a saint, but to me i see her as a religious icon, she spread her word but nothing that could really help the ppl. Im not saying she was a bad person or that she was a fraud. Im saying she a a little to blinded by her religion. Im sry if i cant say that more kind.
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Reply Wed 9 Aug, 2006 09:30 pm
Junior86 wrote:

Issues such as providing contraception are not as easy as it sounds......To say that providing or not providng it would save and destroy lives respectively is unsubstantiated.

Welcome to A2K Junior86

Wikipedia wrote:
According to a 2001 report by the National Institutes of Health,[7] correct and consistent use of latex condoms:

reduces the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission by approximately 85% relative to risk when unprotected. See overall HIV transmission rates.
reduces the risk of gonorrhea for men by approximately 71% relative to risk when unprotected.
A University of Washington study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in June 2006 reports that proper condom use decreases the risk of transmission for human papilloma virus by approximately 70%.[8]

Contraceptive Technology concluded that condom failure due to breakage and leakage amounted to 8.08 percent per sexual encounter. [citation needed]

Other studies have shown that the proper and consistent use of condoms prevented HIV from spreading from an infected partner to a non-infected partner in every case.

I'd call that substantiation.
(and let's assume for a minute we are talking about married couples with one HIV+ partner so as not to get distracted by "morality" issues.)
At the very least, the Church should be handing out condoms to every married couple in Africa right now. Why aren't they?

Edit: another interesting tidbit from Wiki:
religious opponents of condoms ....include a belief that education in sexuality should be taught at home and that sexual education programs should exclusively teach abstinence, though a recent study critical of abstinence-only education found that the rate of STD in virginity pledgers was comparable to the rate found in non-pledgers.
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