world's hardest riddle?

Reply Sun 5 Jan, 2020 02:03 pm
Because the pressure at the poles is low, it's going to be colder, causing lots of snow. The polar bears are white to help them camouflage! So I agree it's pressure.
cicerone imposter
Reply Sun 5 Jan, 2020 09:18 pm
The poles are furthest from the sun.
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Reply Thu 9 Jan, 2020 04:58 pm
The answer is pressure because

I turn polar bears white (fur is white because they adapt to the altitude)
and I will make you cry. (Peer Pressure)
I make guys have to pee (Pressure in Bladder
and girls comb their hair. (Peer Pressure to look good)
I make celebrities look stupid (Pressure from Stress)
and normal people look like celebrities. (Peer Pressure makes you want to look nice)
I turn pancakes brown (Heat from Pressure)
and make your champane bubble. (Air Pressure)
If you sqeeze me, I'll pop. (Squeeze a container.. the Pressure will make it pop
If you look at me, you'll pop. (Peer Pressure, You could freak out under the pressure of everybody looking at you)
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Pamela Rosa
Reply Sat 21 Mar, 2020 11:28 am

I turn polar bears white

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Reply Tue 19 Mar, 2024 05:55 pm
@Fallen Seraphim,
But they still can't build up if there's no time to let them build up... right?
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