Ipods really suck!!

Reply Sat 7 Feb, 2009 05:13 pm
Ipods really do suck. They are cheaply made and don't sound that good. I have an Ipod and recently purchased a Cowon D2 mp3 player. The Cowon sounds far, far better than the Ipod, and has expandable flash memory, which the Ipod does NOT. I wish I never bought the Ipod in the first place; they are a rip-off.
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Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2009 10:24 pm
what a big work , but i do not think so, i have a iPod and I am listening to my iPod through my stereo, very cool!i like it very much.
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Reply Sun 9 May, 2010 08:43 am
they do have an ipod sell phone its called an iphone but they suck most of all they have touch screens which crack very easilly .i have anano with a video camera it froze twice it doesnt take photos only videos .my ipod rocks though cause i like music but i dont need 8 gb i already used 4 and thats all i need not 2 mention iphone can have 32gs now thats crazzy
shauna holman
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